Enterprise Email Solution@Futur Mail - a managed and integrated, enterprise-class email solution for modern businesses embedded with Notes, Tasks, Reminders, Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks

An email is your business card online, a souvenir of your organization and an element of authority, representing an organization as a whole. Without enterprise class emails, your business is bound to lack in essential trust factors and may fail to garner customer attention. @Futur Mail is Go4hosting’s professional email service to give your business its first professional makeover. Equipped with AI and advanced spam protection, our email service helps keep spams at bay and customers close.

Email Hosting Services: Best In Industry

    Improve the success rate of your email marketing campaign with our enterprise email solutions.

    Key Deliverables

    Go4hosting’s email services offer 5X more control, 2X more features at 40% less price than conventional managed emails.

    Why @Futur Mail Enterprise Email?

    Get higher lead conversion, enhance customer trust and showcase your credibility as an established business.

    • Outbound Filter

      Outbound Filter

      All outgoing emails are scanned before being sent to the exchange with no noticeable downtime, preventing cluttering of mail servers due to bogus spam emails.

    • Inbound Filter

      Inbound Filter

      Incoming emails are scanned prior to their entry in the exchange and denied access straight away, if identified as spam, helping you keep your inbox clean and work-oriented.

    • Blacklist Protection

      Blacklist Protection

      Our advanced blacklist protection prevents your IP from being blacklisted by email servers and ensure communications with safe delivery.

    • Scalability


      Resources on your email can be scaled right when they are about to run short, and scaled down when there’s too much for too little work.

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    Get the best Enterprise Email Hosting Solution with us

    A purpose-built hosted email solution with spam and virus screening is required if the email is an essential component of your organization in order to guarantee that you never miss a communication.

    Go4Hosting provides the most reliable enterprise email hosting service.

    Creating email accounts on your domain is possible with email hosting. Email hosting might not be a service provided by your website builder. For your hosting account, you could need additional email storage. If you don’t have a website, you could simply require email hosting. As your business expands, you may upgrade with one of our many solutions that will meet your demands.

    Businesses all throughout Australia may use the safe email hosting service offered by Go4Hosting. In order to protect access to your stored data, our professionals provide hosting services. We also make sure to employ the most trustworthy and dependable anti-virus and anti-spam filters out there. Users may utilize their unique domain-based email accounts to securely send and receive emails. Our solution manages and secures both incoming and outgoing emails on a separate shared or dedicated mail server. Utilizing our solutions will save you time, money, and the need to hire and manage additional people. You may use the time and resources we return to you to focus on your business.

    We’ll make sure your emails reach them and aren’t flagged as spam. Even better, we’ll move your websites, emails, and files for nothing!

    Using your preferred Web browser, you may access your email or chats from anywhere at any time.

    Whether you’re at work, on the road, or at home, you can use a Web browser and the Enterprise Webmail interface to access your email, calendars, contacts, tasks, chats, and notes. The mail server’s user interface blends straightforward design aesthetics with all of the features of a desktop client, enabling users to interact and cooperate whenever and wherever there is an Internet connection.

    Multi-device accessibility

    Having access to your email through a desktop or mobile device’s email software or online is important.

    • Scalable Strategies

    With certain email hosting options, you may add an infinite number of email accounts without paying extra. As your business develops, you are free to modify your strategy.

    • More CrossBox

    Quickly access CrossBox and our other webmail applications, which are available on any device. Decide which song is to be the default.

    • Secure POP, IMAP, and SMTP

    Access to IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 is provided for free with safe encryption to guarantee the confidentiality of your email communications.

    24/7 Technical Support is available to assist at any time!

    Go4Hosting is an Australian-owned and -operated business.

    India is home to our fantastic customer service staff.

    We’ll assist you to arrange everything you need!

    Frequently asked questions

    For businesses, yes. Enterprise emails are much easier to remember for your clients and convey your authority as the rightful representative of your business

    Yes, you can host an email client on your server.

    It’s also possible. However, you will first need to purchase a server and then set up Zimbra or other email clients. We request you to chat with our representative for more help.

    Our enterprise email service is PaaS (platform as a service). You can choose to have IaaS too but you’d need to buy a server in that case.

    Yes, spam protection will be provided with email.

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