Cloud Platforms

Orchestration & Deployment

Start deploying apps on Go4hosting’s  best Cloud Platforms. Unlock the best of both public and private cloud environment. Go hybrid with Go4hosting

Go4hosting helps you build sophisticated business apps and deploy them on robust cloud platforms that are remarkably scalable, flexible and easy to use

Achieve seamless Containerization & Virtualization with our Cloud Platforms

Elastic and scalable, compute cloud resources and tokens to help your apps meet virtualization goals. All our cloud platforms are assembled with root controls (wherever possible) and bound service account tokens to help our clients carve a niche with their business.


Remote provisioning of resource on workstations maintained off-premises at 5 to 7 DC sites simultaneously.Choose where to station your virtual machines stationed on Go4hosting’s infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our cloud environment has its resource-pool finely tuned to AWS’s ecosystem, allowing small businesses host containers and packets locally. Know More


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Leverage limitless analytics capabilities of Google by hosting with our GCP-optimized cloud. Know More



Go4hosting’s Azure lets you easily move all existing applications to the cloud and customize your business apps to customer needs. Know More



Accomplished with a hypervisor Type I, over an underlying software layer.Choose where to host your workstations and scale up to terminal capacity


Our Kubernetes service lets you automate deployment, scaling and combine containers with our ingeniously built container management dashboard and tokenizer Know More



With VMware you can easily scale all existing containers and implement OS-level containerization, with hypervisor as the host. Know More


We Offer the Best Managed Cloud Scalable Server

When you use one of our fully managed cloud servers, you will receive complete assistance from professionals who are qualified in all the top cloud computing technologies. By using our managed cloud platform, you may avoid the difficulty and heartache of managing it yourself.

365 days a year, non-stop Support

To help you 24/7 with any technical concerns, our team is accessible by live chat or email. They also make sure that hosting your website or app on our cloud server goes well for you.


With our strong cloud infrastructure, you can have flexibility and scalability that makes it simple to set up and manage your server so you can go live in a matter of minutes.

Hardware Fit for an Enterprise

Strong Intel Xeon processors and lightning-fast SSD storage are installed in our cloud servers. This contributes to the outstanding performance of your web application.

What do You Get With Our Powerful Cloud Platform & Server?

Solid-State Drives

To provide you with the finest performance, our cloud servers have faster SSD drives installed. SSD drives are incredibly quick, allowing for peak performance and increased website/app speed.

Manage a cloud for nothing

In addition to setting up a server, our staff also administers, optimizes, and maintains it at no additional cost. Your cloud server is efficiently handled on your behalf.

Root Access and SSH

Obtain complete root SSH access to your cloud server, allowing you to log into the server’s text-mode terminal.

Dashboard for Monitoring Resources

You receive an intuitive monitoring dashboard that enables you to reboot your server, examine memory use, keep an eye on server load, and investigate other server parameters.

Host Countless Websites

The number of websites that can be hosted is unrestricted. Any number of websites can be hosted on your cloud server. A single account will be used to handle all of these websites.

Provisioning immediately

You don’t need to wait any longer to set up your server. Your cloud server will be immediately installed when you submit the order and it is approved.

Free setup

For setting up your server, there is no fee. To get your managed cloud server ready at no additional cost, simply make an order.

Effective Infrastructure

You get a strong infrastructure from the cloud, and you can rely on uptime and stability. Leading technological partners including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, Cisco, Dell, HP, and Supermicro helped us build our servers.

Go4hosting’s platform allows you exercise greater control on your multi cloud infrastructure and use it optimally. Our experts closely monitor each virtualization modules and containers, and maintain an ideal storage/CPU ratio for more than satisfactory performance.

Hosting on our platform will help you have that competitive edge your business so dearly needs.

  • Dynamic RDBMS

    Dynamic RDBMSWe follow dynamic scheduling techniques and value-based relation with our database. As a result, files on Go4hosting’s servers load faster, translating into smoother app performance and on-site experience.

  • Dual Redundancy

    Dual RedundancyOur datacenters are Tier III certified and comply with dual-redundancy specifications. Each component on our network has a backup component running; rest assured your apps are always up and running.

  • Smart Analytics

    Smart AnalyticsOur AI auto-sorts data and displays actionable information automatically, providing accurate insights even with unreadable data clusters.

  • Service Set identifier (SID)

    Service Set identifier (SID)If enabled, unauthorized access to our containers can be blocked by granting access privilege to only select IP addresses.

  • Root Access

    Root AccessRoot access is provided, wherever possible, to simplify managing Kubernetes and VMware by setting the right priorities in the underlying hypervisor.

  • ISO-compliant, SAP-certified

    ISO-compliant, SAP-certifiedWe are SAP and PCI 3.2.1 compliant, and adhere to all ISO 9001 and 22301 guidelines, the highest of certifying authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which cloud platform should small businesses choose?

    Which cloud platform should small businesses choose?Small businesses can start with either AWS or GCP, or Azure if Windows environment is the requirement

  • Are your hypervisors Type I or Type II?

    Are your hypervisors Type I or Type II?Both type I and type II hypervisors can be set up on our clouds, though originally the hypervisor will only be Type I. You can provision a type II hypervisor yourself by installing VMware on your server.

  • Can I get Google Cloud Platform with Windows Operating System?

    Can I get Google Cloud Platform with Windows Operating System?Yes, but do let us know beforehand, so our team can customize GCP according to the requirement.

  • Why can’t I scale my Kubernetes instance?

    Why can’t I scale my Kubernetes instance?Your workstation has probably run out of resource or there might not be enough resource available to scale your Kubernetes instance. Try scaling your workstation and then your instance.

  • Should I host a container or a virtual machine?

    Should I host a container or a virtual machine?You cannot have a container without a VM, so to begin with, host a VM. You can the host as many containers as you want, provided you have necessary privilege to the token and its network adapter.

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