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Getting ahead of your competition in today’s technology-driven world means introducing innovative next-generation technologies to your business. Azure WordPress is one such tool that gives you the power to transform innovations into ideas and take your business to new heights! 

Go4hosting creates high-performance, scalable, and secure Azure infrastructure, which we use to host WordPress for your business. It helps your business get a competitive edge, facilitates growth, and enhances revenue. When traffic spikes, we will add more resources to your website to keep it running. It will allow your website to be available 24*7 and perform at its best for your customers.

Begin your journey to a more customized, intuitive, and seamless Azure WordPress hosting experience with us. 

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    Azure Cloud Migration Services

    The majority of businesses have a history of working with Microsoft Technologies. As Microsoft has developed its public cloud services, the confidence and dependability of Azure have made it a popular place for businesses to move their servers.

    Azure offers the pay-as-you-go approach, which gives businesses much flexibility when migrating their servers or applications to Azure. We provide easy and hassle-free migration services to avail of and are budget-friendly. 

    Let us know when you want to start with Azure WordPress hosting; our experts will help you with a smooth transition.

    Azure WordPress Hosting- What do we offer?

    Why Choose Go4hosting for Azure WordPress Hosting? 

    Our engineers are well versed in Azure WordPress hosting and provide excellent services. Some of these services include onboarding assistance, resolving migration issues, and assisting with any ongoing issues shortly after they arise. With excellent team members and automation, we resolve any issue within 10 minutes of its occurrence. Also, we offer customizable packages so that all our clients get exactly what they are looking for. We have highly economical and budget-friendly Azure WordPress pricing that perfectly suits the needs of businesses of all sizes. 

    Moreover, we have made Azure WordPress hosting installation quicker and easier by combining an easy-to-use control panel with our ready-to-go solution. Also, you can set up automatic backups, set up 1-click restores, and do a lot more without any hassle. 

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    Features of Go4hosting’s Azure WordPress Hosting 

    Adaptable Infrastructure

    Our Microsoft-certified professionals create an ongoing, unique Microsoft infrastructure based on the finest of our services that your company needs.

    Governed Resources in the Cloud

    Continual patching, proactive monitoring, and backups are just a few of the services we use to manage your Azure installations and lower your risk of downtime.

    Free Cloud Consultation

    Obtain enhanced performance, the highest ROI, and cost-effectiveness by utilizing Azure WordPress hosting to its full potential with a free consultation and cloud assessment from reputable professionals.

    Review the Usage in Real Time

    Go to your customer panel to manage your Azure CSP subscription, renew services, and contact customer support. It will show you how Azure resources are being used in real-time.

    Dedicated Assistance

    Do you require technical support? go4Hosting offers an expert support system around the clock.

    99.9 Percent Network Availability

    We provide Azure WordPress hosting clients with a monthly network uptime guarantee of 99.9% and an industry-recognized, financially supported SLA.

    Azure Integration- How Do We Help?

    Whether you are looking at a physical or virtual environment, our experts can help you assess your production environment. Azure cloud migration assessment determines whether the on-premises server or application should be migrated to Azure. 

    Before initiating the Azure cloud migration, we thoroughly inspect the customer’s production environment. During the assessment, we evaluate the security and access management of the production server. A server on-premises may be underutilized most of the time or overutilized at certain times. With the proper resource utilization information, choosing the right VM type for Azure Cloud Migration at the time of migration becomes easy. 

    The Azure Migration Process

    During migration, we determine the VM type of the target production server as part of our Azure migration program. We model the Azure cloud drivers’ required to secure data collection and injection processes. When it comes to Azure Cloud Migration, we have a team of experts ready to help you.

    Have questions on Azure WordPress Hosting? We've got the answers.

    The benefits of hosting your WordPress site on Azure can be significant. It will allow you to have centralized services while enjoying the benefits of the cloud. Azure offers an integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN): Azure’s CDN is capable of caching high-bandwidth content to increase delivery speeds. Additionally, using Windows Azure, you can lower your IT management costs and eliminate the need for on-premises resources.

    You can easily host a WordPress website on Azure. It offers exclusive features like auto-scaling and load-balancing that benefit your business in the long run. Here are a few best practices for running WordPress on Azure: Make sure the database you pick is high-performance. MySQL database is an effective choice among users. 

    We offer a variety of Windows Azure pricing options for you to choose from. However, we recommend you choose the one that best suits your needs. Get more information on Windows Azure pricing by contacting us.

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