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Ensure your apps, firewalls, routers, switches, and other network components with Go4hosting’s network monitoring services

Diligent monitoring and maintenance of system components is essential for uninterrupted business, and with Go4hosting’s network monitoring service that’s precisely what you’d get. Our experts meticulously scrutinize all network corners and monitor all live and dormant events as they happen. We also help you keep track of essential applications embroiled in your network, and patch your apps for added security. If a crisis ever arise, we’ll quickly react to it, kick in the backup and get you up and running, in a blink.

    Proactive protection of your network

    Key Deliverables

    Whether you run your IT on-premises or cloud-hosted systems on self or third-party network, we can monitor it all for you

    How it works

    We ensure that each network has its own flow path

    • Turn it on

      Turn it onRegister with us your website or the IP address of the network that you want monitored. Our experts will run a quick test on how secure your network is, and whether it needs more than just monitoring service.

    • Know when it’s down

      Know when it’s downOnce set up, we’ll let you know whenever your website is down or your network needs troubleshooting. You will receive notification through various channels across all registered device with appropriate actions that you can take to survive the overbearing crisis.

    • Zero false alarms

      Zero false alarmsUnder no circumstances shall you receive any false alarm. All notifications sent out to you are strictly in accordance with your user-right policies and are delivered only when we see a threat genuinely has the potential to send your website off the edge.

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    Why opt for Network Monitoring

    Go4hosting’s network monitoring service is 100% managed. We transfer all workloads off your IT workforce to our internal team, which then maintains, monitors and diagnose all facets of the network, critical for your security. Businesses should opt for our network monitoring service because –

    Network support from a dedicated operations center is available 24/7 for your apps.

    You are provided with a custom dashboard that keeps you updated with security.

    Our network team is familiar with all threat practices including social engineering threats.

    A monitoring plan is engineered to align with your roster.

    You get access to time-tested experience in managing numerous data centers and several petabytes of data.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A network monitoring service is a managed offering that protects your network from threats and also monitors activities in real-time.

    Any business concerned with the security of its network without enough workforce to handle monitoring on its own can consider outsourcing network monitoring service.

    Yes, network monitoring service can actually help you cut down on cost. You can also tap into a better expertise without investing too much of your financial resources.

    We charge based on your business requirements. We suggest you speak to our sales representative directly to get better insight into your assignment cost.

    You may move to any network as many times as you want. Do make sure, however, that you update your IP in the dashboard provided to you.

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