Cheap DDoS Attack Protection The Go4hosting safety against DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks can disrupt operational normalcy by overwhelming a network with a flood of bogus internet traffic, causing your website to run short on resources and rendering it unavailable. Go4hosting’s DDoS protection service will closely monitor all facets of your network and discern genuine traffic from fake HTTP requests, ensuring that all genuine requests are allowed and bogus ones blocked.

Adaptive tuning, maintenance, and scalable backup handling

DDoS service that lets you explore web without fear

Key Deliverables

Go4hosting’s DDoS is rich, sophisticated and exceptionally carved to your niche

Our Service

  • Detection & Response

    Detection & Response


    We’ll evaluate and fortify your network while detecting where in your network lies the vulnerability, and draft a suitable response strategy.

  • Network Scrutiny post DDoS

    Network Scrutiny post DDoS


    Technician from Go4hosting will scrutinize your network post DDoS, identify loopholes and subsequently cover them up with advanced threat protection.

  • Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment


    We will assess how likely you are to undergo denial of service attack and which grey areas in your network need reinforcement.

  • Network Security Assessment

    Network Security Assessment


    Go4hosting will mimic a DDoS environment and force-launch an attack, assessing how secure you are against advanced threats.

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Benefits of DDoS service

While it is possible to self-secure a network against DDoS, the expertise required to do so may not be available. Professionals, while drafting DDoS protections, take care of the most miniscule of things and ensure that no vulnerabilities are left exposed.

No upfront cost, as opposed to self-drafted DDoS that may involve high capital investments. Pay only for what you use

Sets up in a click, since most settings are pre-configured.

Needs zero planning, and scales almost instantly.

Automated protection with zero manual intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

DDoS protection means safeguarding websites against bot-forced attacks when flooded deliberately with bogus traffic to an extent that the server runs out of resources.

DDoS attacks are caused by malicious bots that are programmed to redirect network traffic from elsewhere to your site. These programs may also create spurious sessions on your website that then appear as legitimate visitors to your website.

You can secure your website against DDoS through a DDoS protection service provider like Go4hosting.

If left unattended, your website will continue to get flooded with traffic and run out of resource eventually, drastically impacting your site stats and SEO metrics.

Each user is charged differently depending upon the service-level. We request you to speak to our security expert and get your personalized quote.

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