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In this day and age, when disruption is almost ubiquitous, businesses have felt the need to adapt and evolve at a constant pace. The cloud has emerged as a key enabler in such a scenario. Organisations are counting on the cloud to not only offer seamless, personalized customer experiences but also future-proof operations by devising novel ways of working that are efficient, cost-optimized, and scalable. The right cloud approach would be the one where you can achieve these outcomes while mitigating the underlying challenges of security and control.

Go4hosting’s hybrid cloud deployments create the right mix of on-premises private and public clouds-the perfect solution for leveraging the cloud advantage without compromise. We offer you the best hybrid cloud hosting solution that is secured with multiple layers of security for saving your data from cyberattacks and phishing. Moreover, you will get a dedicated account manager and relentlessly available support team for instant resolution of all kinds of issues


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    Perfect Balance of Agility, Scalability, and Security with Hybrid Cloud Hosting in India

    Why Choose Go4hosting as your Hybrid Cloud Hosting partner?

    With the evolution of the cloud, a range of cloud models have emerged, keeping business owners on the fence with regards to the question-which cloud for which kind of workload? In certain scenarios, the public cloud may appear to be the solution, but given the conflicting demands of a business, shifting everything to the cloud isn’t possible. And that’s where hybrid clouds come into the picture. An amalgamation of on-premises, public and private clouds, hybrid deployments are often the answer to efficiently managing your workloads.

    Go4hosting’s end-to-end expertise, comprehensive portfolio, and synergistic partnerships help you build, migrate and transform applications across cloud environments. We rely on our hybrid-enabled infrastructure to help you devise a solution appropriate for your needs. Our team of specialists works in close collaboration with your business to shift workloads where they should be, and make your cloud transition as seamless as possible.

    Hybrid Cloud Utilization Simplified.

    The capacity to combine on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, dedicated hosting, and colocation is what it means to use a hybrid cloud services strategy (colo). The knowledge that there are solutions available that enable you to make use of your current configuration is consoling when you’ve invested time and money in setting up your servers. And we’re here to demonstrate that expanding the scalability or resilience of your cloud need not be a major hassle.

    Our cheap hybrid cloud or hybrid IT systems enter the conversation at this point. We can work in practically any setting because we are adaptable. To suit your demands, we provide a range of customized solutions and hybrid IT setups. Because of this, we create hybrid cloud solutions that will make you happy, no matter what your cloud demands may be.

    Advantages of using hybrid clouds

    The term “hybrid cloud” refers to a computer system that combines on-premises private cloud services with third-party public cloud services while orchestrating the two platforms. A hybrid cloud allows companies greater flexibility and more alternatives for data deployment by enabling workloads to migrate between private and public clouds as computing requirements and costs vary.

    Hybrid cloud computing’s ability to optimize value by balancing the usage of internal resources and external services while providing higher scalability is a huge advantage.

    What tasks can a hybrid cloud perform?

    Businesses from a variety of sectors have shifted toward hybrid cloud solutions to cut costs and improve agility. Hybrid cloud environments have shown to be efficient at enhancing computing and storage power, as well as at producing cost savings and lowering dependency on on-premises infrastructure, across a variety of industries, from the financial to health care. Many businesses just don’t have the space to install servers on-site.

    A hybrid cloud strategy is best suited for sectors like healthcare where data protection is crucial and private computer resources are frequently scarce. Teams can utilize the cutting-edge computational power of a public IaaS model while keeping sensitive data in a private, secure on-premises data center. In other words, the hybrid approach may be advantageous for any sector that benefits from public cloud services.

    We provide the following features with Hybrid Cloud

    strong possibilities for infrastructure.

    With a variety of storage, backup, security, and network products, custom colocation racks, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting are available.

    an extensive network.

    We don’t only link you up with other carriers; we also operate as a carrier in and of ourselves.

    different zones of availability.

    Here in India, we have three data centers, and we may expand to other global zones.

    Certifications and compliance.

    We hold ISO27001, PCI, and Tier III certifications. All of your data remains with us because we are a wholly owned and run Indian company.

    extended infrastructure that is seamless.

    In order to maintain the integrity of your security and network zones, we connect your on-premise networks and extend your VMware environment into ours.

    We enlarge your IT staff.

    There is only one number to contact since our operations teams are accessible 24/7.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Hybrid Cloud Hosting India

    Hybrid cloud refers to the cloud computing environment that uses a blend of private and public cloud services with orchestration between these platforms.

    The key benefits of hybrid cloud hosting India include the following:

    Flexibility: Organisations typically work with different kinds of data that call for different kinds of infrastructure. A hybrid set-up provides users with a mix of various hosting environments, so that they can migrate workloads between their traditional infrastructure and the cloud as required.

     Cost Optimisation: Setting and running your own private cloud entails considerable capital expenditure. Using a combination of on-premises and public computing resources brings down operational expenses to a great degree.

    Scalability: A hybrid cloud opens access to the public cloud resources, allowing organisations to scale with ease. If their demand exceeds the capacity of their on-premises data center, they can move the applications to the public cloud to achieve scale and capacity.

    Interoperability: With a hybrid framework in place, it is possible to run the components of one workload in both public and private environments and interoperate.

    Compliance: Companies that belong to highly regulated sectors have restrictions with regards to how they can keep their data. As a result, they cannot keep certain workloads on a public cloud. With hybrid cloud hosting, they can operate workloads on their on-premises cloud and move some of their data to and from the public cloud as required.

    In a multi-cloud, an organisation uses services from multiple cloud service providers. They do so either to achieve the best possible results or to prevent vendor lock-in.

    A hybrid cloud, on the other hand, combines two or more kinds of clouds. It differs from multi-cloud in the following respects:

    • Hybrid cloud always includes public and private; multi-cloud always includes multiple public clouds but can also include private clouds.
    • The components of a hybrid cloud always work together; in a multi-cloud, different clouds are used for different tasks, so the data and processes from various clouds may not intersect and remain in their silos.

    Hybrid deployments enable data and applications to interoperate across different environments, allowing companies to take advantage of both public and private clouds. No wonder, many forward-thinking companies are choosing to keep their data in a hybrid environment. If you are someone handling dynamic workloads, a hybrid cloud can help you adapt to the changing needs.

    We offer complimentary 24*7 support with all our hybrid cloud hosting India plans.

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