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Content Delivery NetworkContent caching increases resilience of a network and make it more adaptable to changing loads

Your business should consider, too, setting up a CDN

By responding to the requests of end-users right where they originate, Go4hosting’s CDN offloads network spikes and traffic from origin servers to content servers, thereby improving the user experience on-site. With our content delivery network, businesses can achieve better server performance and subsequently improve load handling capabilities of their server.

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Key Deliverables

Go4hosting’s CDN intelligently caches content based on user-behavior to minimize network offloads.

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Without a CDN, the origin servers may not be able to handle traffic right as well as the content origin servers have to respond to every HTTP request. When the number of requests sent and received back & forth from origin servers exceeds its limit, the chances of origin failure shoot up and apps experience tangible downtime. Opt for CDN because: It increases website load speed by caching content closer to website visitor.

CDN:- helps you optimize bandwidth costs by reducing the data origin servers need to send through.

Doing:- so increases content availability

CDN:- servers continue working even when the origin servers are off or out.

DDoS:- risks can be mitigated when additional cache resources are available.


Yes, CDN will improve your site performance, and subsequently your SEO.

No, content in a CDN are cached, not copied. Your website will not be penalized for plagiarism if you use a CDN.

Yes, you can specify the locations where you want your CDN nodes hosted.

You can relocate/reposition CDN servers from existing location to other geographies.

Yes, you can manually relocate CDN servers or speak to our technicians to get them relocated.

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