Managed Firewall & WAF service2X protection, 5X safety
Managed Firewall services to keep network vulnerabilities at bay

Go4hosting’s managed WAF helps you maximize your firewall investments, bolster network efficiency and lift off operational duties from your workforce. Our experts manage your website and network security and set up policies to filter out all malicious, unwanted entities and closely monitor your network 24/7 for suspicious activities.

Learn the knowledge and abilities required to guarantee your websites have the most significant degree of security. Cyberthreat detection, DDoS defense, and reporting on business and regulatory compliance are all features of our Web Application Firewall-as-a-Service.

    Why go for our managed WAF and firewall service?

    Standard WAFaaS offers expertise to make sure your WAF is set up to safeguard your websites as much as possible by utilizing the native WAF functionalities. You receive notifications directly from the WAF, and the WAF Portal houses all reporting that is linked to the WAF. In our Manage Center, you may find service management tickets for issues, service requests, and change requests. Through single sign-on, the WAF Portal is instantly accessible from our Manage Center. In addition to providing access to the WAFaaS interface, which gives users access to 90 days' worth of events, this site also offers a weekly report of summary activities. You may create a PCI report or set up an email schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

    Key Deliverables

    Go4hosting’s managed firewall service helps you reinforce the network without undertaking activities at your end.

    Our Offerings

    Our firewall offerings encompass two of the industry’s most frequently used technologies.

    • WAF


      Protect your web apps from programs that target your HTTP traffic and direct them elsewhere

    • Firewall


      Erect a barrier between external and internal network traffic to ensure only legitimate data packets go through.

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    Why opt for managed firewall services

    Most enterprises choose to manage and configure their own firewall, which although cost-effective, becomes unmanageable at times, especially when the skills required to do so is unavailable. The key benefits of managed firewall service are –

    It increases coverage levels of an enterprise through 24/7/365 security

    It reduces overheads and capital expenditure by promoting the outsourcing of business services

    It helps meet all compliances including logs and registry keys

    Risks can be better mitigated if security is left to professionals

    What benefits do our highly effective Managed firewall & WAF services provide your company?

    • Instant Alerts: The Enhanced WAFaaS model was created especially for consumers that need alert customization, cyber attack detection, and correlation with our other services. Our service further processes the logs and events produced by the WAF, using specialized rules and an anomaly-based detection and compliance profile to find and report on the following sorts of security incidents:
    • Cyber-threat detection: Using our threat information and advanced analytics powered by machine learning, behavior, and kill chain modeling. Security analysts with expertise in event-driven threat hunting evaluate identified threats. notification of the verified security incidents together with advice on how to fix them.
    • Best security practices: Occurrences that show a departure from a predetermined standard for our concept of best security practices.
    • Business policy compliance: Occurrences that signal a departure from the particular business policy compliance standards that apply to a certain firm.

    Key characteristics of our comprehensive Managed WAF Services

    Precise Identification

    In order to detect threats, we use sophisticated analytics, threat intelligence, incident validation, and remedial suggestions from qualified security experts.

    Continuous security operations center (SOC)

    As an extension of your own IT staff, management and maintenance are provided by skilled security engineers. Website, infrastructure, a single IP address, and name server are all protected from DDoS attacks by DDoS protection.

    Enhanced performance

    Web servers gain from Content Delivery Network (CDN) and optimizer services, which result in a 40–70% decrease in bandwidth use and a 50% acceleration of website surfing.

    Utilize the necessary knowledge and abilities to keep your websites secure.

    Malicious assaults on your system need time and effort to counter, especially when they come invisibly within regular traffic. Furthermore, few products on the market today offer genuinely granular management of a security solution. Your IT support personnel may not have the time to conduct in-depth incident diagnostics. These issues are addressed by the Web Application Firewall-as-a-Service (WAFaaS) that we offer. It is a global managed service that offers a thorough response to the vast variety of problems that come with operating a sophisticated security network.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You should choose both WAF and network firewall for your website.

    WAF protects your web apps from threats that target HTTP requests, whereas the network firewall prevents the entry of malicious requests into your network.

    Go4hosting’s firewall is an entirely managed service.

    The total cost of ownership depends on your service levels and how broad your network is.

    Yes, you can set up a firewall manually on your network but you may not be able to monitor it 24/7 like professional firewall service providers do.\

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