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At Go4hosting, we’ll help you build your very first digital foundation. We are tier-III certified, ISO-compliant cloud host with diverse offerings in VMware segment. Our experts will help you manage VMs and unify all active virtualization components through a single gateway.

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Key Deliverables

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The Go4hosting advantage

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  • Near-zero server sprawl

    Near-zero server sprawl


    We disseminate resources in such a way that your workloads are uniformly distributed throughout our VM clusters, with near-zero sprawl.

  • Free abstraction layers

    Free abstraction layers


    With our VMware Cloud, you can create abstraction layers over the hardware and split one system into constituent systems, utilizing each as a separate computer for specific workloads.

  • Unified Management Dashboard

    Unified Management Dashboard


    A single management dashboard enables you to govern, manage and track all your VMs from a single window.

  • Test before you commit

    Test before you commit


    Run free trial of our service and get firsthand experience of our service level. If you choose to opt-out yet, we’d be happy we got to serve you.

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Benefits of VMware

With VMware, you can accelerate GPUs for faster performance on your existing graphics, with support for shared folders, especially between the host and the guest OS.

VMware’s desktop virtualization model virtualizes desktop OS on a server, enabling you to run multiple OS instances on a single VM.

Allows you to govern large-scale VM deployments across your cloud environment, regardless of the cluster size.

Maximizes your server usage and cuts down the sprawl rate by deploying adequate clusters in free spaces.

Enhances availability by localizing system threats and preventing break-ins.

DRS (distributed resource scheduling) balances out workloads between different hypervisors while maintaining hardware-level isolation.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should use VMware to deploy virtual machines and to run apps or to mimic environments that are otherwise unachievable on your existing cloud.

VMware as an application is free, the workstations, however, cost some money depending upon core specifications.

Yes, VMware is a type I hypervisor but can achieve functions of type II and III using its numerous frameworks.

VMware is completely safe to deploy on your network.

VirtualBox and Parallels are some popular VMware alternatives that can achieve similar results. To know more about VMWare, check out our blog

To know more about VMWare, check out our blog

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