Disaster Recovery Services (DRaaS)Have an alternate route in case a disaster ever surprises you
Reinforce network, enhance uptime, whilst mitigating likeliness of calamities with our DRaaS

Network disruptions can happen any time and at any moment. The continuity of modern businesses relies on its ability to mitigate disasters and quickly recover from them. Downtimes can cost business heavily; the losses are often fungible and comes at added risk of customer attrition. Go4hosting’s disaster recovery service helps businesses mitigate risk and also prepares them in case a catastrophe ever happens.

    Get the confidence to continue capitalizing on essential DevOps, concurrently boosting both customer trust and business revenues.

    Key Deliverables

    We provide state-of-the-art network reinforcement and disaster recovery service to quickly get you started, regardless how critical the catastrophe is.

    Our offerings

    Go4hosting’s DRaaS is a comprehensive package comprising more than just one service –

    • Infrastructure

      InfrastructureYou get an entire infra for your business, customizable to set standards for a personalized DR experience.

    • Automation

      AutomationAll functions are executed and analyzed by AI frameworks to expedite recovery of your network during failovers.

    • Consulting

      ConsultingOur experts carefully craft a DR strategy, keeping in mind your industry to keep your business continuity going

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    Disaster recovery plan is your lifeblood during failover. It ensures that backups can be kicked in, risk mitigated, keeping your service running at all times. Your business should have a DR at place because –

    DR helps you create system snapshots and select the snapshot that you want restored.

    Recovery points can be created as frequently as every hour and as leisurely as every month.

    Compression techniques can be deployed to achieve compression up to 30%.

    Standby VMs can be created to quickly launch DevOps with minimal downtime.

    Restore points can be made on either clouds or bare metals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    DRaaS stands for disaster recovery as a service, a managed solution wherein your host backs up data to storage servers and creates restore points to quickly get the system online.

    Yes, backup is covered under DRaaS

    It depends on how complex your IT framework is and how big your data dump is.

    Backup service ensure that you have a working image of files on storage servers. Disaster recovery services ensure that those images are usable and can be deployed when your legacy systems fail.

    Your website would undergo complete outage and it could take you days to recover your website.

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