The Client

Rotex is a leading manufacturer of Fluid Control Systems, Positioners and Electro-Hydraulic Actuator and is famed round the globe for its control systems.

Rotex has several offices throughout India and had planning to set foot in newer cities, so wanted a service that could act as a centralized system for all its offices working in unison.


Rotex needed a scalable cloud solution but since the expertise to integrate the newer technology with the one existing was not available on-site, Rotex had difficulties deciding on the solutions that could fit.

  • Rotex was concerned that hosting on public cloud would inflict too much downtime on its network.
  • If this had been the case, its network would have suffered outages just as frequent as downtimes.

Solution Delivered

It was beyond question that what Rotex needed was the cloud and given the price point at which it approached Cyfuture, public cloud was the only viable option. But since the client was equally concerned about security and performance, Cyfuture suggested the Alibaba Cloud platform as it was known for high uptime and low latency.

Migration to Alibaba Cloud

Based on intial data projection provided by Rotex and its need for high uptime and low latency, Alibaba cloud was suggested. Since collaboration was an innate capability in Alibaba, Rotex could have all of its requirements easily dealt with on the cloud.

Apps and data that existed then had to be migrated to Alibaba cloud and this was achieved with Cyfuture’s help. Over the following months however, client’s data exceeded its initial projections and the cost quickly went up, until it soared beyond Rotex’s estimated budget.

Cyfuture Cloud

To de-escalate the costs, Rotex was suggested to migrate the data to the Cyfuture cloud from Alibaba’s. Against a fixed annual pricing structure, which was well within the client’s budget, Cyfuture maintained Rotex’s complete cloud infra and apps.


After all initial problems had been stamped out, apps had to be re-moved to Cyfuture’s cloud.

  • ERP mapped to Alibaba cloud was reassigned to Cyfuture’s.
  • Rotex noticed a sudden performance surge post migration and never again overran its budget.
  • ERP faced fewer downtimes and booted faster than with its legacy cloud.

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