Virtualization is best outsourcedEffortless virtualization with P2P lines, 4G connection, and unlimited containerization with VMware and Kubernetes

Get launched on India’s most reliable cloud server, and achieve scalable, flexible virtualization with root access and admin-level tokens. Available as IaaS, SaaS and PaaS with plans starting $0.03/hour*

Cloud Environment that Satiates All your Hosting Needs

Choose the perfect cloud for your business

Public Cloud

On-demand and large-scale standard, general-purpose and CPU-optimized servers on a shared environment


Private Cloud

Powerful and personalized servers on PCI-DSS compliant ecosystem and multi-tenant BFSI cloud


Cloud Platforms

Public cloud hosting platforms (AWS, GCP, and Azure) modified to your needs with built-in compatibility for VMware and Kubernetes


SAP Certified Cloud

SAP-like flexibility and performance with HANA and SQL database management servers


Bare Metal Cloud

Power-packed Xeon servers with up to 32 cores and 64 threads, built on robust bare metals for dedicated performance


Confused with above classification?

Choose an Operating System instead to get started

  • Windows

    Fast, convenient and intuitive. Launch Windows Cloud for ease in access

  • Linux

    Power, control and open-source.
    Build business-centric solution with high adaptability

World Class Data CenterFor Digital Business

Reliable Secure Certified

  • 3Data Centers
  • 6Worldwide POPs
  • 6000+Servers
  • 1500+Clients

Have your mission-critical data hosted on a reliable, custom-built infra

that fits your use case like it was exclusively built for your organization

  • Go Hybrid

    Go HybridSeamlessly switch between public and private computing and execute workloads in best possible venues.

  • Affordable-Scaling

    Affordable-ScalingEnlarge current systems and augment computing capacity without upfront capital expenditure.

  • Predict the unpredictable

    Predict the unpredictableDelivery-on-demand. Order resources to accommodate increased traffic. Release when temporary demands are met.

  • Pre-Deployment

    Pre-DeploymentDeploy apps on a temporary, test environment before the actual go-live.

  • Mitigate Risks

    Mitigate RisksEnable automatic backups on all your systems and prevent risks of data disaster. Quickly move files to your network when needed.

  • Pay as you use

    Pay as you useNo usage, no bill. Get billed in real-time and pay only for what you use by opting for consumption-based billing.

Our Breakthrough Technology: Break Flaws and Bestow Perfection

Explore Why’s and How’s of Our Convincing Technology

Why Go4Hosting?

Go4hosting’s austere cloud guarantees maximum performance, uptime, and scalability achievable in a virtualized droplet

  • Tier III Data Center

    Tier III Data CenterISO-compliant Tier III data centers with uptime more than 99.95%.

  • Budget-friendly

    Budget-friendlyPlans starting as low as ₹1.67/hour

  • All SLAs complied with

    All SLAs complied withAs per The Uptime Institute

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 SupportAvailable even during holidays and weekends

  • Minimum resources assured

    Minimum resources assuredResources once assigned, committed for you unless dumped

  • Short/long term paymen

    Short/long term payment optionsMonthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or tri-annually.

Not quite sure

Not quite sure

what’s the best fit for your business needs?

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