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Redefine collaboration

Collaboration has never been so easy. With cloud business storage you can easily collaborate with friends, colleagues, and associates irrespective of where they are located. Real-time access allows people to make changes to a single file, without having to email individuals. This allows for a more rapid flow of work, avoiding conflicts arising from different versions of the same file.

Reinforce trust with multiple backups

Provider of best business cloud storage backup data to not just one but multiple bare metal servers. Thus at any moment, when one of the servers is unreachable, you will still have a seamless streaming of data from other servers. Plus, every file is split and its fragments are stored in different servers. No server will have a complete instance of a single data set. Any breach – if it happens by any chance – will not compromise all your data.

Automate backups

The best cloud storage for business will easily integrate with your existing server. Data backups can be automated to daily, weekly, or monthly basis (or as frequent as you like). Automated backups not only reduce workloads but also minimize risks of you missing out on backups.

Best Business Cloud Storage FAQ

What is business cloud storage?

A business cloud storage is a managed service in which several smaller clusters of cloud network is combined to create a large-scale cloud storage. Having a single storage platform will reduce workloads in maintaining and creating individual clusters. A centralized storage is also easy to use and allows for a more uniform distribution of data to the underlying servers.

Cloud storage is an online virtual storage space wherein all the data is stored/backed to collaborate for work or to restore it later (in case of urgency). Files stored in cloud storage can be viewed and modified in real-time, the changes are reflected to all the workstations viewing the files as soon as they are created.

What are the key differentiators of the best cloud storage for business?

The market is inundated with cloud solutions and the competition is throat slitting. Providers claiming their storage service as the 'best business cloud storage' should necessarily have the following

Dedicated support – the support should be available 24/7 and not in 9 to 5 shifts. There is no assurance that your cloud storage will run into problems only during the provider's working hours. Because 95 % of the websites in the world run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is essential to have quality support that is at its toes at all times.

Redundant backups – it is no use safeguarding data to a server that is itself not secured against threats. Reliable provider always backup data to several servers, creating as many redundant instances as required to safeguard data. Under circumstances where one of the servers undergo a crash, other copies of the files are still accessible.

Request-based access – each and every access to the database should be reinforced with security features and tools to only allow the authorized access. A reliable host will deploy ample techniques to safeguard the privacy of its client.

Is cloud storage secure?

Yes. Cloud service providers understand the importance of safeguarding data and leave no stone unturned to protect the privacy of their clients. To make business cloud storage the most secure platform, multiple security layers are created. Each layer specializes in a particular threat-type and together form the most secure storage service ever. Go4hosting has security configured in as many as 4 layers. Even though each layer can run as standalone security tool, we make sure every security application is running in close coordination to one another.

How do I start a cloud business?

Starting a cloud business is easy. You need a cloud data center and a qualified staff to manage and run your IT operations. Or if you yearn a shorter path to success, you can collaborate with the best business cloud storage provider – Go4hosting. You can become our authorized reseller and market and sell clouds storage your way. Get in touch with our team.

However, if you are planning to establish cloud business of your own, you need to set up a data center, create virtualized platform, and test-run applications before you can rent your cloud servers to the clients. Setting up a data center can be exhaustive process, both in terms of labour and monetary aspect, and it is in your interest to tune your staff to the needs of the cloud market first.

Is Gmail the best business cloud storage ever?

Gmail is an email service run by Google and is not a business cloud storage. The business cloud by Google is run by the name of Google clouds or Google drive. Google is one of the best business cloud storage providers but over the years several other providers have also proved themselves as equally competent. Majority of the services offered by known providers have been made to cater to the general public. If you have very specific needs, Google's storage might not fit your requirements very well.

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At Go4hosting, customer satisfaction comes first. We are always at our toes to help our clients find the right solution for their business. Go4hosting offers a wide range of solutions including dedicated, VPS, Shared and Cloud Hosting. Backed by 99.95% uptime assurance and complimentary SSL, we are the no. 1 provider of Colocation & Email Hosting Services.

Couldn’t find a service relevant to your business? No worries, we’ll make one for you. Our representatives are 24/7/365 available for your help. You can reach out to us regarding anything in the domain of Hosting, Cloud, Email & Colocation.

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