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As a small business owner, you may have invested a significant sum in building your IT infrastructure. But what if the unpredictable happens? Power failure, fire, storm, or floods. You will have to go through the hassle of starting it all over again. A reliable cloud and infrastructure solution provider, Go4hosting brings to you top-of-the-line infrastructure management services including colocation cabinets that keep your assets protected, away from the reach of intruders eyeing your valuable data. The vast range of features we deploy keeps your information secure, all round the clock.

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    High Availability, Scalability, and Security with our World-class Infrastructure Carrier-neutral Facility. Instant Deployment. Award-winning Support.

    Key Deliverables of our Colocation Cabinet Service

     Go4hosting’s Colocation Cabinet Solutions for all your Business Needs

    Since its inception, Go4hosting has been devising customer-centric colocation solutions for organizations of all sizes and verticals. We keep the requirements of the customer in mind and start from the ground up when designing a cabinet colocation site. We go all out to protect, maintain and expand our facilities and keep your servers and hardware running all round the clock. Depending on what the customer is looking for, we allocate systems of all sizes, ranging from 2 kW cabinets for small-and-medium-sized businesses to 12 kW structures with a dedicated internet connection for large corporations.

    We have half cabinet, full cabinet as well as multiple cabinet colocation solutions to meet your needs. All these cabinets are individually keyed to beef up their security. Since we are a carrier-neutral facility, we let you choose the internet service provider that would best cater to your needs. Our colocation cabinet services are armed with top-notch features such as always-on power, spaced-out location, physical security for hardware, and firewalls for data and applications. The unflinching support rendered by our IT experts has allowed numerous businesses to broaden their horizons and scale new heights.

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    Why Go4Hosting Colocation services?

    With our colocation services, you get a top-notch level of security, reliability, connectivity, and adequate storage space along with a well-equipped network infrastructure. Our integrated solutions are technology equipped and offer housing to your IT and network systems in a secure and safe environment. Moreover, we offer colocation cabinets with immense space and over 140MW facility load distributed between data centers. Our experts will also be readily available at your services to ensure you enjoy a hassle-free experience with us. 

    What distinguishes our CO-LOCATION CABINETS as the best?

    There are many compartments in the Co-Location Cabinet. Using sturdy vented divider shelves, each compartment is kept separate from the others.

    Two, three, or four equal portions can be created in frames. There are simple and vented variants of glazed metal doors. Blocks and master key systems are examples of security key combinations that can be employed.

    Each compartment is totally segregated and has its own independent operation. Within each segment, all mounting angles may be adjusted completely. The side panels may be fitted with locks for compartment security, and all horizontal divider panels include vents to help with the airflow.

    Data centers can use frames since they can be purchased in single- or double-bay configurations with a central cable ducting zone.

    Keep your mission-critical IT assets safe and secure in our colocation facility.

    It is crucial for your organization to be able to expand and grow quickly so that your IT infrastructure is secure and properly linked. The data center solutions provided by Go4Hosting are specifically designed to meet the demands of your company in terms of flexibility and dependability, all while providing the guarantee of 100 percent uptime.

    Since it is our greatest honor to serve our clients’ most important IT assets, we take great delight in maintaining a market-leading position for colocation in India and providing the finest caliber data center colocation solutions around the nation. With the help of our specialized data center management platform, our premium colocation services are managed electronically and automatically. They also come with various connectivity options, top-notch elite security protocols, and world-class colocation facilities.

    You can give your business the agility it needs and get your IT ready for the future with the help of our digitally integrated infrastructure platform. Our solutions make sure your company is ready to adapt to change and that your IT infrastructure keeps generating the best results for both your company and your clients.

    Have questions on Colocation Cabinet Services? We've got the answers.

    As an organization expands its operations, its data management needs also grow in an exponential manner. In order to accommodate the latter, they can either set up an on-premises data center or keep hardware in a third-party colocation center. Cabinets in colocation facilities keep your data safe and secure while giving your servers a conducive environment to help them function in an optimal manner.

    Yes, you can visit our data center and have a look at the facilities and security measures we have put in place.

    Once you confirm the payment, we make the rack or cabinet ready for placing the servers within 24 hours.

    Go4hosting owns and operates three tier-III facilities in Noida, Jaipur, and Raipur. We can place your hardware in the location selected by you.

    No, we offer free set-up in all our colocation plans.

    You can get anywhere between 2 to 4 dedicated IP addresses depending on the plan you choose.

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