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Cheap Windows Dedicated ServerSimplify Your IT Infrastructure with Effective and cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

By harnessing the immense power of the most advanced technologies, we offer an array of cheap windows dedicated server hosting solutions. All you can get from our state-of-the-art data centers at lowered rates and bolstered performance.

Cheap and Efficient Windows Dedicated Server for Businesses

Powerful solution, managed traffic with the level of security, power, and control in the dedicated server environment.

Key Deliverables

Go4hosting’s windows dedicated server is fully reserved to satisfy your business needs

Benefits of Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Solid Data Centers

    Solid Data Centers


    Our data centers are Tier-III complaint powered by the most advanced technologies. Multi-layered security is constituted for ensuring a higher level of physical security.

  • High Bandwidth

    High Bandwidth


    A dedicated server offers high bandwidth essential for fast hosting experience, especially for websites having heavy contents or huge traffic.

  • Server Setup & Upgradation

    Server Setup & Upgradation


    We do your server setup and upgradation free of cost without experiencing downtime. We help you expand your IT infrastructure hassle-free if your business is experiencing a surge.

  • Robust SLA

    Robust SLA


    Our Service Level Agreement is very robust. It ensures continuous monitoring of the quality of services which help us serve you more efficiently.

  • Anti Spam and Anti Virus

    Anti Spam and Anti Virus


    Securing your critical business data is our topmost priority, and hence have installed the most advanced anti-spam and anti-virus applications.

  • Carrier Neutral Data Center

    Carrier Neutral Data Center


    We are a carrier-neutral data center that facilitates you to choose your network operator from a range of popular network service providers. You won’t be compelled to stick to a slower network, rather you can choose the best operator for guaranteed 99.95% uptime.

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Other services that might interest you

Other services that might interest you

Virtual Private Servers
Committed resource in a shared platform. Better price point than dedicated servers.

Cloud Servers
Public and private cloud servers for the scalability-oriented approach to computing needs.

Managed Hosting
VPS or dedicated servers with updates and maintenance taken care of by our experts.

Windows Dedicated Hosting FAQs

Windows dedicated hosting is when you lease the entire server – configured with Windows Operating System – instead of sharing resources with other customers.

Windows is the ideal Operating System to configure with your dedicated server if you are looking for-

  • cPanel Fixed Cloud – 5 accounts
  • cPanel Fixed Cloud – 30 accounts
  • Web Admin Edition – 10 accounts
  • Web Pro Edition – 30 accounts
  • Web Host Edition – unlimited accounts

We currently provide the following two RAIDs-

  • SATA
  • RAID 1

Besides RAID, we also indulge ourselves in some essential practices to safeguard data and frequently perform backups.

Both SSD and HDD have their ideal use-case scenario, however, for general saying, the following table summarizes which one is better and under what circumstances

Solid State Drive Hard Disk Drive
High Data Transfer rate Low data transfer rate
Electrical Drive Mechanical Drive
Uses transistors Uses platters
High storage SSDs are not readily available High storage HDDs upto 8GB-12GB are  available
Difficult to repair Easy to repair
Expensive Cheaper

Based on the service type, Windows dedicated hosting is of the following 2 types-

  • Managed Windows Dedicated Hosting – the provider is responsible for updates, tweaking APACHE settings, troubleshooting and running virus system scanning.
  • Unmanaged Windows Dedicated Hosting – the provider will only hard-run the server, the rest has to be taken care of by the client himself.

It is a common misconception that dedicated servers are expensive. The price depends upon RAM, RAID, Storage, etc. that you are trying to configure with the server. While a low-end dedicated server might not perform as well as a high-config server, it will still be worth the money.

You can host as many websites as you want until you run out of storage or the allotted bandwidth. Though, we recommend our clients to not clutter their server with too many websites as doing so can affect the performance eventually. It is better to run a few websites than run too many with problems overhauling.

Yes, we provide colocation services too. You can get in touch with our team or visit our server colocation page here.

Technically, it should not happen because we frequently troubleshoot problems and all our servers are in mint conditions. However, if something still happens as such (on dedicated hosting), we shall repair or change the hardware and your website will remain unaffected.

Yes. We offer both managed and unmanaged Windows dedicated hosting. To make things simpler for you, we have further bifurcated our managed plans as basic, semi and fully managed.

It depends upon your requirements. If you want to undertake all tasks on your own or otherwise have a team of administrators proficient enough to handle a server, unmanaged hosting is best for you.

On the other side, if server-side controls are not your priority and you were planning to hire a staff eventually, it’d be better to opt for managed hosting right from the start.

Yes, Go4hosting’s plan has been the most affordable in the market. We are not the best web hosting provider for no reason.

Even though it is possible, you are bound to run into unnecessary troubles while doing so. Still, you can get in touch with our team or your account manager to see what’s possible on our part.

Yes, you can use our Windows dedicated servers just as you please.

Yes. Not only Windows, but we provide reseller hosting on Linux dedicated servers as well. The cost depends upon your requirements; the more you buy, the more you save.

Absolutely, the following are the ways our Windows dedicated hosting can help boost your SEO


  • Improved performance – lesser the page load speed, better the ranking
  • Local IP – with data centers in Noida, Jaipur and the US, you can not only choose your IP, but also the data centers nearest to where you are planning to do business. Obviously, you would rank better in local searches.

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