Hosting on Windows

For businesses that focus on convenience and comfort

With Go4hosting Windows hosting, get unabated automation capabilities without needing maintenance, planning or manual updation. Our Windows hosting service helps you host critical apps on Microsoft OS and embed existing MS-apps seamlessly through your legacy systems.

Blazingly fast, surprisingly convenient

Windows hosting that’s almost twice as convenient and offers upto 3X more control

Virtual Private Servers

Windows-based servers installed with hypervisors, offering bare-level control on contemporary workstations


Dedicated Bare Metals

Servers with raw power, with or without a hypervisor, but with committed resource for enterprise-level engagement


Windows Cloud

Deploy OS-level hypervisor and orchestrate your app-native environment on a virtualized, Windows platform


Immersive & Seamless Windows Experience For digital growth

Easier Convenient Better

  • Easier20+ Technicians
  • Convenient Tier-III Data Center
  • Better 5+ License options

Revamp your business and add to it some resilience, convenience and flexibility.

Host on an intuitive, affordable and highly-modified Windows platforms

  • Fully Intuitive

    Fully IntuitiveWindows’ state-of-the-art GUI is fully intuitive and allows advanced functions in a matter of clicks.

  • Scale in a go

    Scale in a goAdvanced scale anticipation helps you foresee when you’ll need to scale your entrepreneurial resources.

  • Migrate with Ease

    Migrate with EaseAn Intuitive control panel will seamlessly migrate all your apps and data from origin servers to target VMs.

  • Embed your apps

    Embed your appsNo existential conflicts shall arise among existing apps even when you update your server OS installations.

  • Single Dashboard

    Single DashboardNo more uselessly typing long command lines when functions can be launched from a single dashboard with recognizable icons.

  • Always Under control

    Always Under controlYou’re always at control and no matter what, nothing taking place on your system shall take place without your permission.

Why Go4hosting?

Numerous organizations prefer hosting on Windows because it’s convenient, intuitive and managed, has lesser control touchpoints, and needs little to no support. We’ll maximize your Windows investment by helping you leverage those functions that had been, until now, left unused.

  • Tier-III, ISO compliant

    Tier-III, ISO compliant Our datacenters comply with all major guidelines to offer an immersive hosting experience on Windows.

  • Zero-hidden costs

    Zero-hidden costs What you see on the screen is what you pay. There are no hidden charges, service fee or set up compensations.

  • Zero spam calls

    Zero spam callsOur executives never call you unless we find an issue on your Windows server that needs your intervention.

  • Sets up instantly

    Sets up instantlyOur Windows servers set up in a moment configures in seconds and takes less than a minute to become deployment-ready.

  • Support on all issues

    Support on all issuesSupport is covered on all issues related to our Windows servers and associated applications, no matter how trivial or challenging.

  • Cost-optimized

    Cost-optimizedWe deliver cost-optimized solutions at discounted prices, offered at up to 25% lesser price than our peers.

Not quite sure

Not quite sure

what’s the best fit for your business needs?

Frequently Asked Questions About Hosting on Windows

Hosting on windows is a windows server that runs on the Windows operating system. The server is shared between multiple websites, businesses, and individuals. It is one of the best hosting solutions for starting your website that comes at an affordable rate.

The main difference between the two hosting solutions is in the operating system. If you wish to develop your website using ASP, ASP.NET, or SQL then hosting on windows would be an ideal choice. However, if you wish to host your website on a CMS like WordPress or HTML/CSS then hosting on Linux would be an ideal choice

Yes, you can run PHP and However, if your website is coded in PHP, we would recommend you to go for Linux shared hosting instead.

Go4hosting offers you the best hosting for windows at an affordable price. You will get access to almost all the features that are essential for your daily activity. Moreover, you can also use daily, weekly, and on-demand backup facilities to save your data for disaster recovery. We also provide you with 24 hours of continuous support from our well-trained professionals to resolve all kinds of technical issues.

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