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None of us would disagree that emails are still the most effective tool for business communication. In fact, 43% of organizations across the world consider email marketing as the best way to promote their products and services.

Go4hosting’s industry-grade servers are optimized for hassle-free sending and receiving of emails, so you can collaborate effectively with co-workers, convey a message swiftly across prospects, and expeditiously address customers’ queries. Replete with custom-built tools-remote web access, spam filters, blacklist protection, award-winning support-our corporate email hosting solutions deliver an exceptional experience to hundreds of businesses like yours every single day.

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    Broaden your Horizons with a Professional Email Service.

    Responsive Design. Built-in Virus Protection. AI-powered Spam Filters.

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    Packed with best-in-class features, Go4hosting’s corporate email hosting solutions are perfect for your booming business.

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    Why Choose Corporate Email Hosting?

    Earn Customers’ Trust and Improve the Odds of Conversion with a Professional Email Service that reflects your Business in a Credible Light

    There is no dearth of email service providers (for instance, Google or Yahoo) that offer a couple of features at absolutely ‘zero’ cost. But when it comes to managing business communication, a lot is at stake. As a business owner, you happen to share a lot of sensitive information with your prospects, customers, and stakeholders. What if a malware lands in your inbox and your data gets breached? Such incidents can have far-reaching consequences for your brand. For this reason, a majority of the businesses choose professional email hosting services over free ones.

    Augments Brand Image

    Inconsistencies in your branding throttle your chances of getting recognized by your target audience. A professional email services lend your business a robust identity and make it more accessible to prospects and customers alike.

    Grows with your Business

    Corporate email solutions help meet the burgeoning needs of your business, be it scaling your storage capacity or adding more email addresses to your domain. So, you can easily bring in more staff to handle your work or spin up new websites to market your offerings.

    Improves Security of your Messages

    All leading email hosting services encrypt your email messages so that they cannot be intercepted and read by any user other than the intended recipient. As no organization can afford to overlook security, this is one feature any business would love to have.

    Offers more Uptime

    When a customer has a requirement that has to be addressed instantly, you cannot afford delays. Being available when your customers need you the most is imperative in today’s always-online age. And a great email service helps you accomplish the same.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Email hosting is a service that allows you to send, receive, and store emails through a server managed by a professional service provider such as Go4hosting.

    Of course not. There are a number of popular email services such as Gmail or Yahoomail you can use for free, but if you want others to perceive your business as professional and credible, choosing a paid hosting service is highly recommended.

    Paid email services have a broad price range. Reliable service providers such as Go4hosting offer cost-effective email solutions for as low as INR 1250 per month.

    With our service, you can send and receive email messages using any popular client including Outlook, Thunderbird or Mailbird, etc.

    Sure. Our experts help you migrate emails and all related data from any platform you want.

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