AWS Cloud Engineered to power robust applications

Lightsail container, compute instances, and AI-capability.

Our managed AWS services can help you move to your preferred cloud platform, conjoining CDN, MI/AL, while enabling you to build complex business apps with ease.

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We simplify what’s otherwise massive and sophisticated

AWS is best left to experts. Its gigantic and sophisticated ecosystem takes ages to fine-tune. And the end result does not always not turn out as expected. Or the ecosystem might just be incompatible with your web apps.

Intelligent artificially but faster naturally

We make lives easier by managing your AWS

Start building VMs and Lightsail containers on AWS

Go4hosting’s AWS stands out from its competitors with its VMs and Lightsail containers, deployable with both VMware and Kubernetes.

  • Migrate to AWS

    Migrate to AWS


    We’ll help you quickly move files and vital app-data to AWS, thereby reducing potential catastrophes and maximizing server uptime.

  • Disaster recovery service on AWS

    Disaster recovery service on AWS


    Go4hosting will back up your files on AWS’s ecosystem and rapidly make them live, helping you quickly recover from data disasters on your network.

  • Lightsail containerization

    Lightsail containerization


    If needed, Kubernetes and VMware can be embedded within AWS by our technicians, so you can launch VMs and containers in a matter of seconds.

  • Seamless Virtualization

    Seamless Virtualization


    We will configure each server to support multiple VM instances so you can launch as many machines as you like, without migrating database to another instance.

  • Customized AWS

    Customized AWS


    For even bizarre needs, we run a separate customization and AWS management service, utilizing which you can rendezvous with your perfect cloud platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Go4hosting’s AWS is a customized version of Amazon AWS, developed as per your specifications.

AWS is a cloud. It can deploy dedicated servers, however, the resources would be remotely located.

Go4hosting’s is a completely managed and customized AWS. We manage the entire ecosystem so you can have a production-ready platform. Raw AWS is sophisticated and complicated, and takes a great deal of expertise and efforts to manage.

You can create virtual machines using VMware. By default, the functionality to create VMs is included in our AWS suite and you wouldn’t need third-party apps like VMware.

We allow all service models on our AWS: PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, and even hybrid of any two, depending on your requirements

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