Remote Hands Support Go4hosting’s remote hands helps clients resolve a plethora of emergency and technical issues when your IT workforce isn’t available or located nearby

A growing number of organizations are leveraging a hybrid of cloud, colocation and other off-premises services for their IT capabilities to mitigate costs. By outsourcing your support to Go4hosting, you can significantly cut down on costs and tap into a better expertise, minimizing time to resolution (TTR), augmenting network uptime.

    Here’s how you offload your IT on us so you can focus on your core business

    Key Deliverables

    To ensure that you are fully covered, we offer the following services in a pre-packaged bundle of remote hands.


    • Hire



      Our relationship begins with you reaching out to our sales representatives and hiring us in turn to take care of your enterprise’s resource.

    • Connect



      Your IT administrators reaches out to us when things don’t seem to be running normally, or there’s too much downtime on the network.

    • Provide Access

      Provide Access


      Our support technician will ask you to describe your problem and, if needed, request remote access to your system.

    • Attest



      The technician shall stay connected until your issues has been resolved and you have attested that functions are back to normal.

    • Close ticket

      Close ticket


      If you’ve raised tickets, you’d be requested to close it online and submit feedback on our support.

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    Why opt for remote hands support

    Not all hosts provide remote/smart hands service and some that do may have limited skills available. Go4hosting’s remote service fill in those service gaps, and ensure that the right resource is available at the right time. Businesses should opt for our remote hands because

    We help you move equipment within a data center in the right manner

    Our service encompasses installation, replacement and maintenance and flexible SLAs to cover them when needed.

    We patch equipment when there’s a need to do so.

    We’re 24/7/365 available for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you may avail support for any IT service except 3rd party applications.

    Support for 3rd party software is restricted to integration with servers and dedicated hosts.

    We do not cover support for any paid or commercially-distributed 3rd party software.

    It depends on what payment model you choose for remote hands service.

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