KubernetesHighly-available, production-grade containers with K8s.

Overcome challenges of migrating microservices between your infra.

With Go4hosting, you can deploy powerful, enterprise-level containers and orchestration environment onto an existing cloud or serverless K8s. Our Kubernetes service will help you unify development and ops, rapidly building and delivering scalable apps in seconds.

Three distinct K8s to run all sorts of workloads

Orchestrate fully managed clusters that auto-monitor operations on each container.

Key Offerings in K8s

Go4hosting’s Kubernetes help you achieve containerization and orchestration in three ways.


  • Identify Requirements

    Identify Requirements


    A customer representative carefully analyses your requirements and helps you decide what solution should be the best for your use case, in consultation with a Kubernetes architect.

  • Strategize



    The number of containers is decided and their specifications analyzed, along with a migration plan to move these components to the cloud.

  • Test Launch

    Test Launch


    A test run is conducted in collaboration with our backend team. All intermediary bugs are diagnosed and dealt with appropriately.

  • Go Live

    Go Live


    Once everything is tested fine, the final Go-Live is issued and all your apps are moved to our servers appropriately.

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Benefits of Kubernetes (K8s)

Kubernetes lets you orchestrate containers and create data-specific clusters, and redirect all communications through a single gateway. By deploying APIs on K8s, you can reduce sprawl rate and optimize resources to achieve a more uniform server usage.

Kubernetes automatically rolls out changes to your app and its related configuration.

If a rollback to a previous version is done, all apps will have their logs registered automatically.

Storage systems are mounted spontaneously from your LOCAL.

Off-deploying containers will not kill instances and, instead, keep them running.

Containers that somehow fail restart, replace and reschedule all nodes, killing containers that have become unresponsive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kubernetes is a free, open-source platform that enables users to orchestrate containers and deploy business apps.

Kubernetes application is free in itself, however, the server over which it is meant to run comes at a cost. You are only charged for the server and other services but not Kubernetes.

No, Kubernetes can only deploy containers and no VMs.

K8s is equally compatible with all servers.

Yes, you can run serverless K8s. To know more about Kubernetes, check out our blog

To know more about Kubernetes, check out our blog

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