Enterprise Email Solution@Futur Mail - a managed and integrated, enterprise-class email solution for modern businesses embedded with Notes, Tasks, Reminders, Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks

An email is your business card online, a souvenir of your organization and an element of authority, representing an organization as a whole. Without enterprise class emails, your business is bound to lack in essential trust factors and may fail to garner customer attention. @Futur Mail is Go4hosting’s professional email service to give your business its first professional makeover. Equipped with AI and advanced spam protection, our email service helps keep spams at bay and customers close.

Improve the success rate of your email marketing campaign with our enterprise email solutions.

Key Deliverables

Go4hosting’s email services offer 5X more control, 2X more features at 40% less price than conventional managed emails.

Why @Futur Mail Enterprise Email?

Get higher lead conversion, enhance customer trust and showcase your credibility as an established business.

  • Outbound Filter

    Outbound Filter

    All outgoing emails are scanned before being sent to the exchange with no noticeable downtime, preventing cluttering of mail servers due to bogus spam emails.

  • Inbound Filter

    Inbound Filter

    Incoming emails are scanned prior to their entry in the exchange and denied access straight away, if identified as spam, helping you keep your inbox clean and work-oriented.

  • Blacklist Protection

    Blacklist Protection

    Our advanced blacklist protection prevents your IP from being blacklisted by email servers and ensure communications with safe delivery.

  • Scalability


    Resources on your email can be scaled right when they are about to run short, and scaled down when there’s too much for too little work.

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Frequently asked questions

For businesses, yes. Enterprise emails are much easier to remember for your clients and convey your authority as the rightful representative of your business

Yes, you can host an email client on your server.

It’s also possible. However, you will first need to purchase a server and then set up Zimbra or other email clients. We request you to chat with our representative for more help.

Our enterprise email service is PaaS (platform as a service). You can choose to have IaaS too but you’d need to buy a server in that case.

Yes, spam protection will be provided with email.

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