Linux VPS HostingPower and Fun. Gain more control with our low-cost Linux VPS solutions

Tame the untamed power of VPS with Linux and embark on your journey toward online success. go4Hosting presents you with Linux VPS Hosting plans integrated with ample storage and bandwidth. In addition, we offer affordable pricing and flexible billing options.

Go4hosting’s Linux VPS hosting features a custom user configuration that helps you have more than conventional VPS offers. We provide a reliable, secure, scalable Linux VPS hosting environment for your growing business. We employ cutting-edge hardware and software technologies to guarantee the highest performance and availability. 

Take your website or application to the next level with our Linux VPS Hosting! We are a one-stop solution for all your web hosting needs. Sign up today! 

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    Let’s go through all the technical specifications one by one.

    Upgrade Your Hosting Experience with Linux VPS

    • Performance

      PerformanceEnjoy faster response times, smoother performance, and improved overall stability for your website or application.

    • Control

      ControlTailor your server to meet your exact requirements, giving you the flexibility you need to succeed.

    • Reliability

      ReliabilityAvail consistent performance and uptime, ensuring your website or application is always available to your users.

    • Security

      SecurityRest assured that your data and infrastructure are protected against threats and unauthorized access.

    • Cost-Efficiency

      Cost-EfficiencyWith no upfront hardware costs and flexible pricing plans, you can scale your resources as needed without breaking the bank.

    • Compatibility

      CompatibilityLinux VPS hosting supports a wide range of software and applications, ensuring compatibility with popular web development technologies.

    Linux VPS that fits all needs and budgets

    Linux is an open-source, free-to-use operating system with customizable source code, allowing users to gain more control and flexibility on their host. In the hosting space, Linux has a huge edge since it’s free and, in a way, more secure than other OS available in the market. The only downside, however, is manageability and efforts needed to keep a Linux server running, which oftentimes, translates into huge spendings. Go4hosting’s Linux server hosting is configured, keeping customer pain points in mind. We strive to make Linux VPS hosting cheap and affordable to those who would otherwise be stuck with inferior hosting plans.

    • Linux VPS Hosting Versatile


      Our Linux VPS servers are compatible with all website and mobile app development frameworks and database management systems such as MySQL. Moreover, it supports WordPress, Perl, Python, Zen Cart, and phpBB scripting languages.

    • Linux VPS Hosting Optimum Availability

      Optimum Availability

      We rely on the best technologies to ensure the optimum availability of your website. We have incorporated Intel® Xeon® E5 processors and upgradable RAM to evade even the slightest possibility of incurring downtime on your network.

    • Linux VPS Hosting

      Ultra-Modern Data Centers

      Equipped with the most advanced technologies, Go4hosting’s data centers are highly resilient and under 24/7 video surveillance to ensure the safety and security of your data.

    • Linux VPS Hosting

      Carrier Neutrality

      We never force you to a service/top-up you aren’t interested in, which is why we’ve remained carrier-neutral over two decades. We let you choose which ISPs you want your service delivered over.

    go4hosting's Linux VPS Hosting Brings to You

    • No Hidden Costs

      No Hidden Costs


      Focus on growing your business without any financial surprises.

    • Unlimited Domains

      Unlimited Domains


      Harness the full potential of your hosting environment with unlimited domain support.

    • Database Management

      Database Management


      Take control of your data with comprehensive database management tools.

    • Easy Plan Switch

      Easy Plan Switch


      With go4hosting's Linux VPS, upgrading your plan is quick and hassle-free.

    • Unified cPanel

      Unified cPanel


      Manage your hosting environment with ease using our unified cPanel interface.

    • Fully Bare Metal

      Fully Bare Metal


      Experience unparalleled performance and reliability with our fully bare metal infrastructure.

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    Our Linux VPS Hosting Supports

    Key Differentiators of Linux VPS Hosting

    Linux VPS Hosting

    Experience an exquisite blend of Linux dedicated servers virtually running a shared environment

    Free setup

    15+ Templates

    Full root/SSH access

    Multiple RAID options

    Unique/Dedicated IPs

    No Domain Capping

    24/7 Support

    Up to 16 cores of CPU

    Entirely Managed

    Linux VPS Server Hosting: An Overview

    Linux VPS Server hosting is a powerful hosting solution at an affordable price. Unquestionably, Windows is the most popular OS worldwide, but Linux has a huge edge in the hosting space because it’s open-source and free. The fame of Linux also lies in the level of compatibility it offers. It is compatible with MySQL and PHP and supports WordPress, Perl, Python, Zen Cart, and phpBB scripting languages.

    A VPS Server is an exquisite blend of a dedicated and shared server that offers some of the great features of both frameworks. In a VPS environment, a physical server is sliced into several virtual servers, each acting as a dedicated server for the website hosted. The magnificent benefits of VPS hosting and the affordability of Linux make Linux VPS hosting one of the most short-after hosting frameworks.

    It’s Time to Switch a Cheaper and Better Virtual Private Server

    Tune in to the latest, fastest, and cheapest Linux VPS with go4hosting. Move from your existing shared hosts to a private host and experience raw power. Shared hosts provide meager resources that are often insufficient, especially when a website has a traffic surge.

    It’s’ the Right Time to Switch Over to a Linux VPS Hosting

    Do the resources on your website start running short due to a traffic surge? It’s time to tune in to the latest, fastest, and cheapest Linux VPS with go4hosting. Move from your existing shared hosts to a private host and experience raw power.

    How to Migrate to Linux VPS Server?

    Are you planning to move to Linux VPS hosting? Select from our exquisite range of cheap Linux VPS designed to cater to every need. We have crafted our plans to fit all our clients while allowing you to customize things from your end. Once you have configured an account and made the payment, our team of experts will get in touch with you. go4hosting’s experts will guide you from then onwards. Together, we will work out a migration plan so that your website’s traffic is least affected. 

    You can choose a live or dormant data migration to our robust private servers. Live migration will not skew user experience on your website. Although there can be some downtime, it will not ruin the on-site experience. The other way is to migrate data by switching off connections to the underpinning server. In this method, your website will be out of service temporarily, but migration will only last for a while. Your website will shortly be up and running again.

    After the entire data has been migrated successfully, we will quickly examine whether any file has fragmented or got corrupted while moving. Having ensured the data has not been damaged, we will begin mapping your domain IP to that of our Linux VPS and simultaneously disconnect and link your domain to our server.

    You can then start relishing the Go4hosting advantage.

    Choose Peace of Mind. Move to go4hosting Linux VPS Hosting

    At go4hosting, we have designed multiple Linux VPS hosting plans keeping in mind our customers’ specific and personalized requirements. Unlock the power of Linux VPS Hosting and elevate your website. Experience unparalleled performance, seamless scalability, enhanced security, complete control, and expert support with our reliable hosting solution. Join thousands of satisfied customers who have already discovered the benefits of Linux VPS Hosting. Get started today and give your visitors a browsing experience they won’t forget!

    Linux VPS Hosting FAQs

    VPS, brief for Virtual Private Server, is a mix of shared and dedicated hosting. It mimics the environment of a dedicated server but in a shared platform. This means several websites on the shared server are allocated a fixed portion of resources as if they were operating in an isolated dedicated environment.

    When you choose VPS hosting, you get the option to either run a Linux or Windows operating system. A VPS running on Linux OS is called Linux VPS hosting.

    Linux is open-source and hence a free Operating System. Because the underlying codes are open for modifications, Linux servers are the ideal choice for administrators and businesses that want to tune their servers to their likings.

    Linux VPS depends on the configuration of the VPS server. High-end VPSes cost more than those that are low-end.

    Linux VPS can benefit businesses that have outgrown their shared servers but not enough to rent a dedicated server on their own. If your organization has surmounted its shared host too, you could perhaps do with a VPS.

    First off, Go4hosting’s Linux VPS hosting is cheaper and better than those from other hosts. You get a lot more control over your server than you do with any other hosting, allowing you to customize the hosting environment to utilize it to its full potential. Our VPS is a fully self-managed service but we lay full control of the server to our clients so you are open to customizing your VPS any way that you want.

    Linux VPSes are used to host websites, run games online, store backup and run applications. Linux VPS hosting provides websites with a stable and reliable environment, which can be especially helpful for websites that collect and store user-sensitive data such as credit card info, name and phone numbers.

    Almost everything that can be done on a server can be done on Linux VPS. Virtual private servers can unlock a whole new world of possibilities, given the amount of control it offers to its clients. It can be used to run GTA V, Minecraft, PUBG and several other games. Additionally, you can power multiple websites, run email services, deploy virtual machines or resell the server as your own. Many organizations have been using VPS servers to backup data to create restore points from where to recover data in case of data loss.

    VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a network of servers facilitating fast, secure and anonymous connection over the internet. When connected via VPN, the private network masks the footprints of the end-user by replacing it with its own. This means the website to which end-user requests access is first downloaded to the private network and then relayed to the client’s device. With VPN, you can access the internet via private connections even while being on a public network.

    VPS, on the other hand, is a virtual machine, where your data has been loaded. This data can then be used for diverse functionalities, to either host a website or run a game.

    There are times when you require more than just power and support from your hosting plan. But you know you cannot afford a dedicated server. Not to worry, for this we have managed Linux VPS hosting. The other features and advantages of a Linux VPS come unasked for like world-class management of cPanel and high performance of Linux OS. A managed Linux VPS plan keeps you at ease 24*7 by delivering incomparable hosting experience. It takes the responsibility of managing the software, networking as well as the hardware.

    The package with Linux VPS host with maximum RAM is a managed VPS plan with 8GB RAM.

    To know more about VPS hosting on Linux, check out our blog

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