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Simple, Secure Backup Solutions for your Business-Critical Data

As organisations continue to generate a gargantuan amount of data, the demand for secure backup solutions keeps on rising. IT departments in enterprises and small-and-medium-sized organisations alike seek cloud-based backups that can protect their data and applications in an increasingly complex environment, without incurring huge expenses or management burden. 

Go4hosting, a market leader in cloud and infrastructure solutions, offers first-rate cloud-based backup services to effortlessly protect your data in public, private, and hybrid environments. Our solutions are optimised to minimise costs and complexity involved in handling backup infrastructure, allowing you to reclaim precious hours spent in maintaining storage and infrastructure. 


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    Comprehensive Cloud Backup Services to address your Data Challenges

    Why Choose Go4hosting for your Cloud Backup in India?

    As a leading provider of industry-grade solutions for businesses in any and every industry vertical, Go4hosting offers cloud backup in India that helps organizations protect information while achieving higher operational efficiency, resilience, and scalability that ease digital transformation in the cloud. 

    Our top-tier backup services add tremendous value to your business. Our cloud experts employ the best practices and controls to simplify your configuration. By allowing you to delegate restores to end-users, we let you focus on tasks that offer strategic value. And in case there is a service outage or data corruption, you can get back to work easily without waiting for technicians to help you with the same. Our N+1 redundant data center facilities ensure a high uptime of 99.95% for your critical cloud services, letting you work without any major interruptions.  

    Choose our high-end cloud protection and backups to ease recovery, lower infrastructure costs, simplify administration, and earn a high RoI on your spend.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Cloud Backup in India

    Cloud backup refers to the backup systems that copy critical business data to storage in the cloud. This data can be copied from other cloud storage sites, on-premises infrastructure, or virtual environments. 

    In a local backup, the backup data remains in the same place as the original data. For instance, storing files on an external hard drive connected to your PC. Local backups don’t require internet access , and so are faster than their cloud-based counterparts. 

    The key purpose behind cloud storage is to keep files online in a way that they are accessible to everyone, from any location or device. Examples of cloud storage solutions include Dropbox and Google Drive. Cloud storage brings in many advantages including accessibility and flexibility. You can avail of these advantages provided your device is connected to the internet. Cloud storage, however,  comes with no guarantee that your data won’t be lost.

    Cloud backup, on the other hand, is a cloud-based application that lets you backup files, applications, or virtual machines automatically and stores them safely for recovery purposes. Unlike cloud storage, backup assures you of data and business continuity. 

    Backups are usually created around a client application that runs on an automatic schedule in the background. The application collects, encrypts and transfers data to the servers of the cloud service provider. To minimise the amount of bandwidth and time in file transfers, incremental and differential backups can be done after an initial full backup.

    All our solutions come with enterprise-grade encryption that protects your data both in transit as well during rest. In addition, our machine-learning based systems defend your information against malware and ransomware attacks. Our data centers housing your backups are tier-III designed and have certifications including PCI-DSS and HIPAA. 

    Anything that you consider critical from your business’ perspective can be and should be backed up on the cloud. This may include, but isn’t limited to, images, text files, videos, website files, and so on. 

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