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Say goodbye to limitations and hello to seamless performance as you harness the open-source magic of Linux. Step into a world of limitless possibilities with go4hosting cutting-edge hosting services. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an entrepreneur, or an established business, go4hosting’s Linux hosting caters to all your requirements. With more than 20 available choices,  it offers the stability, flexibility, and power you need to thrive online. 

Elevate your digital presence with Linux hosting that’s as innovative as you are. Quickly and easily launch your next innovative assignment on a wide range of platforms, be it bare metal. 


    20 Flavors, 5 Platforms, Unlimited Fun.

    Linux on VPS

    These advanced cloud servers are optimized for superior system performance, leveraging the capabilities of powerful CPUs and graphics technology. They operate on reliable operating systems such as CentOS, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), and CloudLinux, ensuring efficient and robust computing environments for a wide range of applications and workloads.


    Linux on VPS

    Virtual private bare metals refer to dedicated server instances that run on type-I hypervisors, ensuring committed computing resources. These hypervisors operate beneath a Linux-based installation, allowing for robust and secure virtualization, ideal for a wide range of applications, from hosting services to running specialized software. This setup combines the advantages of dedicated hardware with the flexibility of virtualization, delivering reliable and scalable computing solutions.


    Linux on Dedicated Servers

    Type-I hypervisors operate directly on cloud-based bare metal servers, using open-source Linux installation packages. These hypervisors, which include popular options like KVM and Xen, enable the efficient virtualization of hardware resources on the cloud. By running directly on the physical servers, they offer robust performance and flexibility, making them an integral part of cloud infrastructure for hosting and managing virtual machines and applications.


    Linux Reseller Account

    Resell, white brand or whitelist hosting accounts for wholesaling with cPanel management dashboard with Linux.


    What is Linux Hosting?

    An open-source operating system, Linux hosting utilizes a Linux-based server. It makes for an ideal hosting solution to use for both organizations and individuals due to its highly economical plans. Moreover, you can easily switch between multiple servers. The Linux hosting offers a top-notch level of security and you can easily modify, utilize and redistribute the source code to cater to your business needs. The biggest advantage of Linux hosting is that you can easily manage your web development tasks by using Cpanel.


    Why do Hosts Prefer Linux Hosting?

    Linux hosting has been one of the most popular choices for hosting to host large websites. Linux works well with PHP, MySQL, and Perl. The operating system with Linux Hosting is enriched with all major features required to run the website. Our PHPcomes equipped with features that include OpCache, round-the-clock support, and several stable versions. In addition, you can also utilize Linux web hosting if you have a Windows Operating system already installed in your system. In short, hosts prefer Linux hosting as it offers powerful performances, is highly scalable, economical, has a large number of users, and is compatible to work with old servers. Control panels hide the operating system, so it does not hinder the functioning of the server.


    Get the most Cheap Linux Hosting Solution with Go4hosting

    Linux hosting is highly best and cheap and user-friendly. At Go4hosting, we provide our users with an extensive range of Linux hosting plans to help every business cater to their user needs. You can use Linux hosting services on a shared or dedicated hosting platform. Linux hosting allows you to empower your business with its impeccable speed and performance. With Linux hosting, you get endless possibilities to give your business a competitive edge. We have helped many businesses achieve their business goals and targets. Our Linux web hosting services are highly reliable, agile, and offer immense flexibility. Connect to our Linux hosting experts today to enjoy the best experience. They can also help you get a customized plan for your business that perfectly meet its needs.


    Guaranteed 99.95% uptimeOn all Linux Servers

    Control Flexibility Agility

    • Control 20+ Distros
    • Flexibility5 Platforms
    • Agility1000+ Racks 0 Upcharge

    It’s time for open-source digital transformation.

    Linux transforms the way you run a business online.

    • Intuitive Dashboards

      Intuitive DashboardsIntuitive management dashboards quickly set you up for management tasks. You require little to no training, even for complex operations.

    • Security Provision

      Security ProvisionData centers provisioning Linux servers have as many as 5 security layers, impenetrable without requisite ingress/egress access keys.

    • Versatile Compatibility

      Versatile CompatibilitySupport is covered on all equipment, the front end, and the distros, so no matter what, your apps can continue running uninterrupted.

    • Complimentary Migration

      Complimentary Migration When moving to our Linux-backed infra, complimentary migration support is provided for added business convenience.

    • Flexible Customization

      Flexible CustomizationLinux Hosting grants you the freedom to customize your hosting to suit your unique needs. Create the hosting environment you desire, whether for personal use or tailored to your business requirements.

    • Unparalleled Performance

      Unparalleled PerformanceLinux Hosting takes your website's performance to the next level. With its optimized architecture and efficient resource management, experience lightning-fast load times and seamless navigation.

    Why Go4hosting?

    Linux hosting is a user-friendly and affordable hosting solution for businesses and individuals.  At Go4hosting, we provide our users with extensive Linux hosting plans to help every business cater to their user needs. It allows you to empower your business with its impeccable speed and performance.

    With Linux hosting, you get endless possibilities to give your business a competitive edge. At go4hosting, we have helped numerous businesses to accomplish their business goals and thrive.  Our Linux web hosting services are highly reliable and agile and offer immense flexibility. Connect to our Linux hosting experts today to enjoy an unbeatable experience. We will customize the business plan to align with your unique needs. 

    • Unlimited Domains

      Unlimited DomainsHost as many domains as supported on your current configuration.

    • Unmetered Disks

      Unmetered DisksSend files off and to your disks until you run out of space.

    • Uncapped Bandwidth

      Uncapped BandwidthBandwidths, by default, aren’t capped and are restricted

    • 20+ Distros

      20+ DistrosOver 2 dozen Distros and Linux templates to choose from.

    • Switch in a click

      Switch in a clickSwitch to a different server or payment model in a few clicks.

    • Assured Resources

      Assured ResourcesResources granted shall remain available at all times.

    Not quite sure

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    what’s the best fit for your business needs?

    FAQs About Hosting on Linux

    Linux is an open-source, UNIX-based operating system that is powerful, designed for multitasking, and made accessible to a number of people at once. It is appreciated and used for its functionality, adaptability, and robustness. Web hosting on a Linux server allows the developers to create their websites within the Linux OS. Moreover, it allows the developers to use powerful and popular open-source programs like PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby, SSH, and many more.

    The only difference is in the geographic location of the server. The server location is responsible for website latency. If the website visitors are located in the Indian subcontinent or pacific region then choosing the server in India would be an ideal choice. If your visitors are from any foreign country then opt for the web servers from that specific location.

    Go4hosting offers reliable hosting for Linux that gives you guaranteed 99.9% availability. We offer you one of the most secure and genuine hosting solutions in the market. Our servers are secured with multiple layers of security for preserving your necessary data. Moreover, you will also get the support of our in-house team of professionals that are relentlessly available for resolving all kinds of issues.

    The choice between Linux and Windows hosting depends on compatibility, features, and the technical requirements of your project. If you value reliability, security and low cost, opt for Linux hosting. On the other hand, if you are required to run Windows-based applications or technologies, go with Windows hosting. 

    Linux hosting is ideal for individuals and businesses seeking reliable web hosting solutions to support various programming languages and software applications. It hosts websites, applications, and online content on servers powered by the Linux operating system.

    Absolutely, Linux Hosting is highly reliable. Its stable and secure open-source nature and vibrant developer community ensure consistent performance and trustworthy hosting for websites and applications.

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