The Client

Started in 2012, LATRO Services Inc. is one of the forerunners in fraud detection for telecom industry and enables its clients to detect network intrusions and frauds immediately as they happen. LATRO’s service comprises solutions that help customers discover, locate and eliminate telecom fraud and reinforce privacy.

LATRO had its own datacenters hosted on-premises but the requisite facilities to ensure resilience was somehow missing. Since procurement of datacenter locally is too fungible a feat, it had to continue relying on whatever facilities it had without upgrade, which proved detrimental to its services.


LATRO datacenters were without the essential facilities, so it could not achieve the same level of reliability as any ISO-compliant Tier III datacenters could provide. Further, up-keeping such enormous equipment had become more of a challenge in itself, and as a result, costs soared high but since the budget was limited, maintenance plummeted.

  • LATRO could not attain the returns it had expected from a self-hosted datacenter.
  • Our initial audit revealed that the company was paying as much as 30% more for a service far more inferior than a certified Tier III.
  • The flexibility it had intended to achieve was also missing.
  • In most cases, downtime accompanied every time the servers were scaled.

Solution Delivered

LATRO needed uncompromised control and performance.

Based on the discussions and assessment of the current setup of LATRO, Cyfuture professionals suggested the following solution:


Since it already had servers of its own, Cyfuture’s technicians recommended LATRO to collocate to our data centers.


For better connectivity the SLA was amended to include multiple ISPs with Cyfuture remaining carrier-neutral throughout.


A firewall was included in the service bundle for better security and the power system running the datacenter was made dual-redundant, making the infra more resilient and fault proof.


LATRO was able to eliminate most of the upfront expenses it had incurred while setting up a datacenter. Specifications like dual power lines, multiple ISPs and support that it had so long missed out on came complimentary at no added cost. Cyfuture and LATRO together decided to keep the service as entirely-managed to further extirpate the need of maintaining a separate IT team in-house.

  • The client later reported that its system had become more resilient and there were fewer downtimes than when it had hosted the datacenter locally.
  • Its IT expenses went down by – based on our estimates – not less than 20% but service quality has improved at the same time.

The success of Cyfuture’s relation with LATRO is an outcome of consistent service quality that it has maintained for last 6 years of its association with LATRO. Together, LATRO and Cyfuture have survived through thick and thin and managed what one may call a pinnacle of client-customer liaison.

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