PRIVATE CAGE – IN-CAGED COLOCATIONThink Beyond Colocation Set up your private cage

Go4hosting’s private cage delivers turnkey solutions that are custom-built to your business’s requirements and help curb exorbitant capital expenditures.

Reinforced, Private, and Secure

Utilizing our state-of-the-art infra, you can realize an optimal environment, and achieve compliances to SLAs that are mandatory in your market segment

Private cages with unabated control and comprehensive SLA compliances

Go4hosting’s in-caged colocation eases acquiesce with various enterprise-level SLAs

Rent out space in an austere Tier III environment

  • Your IT requirements

    Your IT requirements


    Contact us and help us understand your requirements. This is the key for us to deliver solutions that you can rely on in the long run.

  • SLA compliances

    SLA compliances


    Make a note of SLAs you are bound to comply with. Share with us the guidelines prevailing in your market segment to help us adhere to them better.

  • Construction & Provisioning

    Construction & Provisioning


    If possible, mail us the design of your private cage. If no design is provided, our architects will create one following best practices.

  • Fenced or open

    Fenced or open


    Decide on whether you want your cage fenced from all sides or open at the top. Open designs have better cooling efficiencies whereas closed ones better security.

  • Turnkey solutions

    Turnkey solutions


    Once constructed, we’ll run quick scrutiny on whether the current system is able to accommodate network loads or not.

  • Certifications



    In the last stage, we’ll obtain clearances from all certifying authorities, if not available already, and hand you the keys when done.

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Benefits of Private Caging / In-caged environment

Dedicated hosts can get the job done pretty much the same way but may lack essential controls and performance, which can only be achieved on private infrastructure. You may choose to set up your own datacenter but doing so may turn out fungible.

Private cages are better secured with sealed fences and offer better security than simple colocation.

Provisioning a private cage, you can have your own virtual datacenter with as much control as a dedicated one.

Capex (capital expenditure) involved is much less than when setting up a datacenter.

Cages are entirely customizable and can be set up based on your needs.

Compliances that the datacenter may not be able to adhere to can be achieved with a smaller, private space

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, technically, private cages are the same as colocation except that the former is setup in an isolated section of the datacenter and colocation is set up in the same space as other servers.

Provisioning cost varies depending on your requirements; we recommend that you speak to your host for further details.

Yes, cooling and power backup will be provided by the host.

Yes, you can provide your own hardware and server components.

By default, all cages are provisioned in a private space.

To know more about private cage, check out our blog

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