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Migration Service to expedite app deployment to external servers

Adaptability and agility of a business are two primary factors that can solely determine success and failure in today’s dynamic market landscape. This most often requires businesses to move their IT systems into newer ecosystems. Cheap Server Migration, as such, in today’s world is inevitable. Go4hosting migration service automates the process of moving legacy systems to newer, advanced databases. We will help you move a wide range of apps and data types located on any server to virtually anywhere. Our managed migration service leverages two-decade-long expertise to ensure minimal downtime and mitigates all associated risks.

    High Availability. Near-zero downtime

    Migrate while your apps are running

    Key Differentiators

    Go4hosting’s sophisticated migration techniques ensure that apps maintain their legacy state even when moved to newer servers.


    • Set up

      Set up


      from the management console, give our system access to your existing DB and, if required, add address of the target DB.

    • Link



      link your existing DB to the console and if prompted, accept permissions requesting DB access.

    • Initiate



      initiate the migration when all’s set, keeping close eyes on app behavior while the migration is underway.

    • Wait



      wait until the migration is complete. Our system will automatically configure settings and launch apps when ready.

    • Close



      a final message will be displayed, stating your migration is complete. Warnings, if any, are displayed at the end.

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    Most enterprises choose to migrate on their own notwithstanding that they do not have enough expertise and experience and end up jeopardizing the security of their data. Server migration is best left to experts, given the data being moved is your business’s lifeblood. You should consider migration service because

    You can then execute a complete migration with heterogeneous workloads

    Sensitive databases are moved more prudently.

    It helps you get the job done without worries.

    You can tap into an expertise that may not be available on-site

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. You need to first purchase storage to migrate files.

    No, but service charges are usually waived off when migrating to Go4hosting’s servers.

    While we ensure that migrations are carried out with little downtime, some downtime will always follow. The amount of downtime will depend upon how extensive your files and apps are.

    Technically no, there will always be some downtime when you migrate.

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