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For those of you considering a powerful hosting solution for your upcoming project, a VPS stands out as a suitable choice. And what perfectly complements a VPS is an equally robust OS-Ubuntu. Based on the Debian architecture, Ubuntu is the most widely used distribution for personal and professional use. Being open-source, Ubuntu gets updated quite frequently, so all bugs are duly removed. In addition, the OS is equipped with a set of compelling features and package groups that can cater to the needs of any project, however complex it may be.

Blend the flexibility of a cheap VPS with the versatility of Ubuntu to get the most out of your an affordable web hosting solution.

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    Technology has spawned a range of powerful tools that have allowed businesses to derive maximum benefit from their existing IT infrastructure. A virtual private servers or VPS is one such tool. Ubuntu VPS servers have allowed businesses to cater to the growing needs of their projects at cost-effective prices. These servers come with root access, so business owners can fine-tune their server configuration as well as software installations through a central control panel.

    An affordable Ubuntu VPS servers offer a sandboxed platform for the hassle-free running of your application; as a result, your data and files remain safe and aren’t affected by accounts afflicted by malware or spam. The open-source nature of Ubuntu in addition to its top-notch features further reinforces your hosting environment. Go4hosting’s top-tier hosting solutions powered by Ubuntu have helped over 1500 businesses optimize operations, enhance productivity, and bolster bottom lines.

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    What are the advantages of Cheap Ubuntu Server? 

    1. Ubuntu server comes packed with immense benefits and offers extensive support for sound, graphics, and desktop-focused applications. You can also easily install a GUI environment in a lot easier way using Ubuntu Server (although it is not necessary that you do it). 
    1. It gets frequently updated and offers large benefits with a wide selection of updated software packages which you can install using apt-get package manager. Ubuntu server makes for a much preferred choice than its less updated Ubuntu’s version like OS Debian. 
    1. Regular and timely updates and upgrades make this server highly efficient and a preferred choice among a large number of businesses. 
    1. Because Ubuntu is extremely popular (arguably the most popular consumer Linux OS, and one of the more popular Linux server OS), getting support for it is relatively easy.
    1. If you have already used Debian, you will be very comfortable using Ubuntu Server since it is based on Debian and shares many similarities with Ubuntu. 

    Extensive features of our Cheap Ubuntu Server Hosting include:

    Regular and live backup

    The best part about Ubuntu Server is that it offers your business with 24*7 backup services. When you use Ubuntu server, the chances of downtime are quite less. 

    Enterprise-grade SSDs

    At Go4Hosting, our services come equipped with enterprise-grade data center Intel solid-state drives that help boost the performance of the server by 10 times as compared to HDD. 

    Hassle-free Migration Service

    If you want assistance in migration services, we have a team of experts who ensure that your data gets transferred safely and accurately without any additional costs. 

    Quick firewall setup

    Configure firewalls in an easier and convenient manner. The setup is absolutely quick and easy to manage.  All you need to do is to use the control panel to manage it.

    Utmost security

    Our Ubuntu server comes equipped with top-notch security and protection that allows you to enjoy the best security. It means your data stays safeguarded 24*7. 

    VPS Panel

    Ubuntu Server comes equipped with an efficient and highly user-friendly VPS panel that allows you to easily add or remove and manage your resources. 

    Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

    We take great pride in the service that we offer with our enterprise-level hardware, data center, and monitoring systems. Your VPS comes with 99.9% service uptime.

    Round-the-clock Support

    Go4hosting specialists will be available at your service 24/7 to guarantee that you get all the assistance you need. Whether you need assistance via email, chat or call, we will assist you. 


    Flexible billing is one of our biggest USPs. We help our clients save big on their bills and offer customized plans. It is totally in your hands to decide how long you want your server running.

    Have questions on Ubuntu VPS servers? We’ve the answers.

    VPS hosting is a hosting model that uses virtualization to create isolated virtual machines with complete root access and reserved resources. A VPS offers the features and benefits of a dedicated server, at a fraction of its cost.

    Here are some of the scenarios that demand a VPS hosting service:

    1) You have outgrown your existing shared hosting plan:

    If your website uses a lot of bandwidth and you’re still using a shared server, you may feel the need for an upgrade after a certain point in time. In VPS hosting, you don’t share server resources with any other account, so all the resources are reserved for your website. As a result, your site’s performance is never compromised.

    2) You intend to run specific applications:

    A VPS is a great solution for businesses that need a highly customized hosting environment to fulfill the need of their application/website. A VPS offers you the freedom to configure your hardware and software exactly as your business demands.

    As you will have root access, you may install any software that’s compatible with your server and, more importantly, does not violate our usage policy.

    We offer 24*7 free technical support with all our VPS hosting plans.

    Yes, our experts will help you migrate from your existing provider to our servers.

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