BFSI CloudFortified, Reinforced & Agile Cloud
Robust clouds to accelerate your financial transformation

Every minute on the internet, more than 5000 transactions take place with customer spends cumulating to $1 million. The cloud is the rudimentary entity of this digital revolution

At Go4hosting, we provide robust, scalable BFSI cloud to banks and financial institutions (FIs) that enables them to reap the benefits of flexible and agile IT infra and meet sudden upsurges in digital transactions, without worrying about managing the backend platform

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    Custom-built with an aim to revolutionize secure banking

    Banks can leverage our virtualized cloud environment to achieve secure and resilient IT operations, thereby augmenting customer trust

    Key deliverables

    We deliver solutions that can help bring transformation in the BFSI sector.

    What we offer

    We offer a comprehensive range of solutions with our BFSI clouds to enable critical business functionality and optimal resilience.

    • Hosting


      Our fundamental offering in the BFSI range, comprising cloud servers to enhance business performance and uptime availability

    • Payment Channels

      Payment Channels

      Redirect all your payments through private, dedicated payment channels for added security

    • Payment Gateways

      Payment Gateways

      Get robust payment gateways to securely relay all payment requests through secure channels for higher success rates.

    • Secure channel sharing

      Secure channel sharing

      Ease collaboration and file sharing through our reinforced conduits to facilitate intra-bank alliance.

    • Support


      Get 24/7 support with on-site engineers to quickly diagnose problems persistent on your banking cloud.

    • Encrypted Relaying

      Encrypted Relaying

      Whatever data is relayed on the system is encrypted at both the start and end terminus for secure and safe user experience online.


    • Approach



      All enquiries on our website are redirected to an expert, who carefully contemplates, evaluates and assigns the case to a cloud architect.

    • Analyze



      Next, an architect carefully assembles the best solution possible based on your use case and gets in touch with you.

    • Scaling



      Your requirements are then scaled based on your business size, as per your current load requirements.

    • Deployment



      The proposed solution is first tested and apps are made to undergo a dry-run in a localized test environment.

    • Launch



      Once you give us a go-ahead, apps are made to go live, the cloud gets subsequently launched and files moved to the BFSI cloud.

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    Benefits of BFSI Cloud

    BFSI sector is highly governed through numerous compliances and demands a backend that can provide utmost security for all its transactions and activities. This necessitates a cloud infrastructure that is not just agile, scalable and fast but robust, secure and compliant. BFSI Cloud is one such environment that has been custom built for banks, insurance, mutual funds and other financial services institutions. These institutions seldom host on any other cloud than BFSI because –

    It is more compliant and adheres to contemporary norms and guidelines of the industry.

    Apps on BFSI clouds are significantly more secure than on a public cloud.

    It boasts of higher uptime availability and lesser system downtimes.

    Transactions are highly encrypted due to stringent PCI DSS compliance.

    Websites perform better on private BFSI clouds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    BFSI clouds are strictly private clouds.

    No, technically, you cannot upgrade to a BFSI cloud from your existing cloud. You may, however, migrate from your existing cloud ecosystem.

    Yes, BFSI clouds are highly secure than public clouds, since they are expected to follow strict security protocols.

    You should host on a BFSI cloud because your federal laws may not allow you permission to operate your business in the domain of BFSI unless your clouds adhere to its strict set of guidelines.

    Yes, BFSI clouds can be scaled just like you scale any other cloud.

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