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The success of modern businesses rely on their ability to continuously send and receive data and communicate with their clients. A slight delay, lag or sluggishness can deteriorate not just user experience but also the business’s ability to operate in today’s competitive market. Now never run out of your bandwidth with Go4hosting’s instant provisioning of its high-speed bandwidth online

Go4hosting helps enterprises embark on its journey to excellence by managing, scaling, troubleshooting, and error-correcting all facets of your network related to bandwidth.

Key Deliverables

Go4hosting’s bandwidth delivers unrestricted flexibility and control for your enterprise.

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Why opt for Bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth is significantly faster, better and more reliable than shared bandwidth and enables you to undertake multi-varied functions, no matter your expertise. Go4hosting’s bandwidth lets you achieve even more. Some of its benefits include –

Nationwide coverage through one bandwidth and ISP connection

Real-time address validation against multiple IP sources.

Address acceptance more than 98%.

Immediate data/call routing for uniform load variables.

Instant provisioning through online portal for fast deployment methods.


This section gives you a brief outline on our current product/bandwidth pricing.

Unrestricted Inbound Transfers

At Go4Hosting, we do not charge our customers for incoming bandwidth, inward data transfers or intra-server communication. But please note that outbound data transfers are chargeable, and these plans vary from product to product.

So, by joining hands with us, you can leverage unlimited data transfer within services present inside a remote VLAN.

Private Network Automation

You can easily optimize your services through an auto-assigned private network address with us. Via this route, you will get to connect with an exclusive Cloud Storage service hosted inside a private and robustly secured network.

Advanced DC-to-DC options

Leverage a smooth and free of charge private network where we permit a seamless data flow/transfer. Our data center solutions also comprise of private connections which will be provided to you through the Cloud Link.


Go4Hosting makes use of state-of-the-art technology which renders clients with an flawless cloud computing platform. A multiple Tier 1 ISP has been included to ensure low latency and superior control which excels over routing. The complete cloud bandwidth has been consolidated with BGP and has also been completely connected via a redundant Fiber network. Moreover, we up hold an N+N redundancy to deliver 99.99% network uptime.

As a result of the above technological features present in our data center, you need not worry about server downtimes. This is because Go4Hosting holds the complete responsibility of IOPS, security, performance, integrity and protection of your business critical data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We offer a premium internet connectivity with 1:1 bandwidth over a fiber network.

Speak to your account manager or initiate a chat from the bottom right corner to purchase or make changes to your existing bandwidth connection. You can additionally login to your dashboard and make changes from there.

Login to your dashboard and check properties of your individual VMs. The total bandwidth consumed will be listed against each VM.

It is likely that the website or the server you are downloading from may not be transmitting data packets fast enough. Further, the internet speed you pay for is the maximum obtainable speed and is dependent on the network traffic in the shared internet pool.

You can have unlimited bandwidth up to 1GBPS.

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