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Get effortless virtualization with Go4hosting cloud computing solutions. Get the best of P2P lines, 4G connection, and unlimited containerization with VMware and Kubernetes. Customize your cloud hosting plans, configure specifications suitable for your needs, and get the best cloud hosting experience in India. 

Get launched on India’s most reliable cloud server, and achieve scalable, flexible virtualization with root access and admin-level tokens. Boost your business with innovation-driven solutions available as IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS with plans starting at $0.83/hour*.

Indian Cloud Hosting Solutions that Delivers on All Fronts

Go4hosting offers amazing cloud hosting India solutions that deliver exceptional values on all fronts. Leverage the benefits of the cloud and automate your business processes. The Affordable cloud hosting solutions deliver exceptional value to your business and offer you the ease of cloud management through the intuitive dashboard. Scale your operations in a jiffy and utilize your resources to get the maximum value. Choose from a swathe of cloud hosting services offered by Go4hosting that suits your needs the most. There is a solution for every business.
Leverage the technological prowess of the cloud and simplify your business processes. Go4hosting cloud hosting solutions allow you to take control of your business by doing what you do best and leave the hosting issues on the experts. Take control of your website and make changes via an intuitive dashboard. Scale your operations and save your resources when you don't need them.
Cloud is the way of the future and opted by a number of medium and large enterprises. Get benefited by the ample customisation options offered by Go4hosting cloud hosting solutions and offer your clients the value they deserve. Opt for next-gen features and offer the best user experience every time.

Public Cloud Hosting India

Go4hosting cloud Server India offers on-demand computing services and infrastructure that are managed by our experts on your behalf. These public cloud hosting solutions are shared with multiple organizations with the help of a secured network. You can scale your business within no time and manage a huge inflow of traffic without losing your web efficiency.


Private Cloud Hosting India

Go4hosting offers private cloud hosting solutions that deliver dedicated hardware, infrastructure and software resources, exclusively for your business. Our scalable private cloud hosting solutions offer robust security, resource customization with complete access control.


Indian Cloud Hosting Platform

Get the best of cloud hosting solutions with Go4hosting. Power up your solutions with optimised Indian cloud hosting solutions that will deliver higher value while taking away the stress of maintaining the infrastructure.


SAP Certified Solutions

Go4hosting assured cloud hosting solutions that are SAP-certified. SAP certificates are widely recognised and validate the skills of the partners, software users, professionals and customers.


Bare Metal Cloud Hosting

Power-packed Xeon servers with up to 32 cores and 64 threads, built on robust bare metals for dedicated performance


Cheap Cloud Hosting Price

Fast just got faster. Configured for speed, CPU-optimized droplets maintain a constant ratio of 1:2 between CPUs and installed memory. For hosting resource-intensive apps and websites where speed is paramount. Enterprises and corporates should host their data and ERPs applications on CPU Optimized servers.

Fast just got faster. Configured for speed, CPU-optimized droplets maintain a constant ratio of 1:2 between CPUs and installed memory. For hosting resource-intensive apps and websites where speed is paramount. Enterprises and corporates should host their data and ERPs applications on CPU Optimized servers.

Confused with above classification?

Choose an Operating System instead to get started

  • Windows Cloud Hosting India

    Windows Cloud Hosting India

    Fast, convenient and intuitive. Launch Windows Cloud hosting India for ease in access
  • Linux Cloud Hosting India

    Linux Cloud Hosting India

    Power, control and open-source.
    Build business-centric solution with high adaptability

Cheap Cloud Hosting India

Cloud hosting India is when you position data in a shared pool of servers procured in data centers all throughout the world. The resource of every server is combined in a way so as to act like a single computing environment. This grants you the accessibility to make changes to your data irrespective of your location or the IP address. Cloud hosting India services bring you the freedom of cloud computing in a cost-effective way. Cloud hosting India, services are mostly provider-managed. Means, you can focus more on business-enhancing activities rather than laying wires and connecting switches. Provider-managed services also alleviate workload, so you can utilize your staff elsewhere. Revitalize your business using our comprehensive cloud server hosting plans. Our tier-III data centers are just the right platform your business needs. We back your data over several data centers, situated at different locations. Plus, an austere firewall guarantees protection against every threat. At go4hosting, your privacy is paramount. We monitor our network 24/7, 365 days a year. With security tools deployed at as many as 4 layers, we make sure every malware is identified and dealt with in no time.

The long-awaited advent of cloud hosting in India bumped the craze for cloud computing, post which, organizations started migrating to cloud server. The flexibility, customizability, control and the accessibility that accompanies cloud hosting is the perfect ingredient an entrepreneur needs. Our wide range of plans are crafted to cater all types of requirements. For more bizarre needs, we allow customers to further customize the plan the way they want. High costs linked to dedicated servers and low performance of shared hosting set providers out in search of another puissant technology. An Affordable India cloud server hosting has brought both cost-effectiveness and performance into the realm of reality. Go4hosting owns its data centers, allowing it to provide top-notch services at a fairly low price. Our team of professionals have tuned themselves to customer demands. We know what the entrepreneur within you expects a cloud hosting India service to work like.

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Our efficient and reliable cloud hosting offers robust service-level agreements, proven expertise, and better customer services meet strict security and compliance guidelines to confront security threats. Our top-of-the-line hardware is able to increase CPU/RAM as and when required. This will eliminate all possibilities of downtime and lag in website loading. In the case of any hardware failure, we immediately shift your complete server space to a complete another server. This ensures that your website is available 24*7 and will not lose any potential client. You can also keep an eye on the resources allotted to your website through our intuitive dashboard. We will ramp up your resources just at the click of some buttons. Our hosting experts will instantly add RAM, CPU, etc. to your current server plan in India. Apart from this, we keep our users at ease by providing the easy management through cPanel. You can easily manage your website and other services like your emails and sub-domains, directly from cPanel.

Get Cloud Hosting India services for your web application.

Benefits of Cheap Cloud Hosting in India

Cloud hosting offers multiple benefits to websites putting an additional burden on the wallet. Even the inexpensive cloud hosting India offers can transform your business. 

Benefits Indian cloud hosting services offer –

1.      The bandwidth used by the traditional hosting services is very limited and makes the applications inflexible. But with leading Indian cloud hosting services, you get flexibility via unlimited bandwidth. They can handle traffic spikes and seasonal demands, without hampering the functionality of the application.

2. Cost-effective cloud hosting India is made more affordable by only charging for the resources you use. Such a “pay as you go”  model is generally billed on an hourly or monthly basis.

3.      Hardware failure will not affect your website or application, leading to no downtime. Unlike traditional web servers, the applications are hosted on a network of servers. Hence, when the traffic spikes, it automatically gets divided into separate network interfaces and thus remains responsive and secured.

4.      Some of the Indian cloud hosting providers offer 24*7 support with hands-on experts for all the hosting issues one might face.

Indian Cloud Hosting Technology

To make sure we deliver top-of-the-line business cloud hosting India solutions, we at Go4hosting use the latest technology. Powered by servers from IBM, Dell, HP and Super Micro, our data centers guarantee a seamless performance. Processors from Intel Xeon E5 and E7 series assure an unmatchable processing speed. SAN devices automatically save all the business-critical data.

  • Fault tolerant VM (hypervisor and hardware) ensures high availability of Virtual Machines
  • Scalability of RAM, core, bandwidth and storage
  • Vast VM template library to choose from

Public Cloud Hosting Services in India

Public cloud is a common cloud computing model where the IT services are offered across the internet. These services may be free or in the form of a subscription-based offer charged on the basis of computing resources consumed. A cloud service provider may offer anything ranging from common services like e-mail, apps, storage to OS platforms and infrastructure for developing and testing applications.

Affordable cloud server providers are responsible for maintaining the pool of computing resources shared between multiple clients across the network. Since the public cloud is the most common model of cloud computing, it offers an array of computing solutions catering to the needs of businesses of all types and sizes.

Cloud-based server benefits organizations by offering them a cost-effective way to use computing resources without the hassle of buying, installing and managing software and hardware on their own premises. Public cloud environment offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and accessibility and helps organizations develop, test and deploy complex applications for web and mobile without any hassle. A public cloud storage stores not only the static data but also the live data generated by these applications.

We at Go4hosting offer reliable, flexible and economical cloud server hosting solutions for every kind of business. We have a proven track record in delivering business cloud hosting solutions in India that help organizations achieve their objectives seamlessly. Using our cloud-based servers, businesses can store mission-critical data, analyze this data to gain valuable insights, build first-rate applications and deliver the latest version of on-demand software to their customers.

We work in close collaboration with all our clients and offer them round-the-clock technical support to resolve issues within the minimum possible time. Our robust service level agreement guarantees adherence to the highest level of quality standards. Our tier-III compliant data centers empower us to create the right cloud infrastructure. Our cloud server services are future-ready, scalable and dependable.

Take a quick glance at the key benefits of our cheap cloud hosting services India

Scalability: Our cloud-based hosting comes with expandable bandwidth and flexible cloud storage to help you manage peak loads and run complex applications with no risk of downtime.

Managed IT: Our team of agile and dedicated experts manages your cloud infrastructure. This allows you to focus on the crucial aspects of your business.

Performance-Driven: Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology guarantee a 100% uptime for your website and keep your applications running without any hassle.

Pre-configured VM Templates: Our best cloud hosting services offer an array of VM templates, both pre-configured and custom-made to help you create a cloud-based server with the utmost convenience and save your time and cost of installation.

24x7x365 Technical Support: Our seasoned experts are available round-the-clock to help you tackle any cloud-based issues, should the need arise. You can connect with us using different modes of communication, viz., e-mail, chat support and call support.

One Cloud, Multiple Advantages

Big Data Analytics: Manage big data through a fast end-to-end portfolio of cloud computing services that offers reduced costs, meets demands and increases the speed of innovation.

Develop and Test: Develop and carry out comprehensive tests on applications with our cloud services by making use of well-configured resources and thereby reduce release cycles.

Disaster Recovery: Leverage faster and readily scalable disaster recovery of business critical information and save on incurring infrastructure expenses.

Ecommerce Apps: Secured, flexible and cost-effective cloud computing solution for ecommerce apps to boost online sales and retailing.

Web and Mobile Apps: Innovative web and mobile applications exclusively for hosting providers, technology vendors and enterprises supported by robust architectures and technologies.

World Class Data Center in IndiaFor Digital Business

Reliable Secure Certified

  • 3Data Centers
  • 6Worldwide POPs
  • 6000+Servers
  • 1500+Clients

Have your mission-critical data hosted on a reliable, custom-built infra

that fits your use case like it was exclusively built for your organization

  • Cloud Hosting India

    Go HybridSeamlessly switch between public and private computing and execute workloads in best possible venues.

  • Affordable-Scaling Cloud Hosting India

    Affordable-ScalingEnlarge current systems and augment computing capacity without upfront capital expenditure.

  • Predict the unpredictable Cloud Server India

    Predict the unpredictableDelivery-on-demand. Order resources to accommodate increased traffic. Release when temporary demands are met.

  • Pre-Deployment Cloud Hosting India

    Pre-DeploymentDeploy apps on a temporary, test environment before the actual go-live.

  • Mitigate Risks in Cloud Hosting India

    Mitigate RisksEnable automatic backups on all your systems and prevent risks of data disaster. Quickly move files to your network when needed.

  • Pay as you use in Cloud Hosting India

    Pay as you useNo usage, no bill. Get billed in real-time and pay only for what you use by opting for consumption-based billing.

Why Go4Hosting for Cloud Hosting?

Go4hosting’s austere cloud guarantees maximum performance, uptime, and scalability achievable in a virtualized droplet

  • Cloud Data Center India

    Tier III Data CenterISO-compliant Tier III data centers with uptime more than 99.95%.

  • Budget-friendly Cloud Hosting Services India

    Budget-friendlyPlans starting as low as ₹1.67/hour

  • All SLAs complied with Cloud Hosting India

    All SLAs complied withAs per The Uptime Institute

  • 24/7 Cloud Hosting Support India

    24/7 SupportAvailable even during holidays and weekends

  • Minimum resources assured with Cloud Hosting

    Minimum resources assuredResources once assigned, committed for you unless dumped

  • Short/long term payment option for cloud hosting services

    Short/long term payment optionsMonthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or tri-annually.

Indian Cloud Hosting FAQs

Cloud server hosting is a hosting model which is built on multiple servers that are connected together through a seamless and powerful internet service. With the help of cloud hosting in India, users can have access to multiple servers and can scale up freely on demand.

Cloud hosting services provide scalability, availability, and cost efficiency. The multiple servers that have been set up on the same storage ensure 100% uptime and avoids hardware failure. With Cloud hosting in India, the user gets the flexibility of choosing the required amount of CPU, memory, and bandwidth.

You can host anything of your choice until and unless the content and system requirements are legal to be supported. Irrespective of the Operating System, cloud server hosting allows you to host all sorts of applications.

A cloud hosting service puts no limit on the number of domains that can be hosted. The only limitation is the number of resources on your cloud server.

Cloud server hosting maintains backups weekly on a storage device attached to the cluster. The user just needs to have a good internet connection to get back their data.

Additional resources like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc. Can be upgraded to your cloud server India within a matter of minutes. Once the resource is added, your resource is ready to use along with other cloud hosting services.

– No, it is not possible to convert a shared hosting into a cloud hosting service because they are completely different in terms of features. Every aspect of shared hosting, like CPU, memory, disk space, etc. is shared amongst all the users. Whereas in cloud hosting, the resources within the infrastructure are designed in a way that they act in a dedicated manner.

A shared hosting plan can not be converted into a cloud hosting one, but one can migrate from a shared hosting plan to cloud hosting.

Though cloud migration can turn out to be a long process but is beneficial in the longer run. Once all your applications are migrated over the cloud, it deploys all your IT requirements on a Virtual Machine. As a result, it is easy to scale up or down as per the business requirement. Thus if you are looking for cloud hosting that doesn’t compromise on the features, then cloud migration is the best option.

It’s quite difficult to decide which one between cloud hosting and VPS hosting is better. It depends on the requirements and the type of your business. When cloud hosting provides you with great server power and world-class flexibility, VPS hosting is known for being an affordable cloud server option for its affordable solutions and use of virtualization technology. A detailed difference will give you a clearer idea-

Cloud Hosting VPS Hosting
In cloud hosting, unlimited virtual machines are connected underneath through physical servers. In VPS hosting, one physical server is divided into several small virtual servers.
There is no limitation on the limitations of each VM. It is less customizable than VPS hosting. The physical server configuration poses some limitations on the dedication of the server.
Cloud hosting is more scalable as compared to a VPS host. It can scale quickly during times of traffic spikes. The VPS host finds some problems during massive traffic spikes as it cannot scale so quickly.
Cloud hosting is very secure as other users are properly separated and thus do not have any impact on others. If there is a less secure website on the server, then it might affect the security of your website as well.


The on-demand accessibility of resources for computing without any complex management required from the client’s side. The data is stored in a cloud server, shared by many.

Since most companies in the US are multi-national,  cloud hosting can provide a single platform for all your digital properties, regardless of the country of origin. Moreover, the server is easy to set up and spare you the tussles of managing hardware.

Even the cloud hosting India offers is as secure as any other server out there.

We have an arsenal of intrusion detection, firewall, and threat elimination techniques installed in our servers to detect even the minutest threats.

Besides, we backup data to several machines, and at multiple locations. So, your data is as safe as it can get with cloud hosting.

It is, provided the third party (like us) has zero interest in your data and is committed to servicing your needs. Moreover, there are stipulations laid down by the T&C that bind the provider to not indulge in any activity that may breach the privacy of its clients.

For an analogy, think of Cloud Hosting India as safekeeping valuables in a bank vault.

Clouds are of several types and are classified in various ways. However, the most commonly known classification is based on the service type.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service. IaaS will help companies that need an entire data center but aren’t willing to construct and maintain their own, or are otherwise not financially strong enough to invest in a full-fledged data center.

PaaS – Platform as a Service When you need an entire cloud hosting platform for your business and are okay with compromising the underpinning server management, PaaS shall be the right choice for your business.

SaaS – Software as a Service SaaS is in trend these days. You are likely to benefit from SaaS if you are running a third-party web-based application such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Accounting, Inventory Management, and other embedded applications.

Conventional servers are physical, disk-based servers and work much like a hard drive. Each physical server – in a data center – is accessed separately, and as an individual stand-alone disk.

The cloud hosting India cheap price, on the other hand, is pooled together to act like a single, mammoth machine. Since the entire operation relates to the pool of resources, the underlying machines in the cloud become somewhat insignificant.

Yes, in cloud hosting, you can tailor a configuration to suit your requirements.

You can choose to have your own set of disk space, RAM, and other resources you find fit for your organization.

The cost of cloud server hosting depends upon the services you avail, and also on the server specifications, you opt.

For an analogy, think of  Cloud Hosting India as safekeeping valuables in a bank vault.
You can choose to bill your cycle as frequently as you want, or you can bill it for a year at once.

The shorter cycles (monthly) are preferred by companies with fast-changing needs. The longer ones (yearly or so) are the go-to for businesses planning to save extra costs by opting for long-term plans.

Yes. You can choose to configure clouds on your private infra. The concept is quite common and is referred to as Private Cloud Servers.

The benefits of such cloud hosting India are almost the same as with every other cloud hosting service, except that you will also unlock access to server-side controls.

As demerits, you can expect to invest almost 10 times the price – or more – than what you would spend on an outsourced cloud hosting server.

Yes. You can deploy a combination of both private and public cloud servers in case you think a combination of both will suit you better than either of them alone. This concept is also quite in practice and is often termed as “Hybrid cloud server”.

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