SAP Hosting ServicesMore than 500 customers trust Go4hosting’s SAP Cloud to build scalable apps and frameworks, and seamlessly integrate them with their legacy systems. SAP capabilities are now a key part of our cloud offerings

    Low on cost. High on features

    Unrivalled performance, customizable architecture with RAID 1, IPv4, 32 cores and cache up to 20 MB. Servers starting $123.99*.

    Key Deliverables

    Our applications are custom-built for –

    SAP Frameworks

    Choose from two distinct frameworks and decide what fits you right

    • SAP Platform

      SAP Platform

      Made for developers, our SAP platform is an open-source, PaaS (platform as a service) for developing business apps in a fully-equipped environment. Utilizing our tools and end-to-end service capabilities, developers can code, scale, integrate or assimilate web apps and modules in the cloud.

    • SAP Cockpit

      SAP Cockpit

      The Cockpit is our indigenously-developed, central repository for files and database, with a web-based UI for administrators to manage apps and connect frameworks to our SAP Platform.


    • Sizing



      Your requirements are first sized by our automated tools.

    • Delivery



      Delivery and deployment are strategized and scheduled for SAP platforms.

    • Migration



      If needed, a migration plan is drafted and carried out on the scheduled date.

    • Hosting



      Apps are then hosted, files moved, and first LIVE initiated the same day.

    • Troubleshooting



      The network is meticulously monitored and troubleshot as and when required.

    • Support & Diagnostics

      Support & Diagnostics


      Our customer support helps you diagnose issues on your request.

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    Advantages of SAP Cloud

    • Cluster Elasticity Our SAP clusters are pragmatically designed and hosted on datacenters to allow headroom for scaling resources.

    • Intuitive UIEach SAP platform features an intuitive, feature-rich user interface. You can turn features on and off at will.

    • Auto-sizingWith our AI, the clusters on SAP resize themselves automatically, should you run out of resources.

    • Innovative ArchitectureAt Go4hosting, we are continuously innovating, adopting newer SAP architectures and helping customers adapt to the market landscape.

    • Module IntegrationModules developed on Go4hosting’s SAP platform seamlessly integrate with APIs outside of SAP’s ecosystem.

    • Frequent Release-cycleOur cloud policies align with those of SAP’s and get updated with each SAP release i.e. once every four weeks.

    • Safer EcosystemWe have stringent guidelines implemented on our SAP ecosystem and boast of an austere ecology.

    Capitalize fully on the advantages of your SAP investment with Go4hosting

    Questions such as “Are my organizational applications working efficiently? Are my business tools being managed appropriately and being out to good use?” might daunt you quite often. At Go4hosting, we address your concerns by offering you comprehensive SAP managed services that form a well-scrutinized architecture that boosts your business.

    At Go4hosting, we have SAP-certified experts offering you assured reliability, proven expertise and flexible system design that helps you to rise towards being an industry leader. As we carry years of experience under our belt of working closely with SAP experts, we know what you need for developing a completely managed business system. Our team experts provide custom SAP solutions so that you expand the horizons of your business globally.

    All SAP Systems Go With Go4hosting

    Managed SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    What is really holding your business back? Is it a deficient setup, lack of internal working in the application of SAP, or is it a shortage of skilled workforce? These questions can be tackled by SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). We will not only be setting up your SAP ERP application, but will also be managing it for you proactively so that by implementing SAP managed service, you see business performance that is stellar. As a part of SAP management, we offer our clients:

    • 24x7x365 pro-team support.
    • Collective care for end-to-end solutions of ERP.
    • Centrally managed servers.
    • Single-tenant private cloud operating on your own data center/cloud service provider.
    • Devoted server operating in collaboration with the private or public cloud of your choice.
    • Response team dedicated to troubleshooting and handling business issues.
    • Customized SAP ERP implementation process with enhanced features for managed business functions.

    SAP Business Intelligence Applications

    How much faith do you have that your business is actually giving the maximum ROI? You may not be hitting your growth targets due to invisible factors. We have a solution that you can use to identify these factors: SAP Business Intelligence (BI). With Go4hosting SAP BI solutions, clients get:

    • Calculations and Roadmaps to analyze your extant systems.
    • Accomplished Data Quality and Governance methods.
    • Data Integration that is centrally managed.
    • A tactical roadmap for implementing solutions suggested by SAP BI.
    • Fulfilment of hardware & infrastructure expansion requests.
    • Categorization of technical prospects for improving business performance.
    • Quality assurance to identify any prevalent risks for your business.
    • Development task management and performing upgrades recommended by the SAP BI solution.


    Whether you prefer a devoted server or separate servers, Go4hosting offers you completely managed services for SAP HANA. With SAP HANA, the processing and analyses of data can be done competently in the memory catalog and on platforms of application development. SAP HANA helps businesses grow in an array of functions:

    • Competent migration and positioning of database processing systems.
    • Infrastructure and application hosting services.
    • Secured and Protected business applications.
    • SAP certified services and SAP HANA support for collaborative application development and deployment.

    SAP Hybrid Hosting

    Go4hosting offers its highly skilled teams to clients for designing, developing and then supervising SAP Hybrid environments that provide an unmatched experience of Managed Cloud Services. You can bring your dreams to fruition with a team of certified maintenance engineers who have experience of hundreds of SAP Hybrid setups.

    SAP is efficiently deployed by Go4hosting to help entrepreneurs achieve their desired heights of success.


    SAP clouds are custom-built virtualized computing solutions customized to comply with the standards of computing set by SAP.

    Yes, you can host any ERP on our SAP cloud platform.

    SAP HANA is a database management system with which you can edit, modify, delete and insert files on your database likely to be hosted on SAP Cloud. Thus, SAP Cloud is a platform and SAP HANA an application.

    Yes, SAP HANA can provide you real-time data provisioning and logs all activity on your DB as they take place.

    Yes. BWA – Business Warehouse Accelerator – is a functionality integral to SAP, which Go4hosting complies with stringently. To know more about SAP, check out our blog

    To know more about SAP, check out our blog

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