The Client

Pantasign Sign Securities Private Limited, incorporated in 2019, is a brand of digital signature certificates, comprising young and enthusiastic promoters. Pantasign is committed to delivering digital signature with the highest of standards and is run by an inclusive work force.

Pantasign wanted a datacenter to collocate its servers to, but the stringent guidelines surrounding security of digital certificates and colocation services’ failure to abide by these guidelines, rendered collocating as unviable.

The Challenge

Pantasign needed not just colocation space but also work desks to accommodate some of its workforce in the same edifice as the datacenter. It had, however, faced unprecedented challenges finding such hosts that could lodge its staff in a private space, right where the datacenter was located.

  • The client had a very specific requirement.
  • It needed separate racks and cage housings and had set parameters on how these components be installed within the datacenter.
  • A separate control access system was needed and dedicated CTTV and surveillance systems had to be provided.

A flip side to the argument could be that with MOGAS’s mammoth data heap, a little bounce back of emails was not extraordinary but the same had never happened with any of Cyfuture’s clients, many of whom had data heaps just as broad as MOGAS’s.

The Solution

A total of 42 units racks was decided would be erected in a separate space. Cyfuture collaborated with the professionals at Pantasign and after a series of discussions decided that the latter could better comply to its SLAs if –

Separate Cage

A separate cage is provided and CCTV monitoring is done for events inside the cage. A specialized access control door is erected and dual Ethernet connectivity is defined.


Dual Ethernet connectivity was defined with one PSTN link each at DR site and PR site to be terminated in the internal cage for Time Management purposes.


A committed space for the team deployed at datacenter location, with amenities similar to those provided to employees at Cyfuture with its own LCD.

Cyfuture created a colocation space and erected all structures, exactly as the 2D design provided by Pantasign. Sitting facility provided to Pantasign’s team had as many facilities as those given to regular employees of Cyfuture.

The Outcome

Pantasign could establish its own private space within the datacenter and had it specialized to its use case. Post-installation, the facility was successfully tested as compliant to the client’s stated SLAs and the related workforce was soon deputed to the datacenter edifice.

The prevailing standards of the industry in which Pantasign specializes were met and the client achieved a more reliable and customized specifications. More importantly, the co-location facility could tap into a private space within the DC, for an augmented IT experience. Pantasign also saved expending on capital it would have expended procuring datacenter of its own, while maintaining the same level of experience as on a private DC.

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