The Client

Boloro Global Limited is a New York based American Corporation is a licensed multi-factor, multi-channel authentication and payment service platform, which is supported on all sorts of mobile phones, including smartphones and feature phones, thus making it ideal for identity verification and transaction validation. It is equally useful for services including digital payments and online banking.

Boloro wanted a better, reliable solution that is entirely managed and additionally wanted coverage on all support levels.


The client wanted a completely managed infra and had sought help with the following – “Backup as a Service”, “Desktop as a Service”, “Managed Communication”, Networking and Infrastructure”, “Security as Service” & “Support Services”.

Boloro had an existing engagement with another host but the partner lacked backup and networking service. The client often faced issues and low latency rates and glitches often dictated the network.

Solution Delivered

“Boloro’s was a very specific requirement. The fact that they had outlined each and every component of their servers speaks for itself. The professionals at Boloro knew what would fit them but seemed unsure if a service could be customized to this extent, which was where we kicked in.”

Cyfuture’s Network Engineer

Following are the solutions Cyfuture delivered:

1. Virtual Private Network:

Cyfuture proposed that Boloro establish its own VPN to securely connect with its servers and ensure that it can remain resilient to network downtime.

2. Maintenance and up keeping:

Since the servers would be located on Cyfuture’s datacenters rather than Boloro’s, Cyfuture also took up the responsibility of maintaining the system.

3. Backup and Storage:

To expedite the process of recovery, backup facility was provided in DR sites. Cyfuture worked to keep the TTB (time to backup) well within Boloro’s expectations, ensuring that, when needed, the backup can be quickly rolled out, and the system could be kept running.

4. Performance tuning:

Timely maintenance and performance tuning was decided to be done intermittently by Cyfuture. Since the client demanded that its servers maintain the same level of performance, be it day one or day hundredth, Cyfuture had to do away with some SLAs and included performance tuning within the work scope.

5. DB administration:

An RDBMS was provided and its administration subsequently handed over to Boloro. The DBMS was tuned to client’s specifications and had some fine tuning done to it prior to its delivery.


  • Post its implementation, Boloro found all its SLAs were properly met.
  • App performance had significantly improved too.
  • The workload had alleviated and uptime had shot up.
  • Backup had largely been automated.

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