The Client

Asia-isp is a global leader in IT products and other IT-related service and is extremely popular Orange Domain CDN provider, offering plethora of video and e-commerce solutions. Since setting up data centers in every country would turn out as unviable, Asia-isp approached Cyfuture for CDN (content delivery network).

The Challenge

Asia-sip had a CDN at place already but could not leverage the service to its potential due to low latency and constant monetization of websites and apps. The previous hosts were not enough flexible to allow Asia-isp the freedom to tailor its own solution and the products eventually took troll and quality deteriorated.

  • The existing CDN had low latency rate and apps experienced downtimes
  • CDN was not as effective as Asia-isp had thought it would be.
  • Support services were relatively poor.

Solution Delivered

Cyfuture offers its own CDN solutions, which comply with industry’s latest guidelines, and augment client experience by allowing them the liberty to tailor their own solution.

Low Latency Network

The client needed minimum response time which could have been achieved only through cloud acceleration with local POPs.

Billing Model

To accommodate sudden spikes, Asia-isp wished to opt for ‘pay as you go’ model but Cyfuture’s initial findings convinced the client that fixed billing would save them money in the long run.


Assessing the needs, Cyfuture estimated that 1 petabyte storage should be sufficient, not overly hefty and neither small. The proposed solution has been since billed monthly so that Asp-isp could keep track of their usage.

The Outcome

The proposed solutions were implemented and all requirements were appropriately met.

  • The traffic spikes were sufficiently accommodated given the immense storage of 1 petabyte.
  • Within a few months of deployment, Asp-isp reported better app performance and service on its apps.
  • Customer experience also got enriched and fewer complaints were registered in the months that followed.

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