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In this ruthlessly competitive age, companies look for ways to streamline their IT operations whilst deriving maximum value from their investments. Outsourcing IT operations and infrastructure to a third party is often a cost-effective move that endows your business with significant benefits. Partnering with a trusted service provider such as Go4hosting lets you implement intricate solutions in line with your long-term objectives. Be it a hybrid cloud deployment or managed colocation service, we assist you at every step, allowing your business to attain unprecedented levels of success.   

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    As a small or medium-sized business entity, outsourcing your data center can be a wise move that can help you slash IT expenses by a big margin. Most small business owners lack the staff or time to tackle all kinds of  IT-related issues. Under such a scenario, outsourcing your infrastructure to a reliable service provider can stand you in good stead. You can not only save time, money, and other resources but also spend the same on refining the core aspects of your business. 

    With three strategically located world-class data center facilities, Go4hosting is adept at helping organisations transition from in-house IT management to an outsourced data center facility. Packed with the latest hardware, software, power, and cooling equipment, our facilities help you make the most of your investment. Additionally, we have a squad of trained professionals available all round the clock to help you with installing, managing, and maintaining your servers at our premises. Through the whole gamut of solutions we bring to the table, we help you accomplish long-term IT objectives. Our fast connectivity, foolproof security, and technical prowess help you achieve the peace of mind you had always longed for.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Data Center Outsourcing

    Data center outsourcing is the practice of partially or fully outsourcing of data center infrastructure and staff to a third party. Organisations typically seek colocation, hosting, cloud, and remote hands solutions through data center outsourcing. 

    A colocation facility is a data center that leases physical space, power, and bandwidth to businesses for keeping their servers and other hardware. This way, businesses that would otherwise build their in-house data center avail of services they need without having to spend time and capital on buying, installing and managing hardware and software systems.

    Data centers are synonymous with power houses of the digital age, as they allow business entities to meet their technological requirements in a hassle-free manner. By choosing the services of a top-end data center like ours, organisations can milk maximum value from their investment, and get a solution aligned exactly with their needs.

    Yes, we do. Our remote hands solutions help our customers like you tackle a wide range of routine and ad-hoc tasks, helping them run IT operations in the best possible manner. 

    Our data centers are equipped with a variety of measures that keep your data, applications, and hardware secure. These include fenced perimeter, CCTV cameras, multi-factor authentication, biometric access, 3 D sensors, fire alarms and armed manpower at all strategic points. Besides, we do not allow unauthorised personnel to enter our premises or the server rooms. 

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