AWS Cloud Engineered to power robust applications

Lightsail container, compute instances, and AI-capability.

Our managed AWS services can help you move to your preferred cloud platform, conjoining CDN, MI/AL, while enabling you to build complex business apps with ease.

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We simplify what’s otherwise massive and sophisticated

AWS is best left to experts. Its gigantic and sophisticated ecosystem takes ages to fine-tune. And the end result does not always not turn out as expected. Or the ecosystem might just be incompatible with your web apps.

Intelligent artificially but faster naturally

We make lives easier by managing your AWS

Start building VMs and Lightsail containers on AWS

Go4hosting’s AWS stands out from its competitors with its VMs and Lightsail containers, deployable with both VMware and Kubernetes.

  • Migrate to AWS

    Migrate to AWS


    We’ll help you quickly move files and vital app-data to AWS, thereby reducing potential catastrophes and maximizing server uptime.

  • Disaster recovery service on AWS

    Disaster recovery service on AWS


    Go4hosting will back up your files on AWS’s ecosystem and rapidly make them live, helping you quickly recover from data disasters on your network.

  • Lightsail containerization

    Lightsail containerization


    If needed, Kubernetes and VMware can be embedded within AWS by our technicians, so you can launch VMs and containers in a matter of seconds.

  • Seamless Virtualization

    Seamless Virtualization


    We will configure each server to support multiple VM instances so you can launch as many machines as you like, without migrating database to another instance.

  • Customized AWS

    Customized AWS


    For even bizarre needs, we run a separate customization and AWS management service, utilizing which you can rendezvous with your perfect cloud platform.

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Push Your Business To Greater Heights With Amazon Web Services

The Amazon Web Services portal is the best feature you can use to spur business growth. Without an iota of doubt, it is a platform which has a lot to offer your business. We at Go4hosting have in-depth knowledge and expertise, which makes sure your Amazon Web Services perform to the best of their abilities and functions.

Many Great Tools & Functions Come Together in AWS

There are various parts of Amazon Web Services which work seamlessly in order to give great results through efficient use of hardware.

Amazon Web Services along with Go4hosting provides a trustworthy, secured and reliable business opportunity with Amazon Managed AWS for expanding and managing your business in US market and elsewhere, completely and centrally.

Advantages of AWS


In order to start a new project for your business with Amazon Web Services, a plan has to be developed for handling minute details. After you have decided the initial configuration, you need to be prepared for any changes, which can be done easily whether they are small or huge. Also, the design is able to cope up whenever any updates are released from Amazon to reinforce the features which are already included, or newly added to, Amazon Web Services. Go4hosting always makes sure that your business with Amazon Web Services is at the top, with peak performance.


Amazon Web Services has inbuilt settings which range from simply naming your website and related web pages to the critical process of data safety. It keeps a check on the system to protect your business data and crucial client credentials. As the hackers who threaten the websites in general change their methods of attack, so do Amazon Web Services security features, delivered through the updates as and when they become necessary. It is of utmost importance for you to stay up to date with these security updates and is highly recommended that you have these measures in place.


With the use of Go4hosting, you can have an access to the reliability of Amazon Web Services experts, who have successfully created systems that have been specifically designed for your business purposes. It helps in providing the results that are highly effective for your business. For any minute change required for your business, Go4hosting experts are ever present for implementing the Amazon Web Services features in different and unique ways to make a software system of your own choice. By having such a dynamic base, scaling up or down the complete process becomes a piece of cake.


Even if you have recently decided to migrate your presence online to the Amazon Web Services, our team members join you in managing the process and ensuring that all your existing systems continue to function in best ways when they are shifted to Amazon Web Service. It carefully maps the relevant components in your old system. The Amazon Web Services also entirely replicates the processes and features that are actually running in your system. It also helps them to be improved where necessary. Our experts make sure that each task gets completed in the specified timeline.

Amazon Web Services Provides The Complete Package

To get a detailed explanation of the migration process from various other platforms to Managed Amazon Web Services would be like reading an encyclopedia, because of the presence of various data options and features offered by this technology. It would be perfectly ok if we say that the process beginning happens with the selection of a specific subpart of your system, then map each of the features and data selections to only one platform: which is Amazon Web Services, and the final step is prompting data to be migrated back into the system for the software applications and interfaces with the Amazon Web Services.

The data of clients is the most critical asset for any business, and the complete onus lies on Amazon Web Services to safeguard and secure it for the optimum business usage. It is because of this that we treat data security as our prime concern and give it highest priority while migrating your system application or starting your web designing from scratch, because of the active and always changing nature of web attacks posing threats to your software and systems integrity. It also important that we regularly consider the chances of web attacks while checking the system and attempting secured ways to stop such attempts. Also, we can use the other industry standards which are actually relevant and helpful for running your business successfully and to freely expand your business so as to reach new horizons!

Amazon Web Services offers a delightful experience, streamlined with Go4hosting expertise, to have an increased business share in the US and worldwide, by managing your IT systems effectively.

Managed Aws – Need a Customized Solution?

At Go4hosting, customer satisfaction comes first. We are always at our toes to help our clients find the right solution for their business. Go4hosting offers a wide range of solutions including dedicated, VPS, Shared and Cloud Hosting. Backed by 99.95% uptime assurance and complimentary SSL, we are the no. 1 provider of Colocation & Email Hosting Services.

Couldn’t find a service relevant to your business? No worries, we’ll make one for you. Our representatives are 24/7/365 available for your help. You can reach out to us regarding anything in the domain of Hosting, Cloud, Email & Colocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go4hosting’s AWS is a customized version of Amazon AWS, developed as per your specifications.

AWS is a cloud. It can deploy dedicated servers, however, the resources would be remotely located.

Go4hosting’s is a completely managed and customized AWS. We manage the entire ecosystem so you can have a production-ready platform. Raw AWS is sophisticated and complicated, and takes a great deal of expertise and efforts to manage.

You can create virtual machines using VMware. By default, the functionality to create VMs is included in our AWS suite and you wouldn’t need third-party apps like VMware.

We allow all service models on our AWS: PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, and even hybrid of any two, depending on your requirements

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