KubernetesHighly-available, production-grade containers with K8s.

Overcome challenges of migrating microservices between your infra.

With Go4hosting, you can deploy powerful, enterprise-level containers and orchestration environment onto an existing cloud or serverless K8s. Our Kubernetes service will help you unify development and ops, rapidly building and delivering scalable apps in seconds.

Deploy With Kubernetes Today!

    Three distinct K8s to run all sorts of workloads

    Orchestrate fully managed clusters that auto-monitor operations on each container.

    Exceptional Features Offered by go4hosting’s Kubernetes Dedicated Servers

    Integrated with top-notch features that empower both system administrators and developers.

    Technical Benefits

    Allows for efficient workload distributions and resource utilization

    • Resource Management and OptimizationWith Kubernetes dedicated servers, you enjoy robust resource management. You can define resource requirements and limit containers to ensure fair resource allocation and prevent resource containers. K8 also supports advanced scheduling policies. Thereby, it optimizes resource utilization and improves cluster efficiency.

    • ScalabilityKubernetes allows horizontal scaling. As a result, applications can seamlessly handle traffic and workload spikes. Moreover, it can automatically scale containers based on resource usage, ensuring optimal performance.

    • NetworkingK8 offers flexible networking configuration. It includes pod-to-pod, container-to-container, and external connectivity. Thus, it enables efficient connectivity and communication across services.

    • High AvailabilityKubernetes hosting provides features like self-healing, automatic scaling, and rolling updates, ensuring high availability of applications by automatically restarting failed containers, redistributing workloads, and maintaining desired pod states.

    • Declarative ConfigurationKubernetes dedicated server uses declarative configuration files to define the desired state of applications and infrastructure, allowing for easier management, versioning, and reproducibility of deployments and minimizing configuration drift.

    • Ecosystem and ExtensibilityKubernetes hosting has a rich ecosystem of tools, plugins, and extensions that extend its capabilities, allowing for integration with various monitoring, logging, networking, and storage solutions and customizing Kubernetes behavior to fit specific use cases and requirements.

    Key Differentiator

    • 99.99% Application Availability

    • 90% Reduction in Downtime

    • 80% Resource Utilization Optimization

    • 75% Faster Deployment Speed


    • Identify Requirements

      Identify Requirements


      A customer representative carefully analyses your requirements and helps you decide what solution should be the best for your use case, in consultation with a Kubernetes architect.

    • Strategize



      The number of containers is decided and their specifications analyzed, along with a migration plan to move these components to the cloud.

    • Test Launch

      Test Launch


      A test run is conducted in collaboration with our backend team. All intermediary bugs are diagnosed and dealt with appropriately.

    • Go Live

      Go Live


      Once everything is tested fine, the final Go-Live is issued and all your apps are moved to our servers appropriately.

    • Monitoring and Maintenance

      Server Setup


      All your apps are moved to our servers properly.

    • Monitoring and Maintenance

      Monitoring and Maintenance


      Monitoring and maintenance procedures are implemented to ensure the smooth operation of the applications on the servers.

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    Take your Kubernetes Experience to Next-Level With go4hosting

    • Declarative ApproachOur Kubernetes platform operates on a declarative model. It allows you to specify the desired state of your applications while managing the intricacies of maintaining that state efficiently.

    • Results-DrivenWe offer reliable, agile, and high-performing data centers and migration services. Thus, it ensures prompt, convenient, and secure processes to meet your needs effectively.

    • Resilient Servicesgo4hosting consistently delivers services tailored to our client's requirements and market conditions. It provides immediate access to necessary resources.

    • Cutting-Edge InfrastructureOur state-of-the-art infrastructure is designed to handle diverse and advanced workloads with ease.

    • Flexible Payment SolutionsWe offer a variety of payment options to optimize pricing and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our customers.

    • Support for DevSecOpsOur Kubernetes platform seamlessly integrates with DevSecOps practices. It prioritizes automation and security integration throughout the container lifecycle.

    Kubernetes Dedicated Server: An Essential Element for Your Business

    go4hosting’s Kubernetes dedicated server is a flexible and scalable application deployment for every business. It creates a thriving environment with its efficient collaborative power, future-proofing capabilities and additional functionalities. By deploying APIs on Kubernetes, you can reduce sprawl rate and optimize resources to achieve a more uniform server usage.

    Get in touch with our team today to adapt to evolving business needs, scale resources, minimize waste and boost application reliability. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Kubernetes is a free, open-source platform that enables users to orchestrate containers and deploy business apps.

    Kubernetes application is free in itself, however, the server over which it is meant to run comes at a cost. You are only charged for the server and other services but not Kubernetes.

    No, Kubernetes can only deploy containers and no VMs.

    K8s is equally compatible with all servers.

    Yes, you can run serverless K8s. To know more about Kubernetes, check out our blog

    To know more about Kubernetes, check out our blog

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