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Get complete control and flexibility with Go4hosting’s cheap Magento hosting dynamic solution that makes use of MySQL and Zend PHP databases to facilitate online merchants with a highly intuitive interface to edit or create websites in line with their business requirements.

    An array of Best Magento Hosting in India

    Choose the perfect solution to support your website
    While selecting a hosting plan, selecting between managed and unmanaged hosting is the primary decision. But before selecting one of the best Magento hosting providers, you must know the proper difference between both to choose properly.

    Key Features of Our Cheap Magento Hosting Web Solutions

    Easy-to-integrate magento platforms to shape your customer’s experience

    • Managed Magento hosting

      Managed Magento hosting

      In a managed Magento hosting you will be getting full support for all your problems. Starting from OS to control panel everything is managed. The best part of managed Magento hosting is that it includes automated backup and monitoring. So the differential factor from an unmanaged Magento hosting is that now with a managed Magento hosting you have fewer tasks to worry about. The only drawback with managed Magento hosting is that it comes at a higher price and hence sometimes not suitable for small businesses with a small budget.

    • Unmanaged Magento hosting

      Unmanaged Magento hosting

      In Unmanaged Magento hosting, you will not be getting constant support and management. Generally, Unmanaged Magento hosting is not responsible for control panels or other web server software. For any other kind of help Unmanaged, Magento hosting is there and is charged on a per hour basis. There is a misconception that Unmanaged Magento hosting will always be the more economical option, but with per hour costing it sometimes turn out to be very costly.

    Key Benefits of Magento Web Hosting
    Go4hosting’s cheap magneto hosting perks to support powerful marketing and tools

    • Open Source Platform

      Open Source Platform


      It enables various developers and end-users to customize the looks and functioning of its website in line with their business needs.

    • Reliability



      We offer robust and reliable Magento platforms with secured payment gateways and data backup provisions to give your online shoppers a simple and quick shopping experience on your website.

    • Flexibility



      Magento offers a high degree of flexibility to the users, so they can design their websites in a customized way.

    • Functionality



      It enables businesses to create a website that is rich in features. This optimizes the customer experience as well as increases average order values and sales conversion rates. The platform uses the most effective marketing tools like Google Analytics to improve your online marketing activities.

    • Adaptability



      With Magento, you can adapt and modify your website to integrate it with future developments.

    • Cost Reduction

      Cost Reduction


      It allows you to quickly develop an e-commerce website in a cost-effective way, which greatly simplifies the designing and development of your e-commerce store.

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    Magento Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

    Features that the best Magento hosting providers in India provide are-

    • Reliability- Magento being hosting e-commerce websites is responsible for providing reliable hosting platforms as these websites involve infinite online transactions.
    • Flexibility- Best Magento hosting should offer high-level flexibility as much of the sales on any e-commerce website depends on its customization.
    • Functionality- Any good Magento web hosting provider will enable the website with plenty of features and simultaneously will optimize the user experience.
    • Adaptability- Magento web hosting will prepare your website to be ready for any future developments.
    • Economical- A good Magento web hosting provider will help you in building the best e-commerce website at the least cost possible.

    The web hosting account will be set up right away once you have availed of the service.

    You don’t have to worry about technical knowledge as you can very easily access all the features from Go4hosting user-friendly control panel. We will help you in each phase of establishing the website very easily.

    Magento is an open-source platform built on PHP that helps other developers to create e-commerce websites? Since the time of its release, it has captured 26% of the best e-commerce websites. The technology behind Magento provides e-commerce owners with uninterrupted control and flexibility over the functionality and content.

    Magento web hosting is majorly used for building real-time remarkable e-commerce websites. Also, it gives leverage to host multiple hosting accounts on a single platform.

    Payment for Go4hosting Magento web hosting can be done on an annual basis. There is no problem in case if you want to resume the services, we will refund the money for the time period that was left in the service. So to get the advantages of our services set up your e-commerce website on the Go4hosting Magento online hosting plan.

    Why Your Business Needs Magento?

    Every e-commerce website deserves to get all the features like flexibility, adaptability, etc. through the best Magento hosting. We at Go4hosting provide scalable and feature-rich Magento web hosting solutions for fast-growing eCommerce businesses. Go4Hosting offers a wide range of control options to drive your business growth and thus considered to be one of the best Magento hostings. The modular architecture of our solution enables you to regularly update your site with new content, pictures, and posts at a blazing fast speed.

    It is an ideal web development solution for business of all shapes and sizes, looking to efficiently build a customized shopping cart in minimum time. Magento offers reliable and secured user-friendly features, which works best with advertising platforms.

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