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We provide powerful managed servers that are exclusively configured to run a relational database in a robust, responsive environment. Our DB servers can quickly get your website online by ensuring low latency and high response rates.

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What is database hosting?

Database host optimizes I/O for a storage platform and specific database. While a web host can run a web server, fire share, mail server and even other file-based application, a database requires specific hardware and software to support database and hosting. A database hosting provider is an expert who can properly configure RAID level for easy and peak DB performance.

Key Deliverables

We leverage highly sophisticated data centers and IT support for high service levels.

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Benefits of Database hosting

Hosting a database by yourself comes with a lot of challenges involving – system configuring, backup monitoring and disaster recovery setup. Managed database hosting removes most hurdles out of your database and lets you have a seamless hosting experience throughout. As a business, you can consider hosting a database instead of managing it yourself because –

It is not much of a hassle since DB hosts manage most things at their end

It allows access to powerful, robust servers, which could otherwise be too expensive

You can tap into the provider’s IT expertise, reducing reliance on your own

In the long run, database hosting often comes out as cheap when compared to self-hosted databases

Outsourced hosts are far more resilient than servers on-premises.

Databases hosted on third-party servers perform better because of diligent maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Database hosting is a third-party, outsourced hosting service that offers clients the infrastructure need to run and host databases.

Yes, you may host a database on your own but do note that expertise like Go4hosting’s could help you manage and take care of your database better.

Go4hosting will install any RDBMS that you want be it MYSQL, NoSQL or any other DBMS of your choice.

Backup services are not usually complimentary with database hosting. We recommend that you speak to your agent to let us decide if there’s anything we can help you with.

Different customers come with different requirements so it is not technically possible for us to categorize plans in pre-bundles, and thus we choose not to mention any plans at all. We encourage our customers to initiate chat, or call us, and help us understand your query to propose a better solution for you.

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