Cheap Veeam Backup4-in-1 solution – replicas, backups, snapshots, and continuous data protection

Get the confidence to meet your business goals with Veeam

Go4hosting’s an affordable Veeam back up will help you modernize your data protection strategies, eliminating downtime by creating Cheap Veeam backup, replicating files. Our 4-in-1 solution help organizations align their long-term and short-term IT requirements

    Our Veeam is a fully managed service with pliable SLAs to offer you some control over the backend

    besides the front-end, which is entirely yours to manage and control

    Our Veeam Offerings

    Create backups on all major hypervisors, be it vSphere on VMware, Hyper-V or NAS.

    Differential Parameters

    You get with other things, a surfeit of features with Veeam to help you expedite back up and modernize business.

    • Minimize TTR (Time to Recovery)

      Minimize TTR (Time to Recovery)We’ll help your business survive crises by minimizing your recovery time, running only individual disk segments to help get you online at the earliest.

    • Achieve RTOs

      Achieve RTOsRecover up to 5X faster with our Veeam and bandwidth up to 1 GBPS, bundled with celerity and tactics to help you achieve your recovery time objectives (RTOs).

    • Near-zero downtime during DR

      Near-zero downtime during DRDuring emergency, only critical back up components are kicked in to get your business up and running almost instantly, without inflicting any major losses.

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    Benefits of Veeam Backup

    Veeam lets you take your website security and resilience to the next level

    Veeam is supported on all operating systems, Windows and Linux, and supports most popular Linux distros.

    Databases on VMs can be replicated on or off-site for better DR planning and protection.

    Veeam backups self-scan all replicas to ensure that no backup contains malware in any form whatsoever.

    Backups created on Veeam seamlessly integrate with the cloud, irrespective of the platform where it is launched.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Veeam backs up virtual machines at the image-level only and it does so using a hypervisor and creating snapshots to retrieve VM data.

    Yes, Veeam’s community edition is free of charge and comes at no cost.

    Backups that you create on Veeam are hosted on our servers that need maintenance, power and technical expertise that comes at a cost.

    Yes, you can configure your backups to tape jobs and archive your Veeam backup agents.

    Yes. Veeam is compatible with most Linux distros.

    To know more about Veeam backup, check out our blog

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