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Explore Microsoft Azure’s 200+ services, including AI-ML, big data analytics, IoT, and DevOps, seamlessly integrated by go4hosting. Our expertise maximizes Azure’s potential, ensuring top-notch performance, scalability, and business continuity. Tailored solutions empower your business for seamless cloud transformation. With 24/7 support from our Azure specialists, embark on a frictionless digital journey, shaping your business according to your vision. Contact us now and revolutionize your operations effortlessly!

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    We are Microsoft’s global partners when it comes to Azure. You can utilize our services and greatly benefit from them. Our vision is to offer our clients impeccable services and offer a hassle-free experience. We have highly experienced professionals and experts to assist in the functions like integration, architecture, security, and other solutions associated with Azure cloud services. Moreover, our implementation and managed services are highly efficient and affordable including our cheap Azure Cloud Services pricing. 

    Being in the industry for more than a decade, our cheap Azure cloud services experts believe in innovation and modernizing the applications to equip them with the future needs of the business. By combining our experience with our expertise, we ensure that we provide you with the results your business desires. 


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    We are the most reputed and trusted partner globally to many businesses for managed cheap Azure Cloud services. Our large number of certified professionals provide the best services in developing, maintaining, and implementing cheap Microsoft Azure services. Trusted Global Partner: Renowned and trusted worldwide, we offer cost-effective managed Azure Cloud services to numerous businesses globally.  Here are the key reasons why choosing our services stands out:

    Certified Professional Support: Our extensive team of certified professionals excels in developing, maintaining, and implementing cost-efficient Microsoft Azure services.

    Round-the-Clock Assistance: With our experienced and highly efficient certified practitioners, enjoy seamless and impeccable services with 24/7 support.

    Tailored Analytics Solutions: Leveraging our cloud-driven analytics expertise, we provide data and analytics solutions precisely tailored to meet your business and data processing requirements.

    Added Perks Offered by Go4hosting

    Customized managed services plan– Our services are highly customizable and flexible to align with your changing business needs.

    Expert DevOps Capabilities–   We have an expert team on board that offers you agile and DevOps capabilities to maximize your business profits.

    Impeccable Cloud Experience–  Our cloud capabilities and extensive experience help us deliver top-notch quality and experience to our users.

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    With our certified professionals handling and managing your Azure Cloud Services, you can never experience downtime or delay. Our services run absolutely smoothly and allow you to run your business with the utmost efficiency and speed. Moreover, we set up real-time alerts to take corrective actions immediately in case any of any metrics go down. We ensure that your applications and services stay protected against faulty hardware, network issues, and patches. So wait no more and accelerate your cloud applications and web development with our team of industry’s best experts. Connect to our Microsoft Azure certified professionals today to enjoy the best services today. 

    Frequently Asked Questions on Azure Cloud Services

    Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform that offers a range of cloud services-compute, storage, analytics, and networking. Businesses can select the services they need to build, test and deploy applications, store and backup existing data and applications, analyse complex databases, and much more. This way, they can overcome their existing challenges and fulfil their long-term objectives.

    Users subscribing to Azure get access to the services included in the portal. They can use these services to create virtual machines and databases.

    Azure’s use cases are highly diverse on the account of the large number of services the platform offers. Some of these are listed below:

    Storage: This category of services can be used for storing and backing up structured and unstructured data.

    Development: This service facilitates the development and deployment of web and mobile applications.

    Analytics: These can be used for processing and analysing large sets of data and gaining insights for making informed decisions.

    Migration: This set of solutions allows workloads to migrate from on-premises data centers to the Azure cloud.

    Security: These services offer capabilities to identify and remove security threats as well as manage encryption keys and other similar assets.

    Here are the key benefits you can enjoy by choosing Azure cloud services for your business:

    Scalability: Like in other cloud services, the resources on Azure can be provisioned within minutes, allowing businesses to scale with the utmost ease.

    Performance: Azure relies on the power of a global network of world-class data center facilities equipped with the latest hardware and software. This offers numerous advantages over a single isolated data center e.g. low latency and high economies of scale.

    Efficiency: Azure cloud services eliminate the need for tasks related to IT management so that users can spend their precious hours meeting the strategic goals of their business.

    Reliability: Azure cloud maintains multiple copies of your data at different locations, so the issues related to backup and recovery of data no longer bother you.

    Security: Most cloud service providers adhere to a wide range of policies, technologies, and controls to augment your security and protect your data and applications from all possible threats.

    Azure is a public cloud where all the hardware, software, and other related infrastructure is owned and managed by Microsoft. You can access their services through the internet.

    Azure cloud services are slightly cheaper than AWS. It is better than AWS in certain other respects also. For example, Azure offers better and faster PaaS capabilities as compared to AWS. Also, if your organisation is already using Microsoft suite, you are entitled to receive discounts on your Azure cloud solution.

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