The Client

Bank of India (BOI), a nationalized institution, was founded on 7th September, 1906 and remained privately held until July 1969, the year it was nationalized, and soon burgeoned to an institution with nation-wide presence with more with more than 5000 branches, and offices in 18 countries spanning 5 continents.

BOI’s relationship with Cyfuture began with the former assigning the latter an important assignment of centralizing all its business functions, which BOI aimed to achieve through a unified website.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge surrounding the assignment was adhering to the stringent norms of banking and cyber security. The volume of data that BOI estimated would go through our network presented unprecedented challenges. It needed a robust host that could handle domestic as well as foreign websites with one System Integrator and centralize monitoring and control of the entire setup. Given the size of data and security level involved, the client needed flexibility, scalability and control without compromising with the security, a challenge of which it notified Cyfuture at the start. Other challenges that the bank encountered were –

  • It had to connect to different vendors through one website
  • Most websites were hosted in-house, the uptime availability was far less than could be said as acceptable.
  • Centralizing the websites imposed problems since the data involved was equally humongous.
  • The existing infra lacked scalability and couldn’t accommodate intermittent traffic spikes.
  • The support needed to diagnose issues was unavailable.

Solution Delivered

Cyfuture suggested the required components be hosted on its Tier III data centers and, as added measures for resilience, include disaster recovery, which would be maintained on another location for security purposes. A network operation center for monitoring and maintenance was subsequently configured. The entire service would remain managed.

Server Specifications

3 servers were configured. Each had hexa-core Intel Xeon (64bit), 32 GB (8x4GB) RAM, 1 TB usable SAS HDD in RAID 5, Dual NIC and RPS with latest Windows OS and SQL 2016 or above or Oracle or DB2.

Disaster Recovery Servers

DR servers comprised a dedicated server with same configuration as primary server, as above, with suitable replication tool license (Max 2 CPU Servers) and replication management. The recovery time was kept below 15 minutes and a DR drill was projected to be followed every quarter.

Dedicated Next-Gen Firewall

To enhance security, a dedicated firewall was provided. This would monitor data as it enters and outgoes the network and ensure that only genuine network traffic skimmed in and out of the system.

Solution Specifications and timelines

Since the client wanted stringent security measures possible with equal emphasis on maintenance, the solution specifications and timelines decided were as follows

DR Drill in every
6 months

Patch management
on monthly basis.

RPO and RTO –
15 Mins and 2 hours.

The following specifications were carefully carved as per the business requirements –

  • GCC Cloud (Government Community Cloud Platform).
  • Proactive monitoring via TOOL NAGIOS.
  • Ticket tracking Tool – WHMCS, Assure response time – within 5 min.
  • Schedule alerts based on utilization limit.
  • DDOS protection.
  • Fully managed Services up till OS and Database Managed Services.
  • Dedicated Bandwidth at DC – 25 Mbps.
  • Dedicated Firewall with WAF Services at both DC and DR level to ensure proper cyber security.
  • Implementation of Load Balancer – Ensuring even distribution of traffic between each of the Application Server.
  • Provision for Real-time monitoring dashboard.
  • Auto scaling feature.
  • 12 Virtual Machines as Application Server.
  • 4 database Server on Master, Slave Mode.
  • Windows Platform
  • MSSQL Database.
  • DC and DR Replication at 50 Mbps P2P link.
  • 5 Carrier Neutral ISP with 1 Gbps of bandwidth (each) – Ensures fast performance while accessing websites.

The Outcome

The proposed solutions were implemented and all requirements were appropriately met.

  • BOI now had a website that had all of its data unified.
  • The network had uptime of 99.95+%. The downtime in a year in last audit stood at less than 4 hours.
  • The website could auto scale its resources during sudden spikes.
  • The response time reduced to less than 10ms.
  • The client now had access to support that was readily available and managed services capable of handling all server-side issues.
  • User experience (UX) on the website got enriched and customer feedback improved significantly.

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