Colocation Delhi, NCRPower your Business with our World-Class Colocation Service

Power your Business with our World-Class Colocation Service

Are you searching for a privately owned data center facility but constrained by budget and operational expertise? We have the perfect solution for you! go4hosting’s colocation in Delhi NCR will turbocharge your business while ensuring lightning-fast connectivity and minimal latency. Effortlessly host your vital IT infrastructure in the bustling heart of Delhi-NCR, relishing top-tier security and continuous support around the clock. 

Collaborate with go4hosting’s Delhi NCR colocation service and grow your business at your desired pace.

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    Explore Our Diverse Array of Delhi colocation Services

    Discover the ideal Delhi-NCR Colocation solution tailored to your business needs at go4hosting. We offer a variety of services to choose from.

    Half Rack: Half racks are open frames for mounting multiple modules for hosting servers and IT equipment under a private rack area. It is entirely dedicated to customers and offers higher security than shared colocation. Each rack is fueled by power feeds, both primary and backup.

    Cage: A cage is a metal wire enclosure that can house multiple racks and cabinets. Cages can be private, i.e., hold servers and equipment of just one company, or shared, i.e., used by different companies. Cage space is rented out by square foot.

    Cabinet: Server cabinets are similar to racks in that they can house multiple modules for placing IT equipment. However, unlike racks, cabinets remain enclosed on all sides. A standard half cabinet measures around 24U, while a full cabinet measures around 42U


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    Why Choose go4hosting as Your Colocation Partner?

    At go4hosting, we understand the importance of a reliable and secure data center environment for your business. Our colocation services offer the perfect solution for companies seeking top-tier infrastructure without the burden of maintaining it. Here's why we're the ideal colocation partner:

    • Robust Data CenterOur state-of-the-art facilities provide a secure and stable environment for your servers and equipment.

    • Proven Expertise With years of experience, our team ensures your data center needs are met with precision and efficiency.

    • Cost-Effectivego4hosting offers cost-efficient solutions, allowing you to focus resources on your core business.

    • Exceptional SupportOur 24/7 support ensures your systems run smoothly, with experts ready to assist at any time.

    • Custom SolutionsWe tailor our services to your unique requirements, ensuring you get the most out of your colocation arrangement.

    Do You Need a Colocation Service in Delhi, NCR? 

    Imagine your business is like a high-performance engine; data is its fuel. Now, think about where you store that fuel. Is it in a secure, well-maintained garage? Or is it scattered in various places, making it hard to manage? That’s where colocation services come in – they’re like a state-of-the-art garage for your valuable data. 

    Uninterrupted Power with Cooling and Climate Control

    Picture this: a sudden power outage in your office. Panic mode, right? But with colocation, your servers stay powered up even during a blackout. Data centers have backup power systems that ensure your operations continue smoothly, no matter what happens. Servers can get hot, impacting their functioning. Data centers have cutting-edge cooling systems to keep your equipment from overheating. 

    Lightning-Fast Connectivity with Cost-Effectiveness

    Have you ever experienced sluggish Internet? It’s frustrating, right? Colocation services offer high-speed, reliable internet connections. At the same time, setting up and maintaining your data center is costly. With colocation service in Delhi, NCR, you share those expenses with others, making it budget-friendly. Think of it as having a top-tier gym membership – you get all the benefits without buying the entire gym.

    Scalability and Location Flexibility

    Businesses grow, and so does your data. Instead of squeezing your expanding data into a cramped space, colocation offers scalability. It’s like having an expandable closet that magically accommodates your ever-increasing wardrobe. Being based in Delhi or NCR doesn’t mean you’re confined to local solutions. Colocation allows you to connect globally, expanding your reach without geographical limitations. 

    Colocation Service: Frequently Asked Questions

    Colocation is a hosting model where a data center offers space along with power, cooling, and connectivity to place an organization’s servers and other IT equipment. Colocation in Delhi, NCR allows business entities to outsource IT infrastructure management efficiently and access an environment that helps them streamline operations and optimize expenses.

    In colocation, the client places their servers in a data center facility; so, the client owns the equipment and retains complete control over it.

    On the other hand, in a dedicated server hosting model, the client rents a physical server from a hosting provider which may be placed in their own premises or at the provider’s data center. In this case, the equipment belongs to the service provider, and is only rented for a specific period of time.

    We have three world-class data center facilities in Noida, Jaipur, and Raipur (India). You can choose any depending on where you are located.

    Yes, all our colocation plans include a free set-up.

    You will get a minimum of 2 IP addresses in your colocation plan. However, as already mentioned, these plans are entirely customizable, so you can have as many IPs as your business demands.

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