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Your favorite Azure cloud now comes managed by Go4hosting. Get hosted today on the most customizable, user-friendly and life-simplifying Azure Cloud platform. A Azure Cloud platform that has the ability to capitalize on your concepts, turning innovations into ideas and ideas into ventures.

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    • Azure Cloud Platform

      Azure Cloud Platform


      Comprehensive connectivity and seamless integration with Microsoft apps, through Go4hosting-facilitated cloud, aligned to Azure’s SLAs.

    • Azure Cloud with SAP

      Azure Cloud with SAP


      Fast-track your SAP migrations and expedite all future deployments by up to 30%, with SAP-enabled Azure.

    • Kubernetes



      Craft your own container shells with Kubernetes, without an underlying server, and orchestrate compatible environments for your apps.

    • M2A (Migrate to Azure)

      M2A (Migrate to Azure)


      Overcome all trivial challenges as we help you draft the perfect migration plan to simplify moving workloads to Azure.

    • Windows Droplets

      Windows Droplets


      Instantly run VMs within your Azure and disseminate workloads evenly among all VMs, bring down sprawl rate, thereby augmenting server efficiency.

    • DR Services

      DR Services


      We’ll create instances of your vital APIs on Azure, should you choose our disaster recovery service, and have a deployment-ready platform in case your legacy systems fail.

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    Why Azure Cloud Hosting?

    • Zero Learning CurvesClouds on Azure make use of Visual Studio, ASP.NET, and familiar languages like C#, Visual Basic, and C++. Enterprise applications are easier to develop on Azure as it involves no significant learning curve.

    • InteroperabilityAzure can develop amalgamated applications for varied operations and aid open standards such as SOAP and HTTP.

    • Access ManagementUser access tokens are highly customizable on Azure with IAM capabilities to enable users to access specific information only.

    • Attuned to Microsoft toolsEnterprises dependent on Microsoft tools prefer Azure so they can impeccably integrate newer technologies with existing Microsoft products.

    • DuctilityAzure’s ductility helps ensure that resources can be scaled, regardless whether there are 5 users or 5 million.

    • Analytics CapableAnalytics capabilities of Azure let you dig deeper into data and uncover key insights that can substantially improve business processes and help you make informed decisions. To know more about Azure, check out our blog Not sure if Azure is the solution for your business? We’ll help you identify grey areas in your business that Azure can uplift. Chat now or fill this enquiry form and we will get in touch.

    Microsoft Azure Cloud Is The Answer To Diverse Business Challenges

    These days a number of businesses dealing in Microsoft technologies are actually looking for specialized experts to handle and guide them regarding the intricacies of Microsoft Azure, when they work on the cloud.

    However, it is not a cake walk to accomplish all tasks like architectural design, operations and security of your business efficiently, which is where Go4hosting comes in.

    At Go4hosting, we bring technology and automation to the table. To get the maximum profit on your cloud investment, we offer you an access to our certified, expert engineers and designers. We offer the services of secured architectural maintenance, coupled with 24x7x365 operational support.

    Azure Cloud + Go4hosting = A Winning Combo

    We do a complete detailed analysis, assessment and execution of your complete business model for best deployment of the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

    The Solution We Offers For Microsoft Azure Cloud

    We have our presence in almost any segment of business you can imagine. As we have our valued solutions already running in industries such as Automotive, Financial services, Gaming, Healthcare, government, manufacturing, media, Retail and Payment technology.

    With the help of Application hosting we have our great, reliable infrastructure to run your business: Expert engineers with us are going to manage your setup and design providing freedom to your team for more innovation

    We provide you Valued Visions and awareness from the Big Data and Business Analytics so as to evaluate risk effectively which in turn saves you from spending extra offering better business decisions.

    The customized solutions are our forte for your business growth. We offer a Constantly available and highly secured ecommerce hosting along with 100% effective Guarantee for the Platform Uptime.

    The business email server hosting is done productively by the support of Fanatical Support. It actually helps in developing a network solution which connects and communicate with other industries for achieving business goals.

    The ERP Managed Services is used in order to have a maximum ROI with our end-to-end solutions. We have an added feature in case of lack of set up resources to test we give you the expertise on Demand.

    The Services We Provide Microsoft Azure Cloud

    Rackspace offers you fully Managed Hosting as actually you get specialized experts from the company to create the managed hosting category to run on your infrastructure.

    The managed services, Managed infrastructure and exclusive networking and data center with 24x7x365 support is cherry on the cake.

    We have Managed cloud service: “You choose from various clouds; we will manage it for you is what we believe in”. As we will provide exclusive cloud hosting service experts to your organization.

    We are a leader in cloud platform operations. Majorly we cover the hybrid, multi, public and Private types of Cloud.

    We provide application service for the solutions such as Business intelligence, Ecommerce, Web content and Data management.

    Security and compliance is a business need and we completely respect this thought of any business. So with us you just watch your business, we will watch your Data security.

    Microsoft Azure Cloud Platforms We Manage

    A completely managed and dedicated service exclusively designed for your business. The solution Expert will design a customized design of architecture for your critical applications and providing you best fit as per industry standard.

    • Alibaba cloud is with us: We can help you to reach any part of the world as we have our presence globally. Expansion of your business to China and beyond with Alibaba Cloud can be easily done. We have 6 international data center regions and 1200+ CDN nodes for best connectivity.
    • Amazon Web service cloud is powerfully managed by our engineers and experts regularly.
    • Oracle, SAP, Kubernets are also present with us as Cloud platforms.
    • The Open stack platform which was invented by us only is doing remarkably wonderful in managing the Public and private cloud.
    • We have flourished from cloud pioneers to Industry Innovators by working on email platforms such as exchange, office 365 and Rackspace email.

    Go4hosting has been developing further as a ‘deep management’ firm, offering custom solutions since we have hands-on experience of working with customers and end users globally.

    To know more about Azure, check out our blog

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