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Office 365 Verses Exchange Server For Email: What Is The Difference?

Posted by pankaj on Dec 27, 2018 03:34:05 pm

If any customer is  trying to revamp their organization’s email strategy as well as deciding whether or not to remain with Microsoft Exchange Server, or else migrating to Office 365 (or some other cloud email based solution), they need to take a lot of factors into consideration. Multiple market research surveys reveal that cloud based email adoption remains&nbs... Read more>>

Utilize Go4hosting Blockchain as a Service to Generate Higher Revenues!

Posted by akriti.sharma on Dec 15, 2018 06:12:42 pm

Blockchain is a transparent system that has changed the way people think about exchanging value, assets and data sharing. Businesses are increasingly using Blockchain as the de facto method of enabling excellent applications. Be Future Ready with Blockchain as a Service! ... Read more>>

Why UAE Local Startups are looking at the Cloud

Posted by akriti.sharma on Dec 13, 2018 06:06:50 pm

The Middle Eastern countries and the United Arab Emirates in particular, is showing an avid interest in cloud computing. With a growing talent pool and more venture capital making its way into this part of the world, new laws and a striking global profile, UAE has all the ingredients for emerging as a hub for te... Read more>>

Disaster Recovery Issues? Why the Cloud Can Be Relied Upon

Posted by shivi on Nov 28, 2018 05:34:42 pm

In the past, when organizations planned to build their infrastructure for disaster recovery, they had to build the system from scratch on their own. They only had the local data center to fall back upon for housing their critical data and applications. But they had to pay a hefty price for ensuring data reliability with such an arrangement. Building ... Read more>>

Compelling Attributes of Cloud Based DR Approach

Posted by shivi on Nov 22, 2018 06:38:11 pm

The viability of an onsite data center playing a significant role in the process of disaster recovery cloud hosting not have been challenged in the past. After all, the stakes are so high that enterprises were prepared to spend a significant portion of their IT budget in safeguarding mission critical applications and sensi... Read more>>

Secured features for Cloud platform for managing Holiday Season Traffic!

Posted by akriti.sharma on Nov 19, 2018 03:49:01 pm

Most of the business teams operating on the cloud design platforms are really looking for promotion of their own business quite heavily these days. Almost all of them focus primarily on the growth, any changes pertaining to threat against the prevalent cyber-attacks. The Cyber-attacks have direct impact on the business growth sales data, existing IT teams must work in complete co-ordination with corporate h... Read more>>

Overcoming Limitations of Using VMs for Cloud Storage

Posted by Manish Bhardawaj on Apr 25, 2017 12:32:39 pm

Ability of provisioning a multitude of independent cloud storage hosts by configuration of a single server or a set of servers is the most important highlight of virtual server applications. The quality of hosting continues to be the same whether a particular client is being served with virtual server or a bare metal server. In most of the cases, clients are hardly able to differentiate between the two or seldom bother to now the var... Read more>>

Online Cloud Storage - Safe and Stress Free Computing

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Jun 26, 2015 02:20:09 pm

With use of computers in every imaginable field, storage of data has become an area of prime concern and importance. Storing on the computers, extra hard disks drives was the norm. But even these tend to get corrupted and computers are prone to crash. The very purpose stands to be defeated if we cannot store the data securely on permanent basis. Computer experts have devised ways to ensure files are stored online. This is the nearest... Read more>>

Cloud Technology: Making Big Data Conceivable

Posted by Geetanjali on Jan 17, 2015 05:18:54 pm

In recent times, the entire technological landscape has undergone a facelift due to the arrival of big data. What exactly does the new buzzword ‘big data' signify? It is nothing but the exponential growth in availability of both structured and unstructured data. Numerous challenges arise while processing such colossal... Read more>>

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