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Did you know a slight delay can impact the user’s experience and the business’s ability to thrive in today’s competitive market? Say goodbye to internet slowdowns and hello to seamless connectivity like never before. 

With go4hosting, you won’t run out of bandwidth. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures stability and a consistent, reliable connection day in and day out. Don’t wait – hop on the express lane to digital greatness! Explore our cheap bandwidth today!

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    Want to excel in your business? You must be! Empower your business with go4hosting's Cloud Bandwidth solutions, designed to elevate your online operations to unparalleled heights. We understand the critical role of bandwidth in today's digital landscape, and our commitment to providing top-notch services distinguishes us in the industry.

    Key Deliverables

    Go4hosting’s bandwidth delivers unobstructed flexibility and control for your enterprise.

    How Cloud Bandwidth Works?

    For better assistance, let’s look at how cloud bandwidth works. Understanding this will help optimize data flow and improve the performance of your cloud-based tools and services.

    • Cloud NetworkingCloud networking forms the backbone of modern digital infrastructure. It involves the interconnection of servers, storage, applications, and other resources across a distributed network, allowing seamless access to computing resources and services over the Internet.

    • Data Transfer and Traffic HandlingCloud Bandwidth manages the transfer of data within and outside the cloud infrastructure. It governs the speed and volume of data that can be transmitted, both upstream (outgoing data) and downstream (incoming data), affecting the overall performance and user experience.

    • Allocation and management of BandwidthBandwidth allocation involves distributing and assigning network resources to different applications, users, or services within the cloud environment. This process ensures that each entity receives an appropriate share of available bandwidth based on predefined parameters or requirements.

    • Integration with Cloud ServicesCloud Bandwidth seamlessly integrates with various cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). It forms a fundamental component in the delivery and performance of these services, influencing their accessibility, reliability, and responsiveness.

    Cloud Bandwidth Features

    • Unrestricted Inbound Transfers

      Unrestricted Inbound Transfers


      go4Hosting does not charge our customers for incoming bandwidth, inward data transfers, or intra-server communication. But please note that outbound data transfers are chargeable, and these plans vary from product to product. So, by joining hands with us, you can leverage unlimited data transfer & cheap bandwidth within services inside a remote VLAN.

    • Private Network Automation

      Private Network Automation


      ou can easily optimize your services through an auto-assigned private network address with us. You can connect with an exclusive Cloud Storage service hosted inside a private and robustly secured network via this route.Private Network Automation You can easily optimize your services through an auto-assigned private network address with us. You can connect with an exclusive Cloud Storage service hosted inside a private and robustly secured network via this route.

    • Advanced DC-to-DC options

      Advanced DC-to-DC options


      Leverage a smooth and free-of-charge private network where we permit a seamless data flow/transfer. Our data center solutions also comprise private connections, which will be provided to you through the Cloud Link.

    • Technology



      At go4hosting, we utilize state-of-the-art technology that offers clients a flawless cloud computing platform. A multiple Tier 1 ISP has been included to ensure low latency and superior control, which excels over routing. The cloud bandwidth has been consolidated with BGP and connected via a redundant Fiber network. Moreover, we uphold an N+N redundancy to deliver 99.99% network uptime.

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    Why go4hosting’s Cloud Bandwidth Service

    Dedicated bandwidth is significantly faster, better and more reliable than shared bandwidth and enables you to undertake multi-varied functions, no matter your expertise. Go4hosting’s bandwidth lets you achieve even more. Some of its benefits include –

    • Nationwide coverage through one bandwidth and ISP connection

    • Real-time address validation against multiple IP sources.

    • Address acceptance more than 98%.

    • Immediate data/call routing for uniform load variables.

    • Instant provisioning through online portal for fast deployment methods.

    Cloud Bandwidth: Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer a premium internet connectivity with 1:1 bandwidth over a fiber network.

    Speak to your account manager or initiate a chat from the bottom right corner to purchase or make changes to your existing bandwidth connection. You can additionally login to your dashboard and make changes from there.

    Login to your dashboard and check properties of your individual VMs. The total bandwidth consumed will be listed against each VM.

    It is likely that the website or the server you are downloading from may not be transmitting data packets fast enough. Further, the internet speed you pay for is the maximum obtainable speed and is dependent on the network traffic in the shared internet pool.

    You can have unlimited bandwidth up to 1GBPS.

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