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Experience the power of go4hosting’s cutting-edge Private Cloud service that puts you in control like never before. Say goodbye to the limitations of shared resources and embrace the freedom of your own dedicated cloud environment. Customize your cloud environment exactly as you desire—no more sharing resources or compromising data security. Our Private Cloud is incorporated with top-notch security features that safeguard your sensitive information.

Don’t settle for shared servers and security concerns. Elevate your digital life with our Private Cloud service today. Get launched now on our PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliant Cloud.

Encrypted & Protected – Build customer trust with PCI DSS Cloud

Establish your website as a legitimate online business with our DDS Private Cloud

Boost your business’s credibility with Go4hosting’s highly-available, secured DSS Cloud

Built for security

BFSI & PCI-compliant private cloud infrastructure ensures top-notch website security:

  • ISO/IEC Compliant

    ISO/IEC Compliant We are ISO 9001, 22301, and IEC compliant since our inception. Our data centers are TIA-942-B Tier-III compliant with an NSIC-CRISIL performance rating of SE 2B, indicating high-performance capacity.

  • Robust Security

    Robust SecurityWe are a PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliant service provider, certified for safeguarding online transactions through selective access control, token allocation, and encryption.

  • SAP Certified

    SAP Certifiedgo4hosting is an SAP-Certified Provider of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations and fulfills all requirements defined within the SAP outsourcing operations framework laid down in 35957 (17/02), SAP SE.

Affordable PCI DSS Cloud for your business

go4hosting's infrastructure is custom-built to tackle the industry's most pertinent problem: cost optimization. We aim to cut costs without compromising quality and provide our customers with an affordable DSS cloud environment to host their web apps.

Made for all – Go4hosting’s PCI Cloud

  • IT Corporates

    IT Corporates

    PCI in corporates helps store employee and customer credentials in an austere environment. Modern businesses rely on go4hosting’s PCI, DSS, and other assessments to exhibit their competence in handling customer data effectively and securely.

  • Online E-commerce

    Online E-commerce

    Online security is a must for e-commerce websites. Federal laws have mandated that every ecommerce adheres to PCI standards while storing user-sensitive data. go4hosting offers you high website security with PCI-DSS compliance.

  • Burgeoning Startups

    Burgeoning Startups

    Our cloud’s low-cost procurement and PCI’s relatively high security provide that much-needed initial foothold in the market. Clouds with DSS PCI compliance are better valued than isolated ones. Our monthly billing cycle allows businesses to keep track of usage and manage their expenses.

  • Multi-nationals


    MNCs can leverage our cloud’s Unified Platform Delivery model to work on a data congress in a real-time environment. Our secured and collaborative SaaS allows various towers of MNCs to work in unison.

  • Banking & Finance

    Banking & Finance

    Banks and other financial institutions must strictly abide by PCI I. It is the highest level of PCI assessment available in our virtualized milieu.

  • Augments UX

    Augments UX

    PCI enhances user experience and concurrently reduces the TAT (turn-around-time) while building a brand reputation among payment brokers and customers.

Our methodology

  • Contact



    In a series of meetings, virtual or in-person, we will figure out what level of PCI compliance you require.

  • Seal the deal

    Seal the deal


    Our business consultants will carry out a perusal of your requirements and evaluate the assignment cost. We will send you an order confirmation receipt verifying the order date and delivery deadline.

  • Deployment



    We will begin assembly and deployment of the cloud on the same day. If there's development work involved, assignments can take longer to deliver; however, it won't exceed the deadline quoted in the order receipt.

  • Go Live

    Go Live


    Once we finalize all settings, we will initiate the first go-live. Your applications will be temporarily deployed on our cloud for conducting a breach test, during which we ensure that all PCI compliances are strictly followed.

  • Wrap up

    Wrap up


    Last, if DSS sifts through and examines the input data correctly, the DB is linked to the new cloud environment, and you will get the go-ahead.

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Why host on PCI DSS compliant Cloud?

PCI-DSS keeps user-sensitive data private by defining a fixed security perimeter around Cloud resources.

  • Network Monitoring and TroubleshootingOur professionals test and monitor activities regularly and log all actions on our PCI networks in real-time.

  • Eliminates Phishing Risks With PCI & DSS, payments processed on your sites are better protected.

  • Develops Trust OnlineConsumers are likelier to shop on websites hosted on PCI Cloud than on a public network.

  • Augments UX PCI redirects all payment authorization to a faster and more secure gateway. Thus, it significantly enhances user experience and reduces the TAT (turn-around time) while building a brand reputation among payment brokers and customers.

  • Industry StandardPCI and DSS are industry standards. Your site's level of trust and security is a function of the PCI level you comply with.

  • Avoids LawsuitsDSS ensures that businesses follow a security standard and help avoid lawsuits should they get breached.

PCI DSS Compliance

The Proprietary Information Security standard, administered by the PCI Security Standards Council, oversees and issues certifications to enterprises storing sensitive data relating to merchants, credit cards, PINs, and CVVs. The DSS applies to any entity that stores, transmits, and processes card and cardholder data in any form.

End-terminal Encryption Encryption of files ensures that data packets transmitted back and forth are unreadable without the correct decryption algorithm.

2-Factor Authentication 2-F Authentication, firewall, antivirus, and other security tools on the DSI cloud avert cyberattacks and reinforce transfer gateways.

Multiple Instances To prevent misuse, files are splintered, and the fragments are scattered around the network. No file is present in its complete form on any of the servers.

Transparency in DBMS –DSS gives real-time logs of actions undertaken by the network administrators in the database management system (DBMS).

Key Features of PCI-Compliant Private Cloud

Self-service Portal

The self-service portal speeds up the provisioning time and helps you access VMs sophisticatedly. It allows users to gauge and manage virtual machines through a web browser or mobile application.

Robust Infrastructure

Powered by multi-redundant Tier III data centers, we offer businesses next-generation infrastructure. It promptly provisions compute resources within and across the data centers.

High Security

Through power-packed internal compliance policies and security systems, business-critical data is protected against vulnerabilities like loss, unauthorized access, and natural disasters.

Easy to Customize

Our reliable and scalable infrastructure allows you to quickly customize security, storage types (NAS, SAN, vSAN), bandwidth, and network connectivity to respond to business-related demands rapidly.


Depending on the workload, our reliable cloud infrastructure allows you to scale up to 20% from the base configuration to meet evolving business requirements.

Leverage the Power of PCI-Compliant Private Cloud

Managing confidential data and protecting it against contraventions are key factors driving businesses to move to private cloud hosting. Executed within an enterprise’s corporate firewall, PCI-compliant private cloud hosting exceptionally fulfills the security and compliance requirements.

go4hosting private cloud hosting solutions deliver inimitable competencies to your business so that you can innovate quickly and access an extensive pool of resources to respond to mutable business demands. Our experts work closely with your business to architect and deploy a befitting private cloud solution with no turbulence.

Reasons to Switch to go4hosting’s Private Cloud Hosting


With our eagle-eye approach and robust techniques, we manage and protect your cloud infrastructure against all threats. We aim to provide you with a convenient and hassle-free environment for your mission-critical applications.

Customized Storage

Powered by NetApp, we offer highly economical and enterprise-grade storage devices for your mission-critical data. Data storage is provided on various devices, including SSA, SAS, and SATA hard drives.

24X7 Technical Support

We are available round the clock to assist you most complacently. You can reach us through calls, emails, or live chat.

VM Template Library

Hundreds of ready-to-install VMs are available for your private cloud. All the templates swiftly work with Xen and KVM hypervisors and can be easily customized for business needs.

High Availability

In case of a technical snag or hardware component failure, our VMs can failover to the other active node to avoid any single point of failure. Thus, it ensures high availability for your website and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private cloud is a distributed computing network positioned on an organization’s own premises.

Private clouds are more secure because unlike public clouds they can only be used within your network.

While PCI is available as both private and public cloud, the former is preferred for its security.

Yes, it is technically possible to upgrade your existing PCI cloud network into BFSI by following a few additional norms laid by the governing body for banking and financial institutions.

It is a good practice to have a PCI-compliant webpage. Without PCI, you may not garner enough trust from your customers. Some customers may not do business with you if your website isn’t following PCI and DSS.

We offer industry’s most competitively priced cloud and all our prices are inclusive of both PCI procurement charge and service tax.

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