The Client

Systweak, a Microsoft-certified IT solutions Partner, is world’s leading IT company that caters to organizations both in and around Asia, Europe and America. The company offers innovative software solutions with the highest standards of quality. Systweak aims to improve the PC Windows experience with some of the best system utilities available.

The following document represents Cyber Futuristics’ approach in a methodological manner and is based on a real event surrounding Systweak, wherein experts from Go4hosting helped the aforesaid achieve a scalable Virtual Private Network, thereby minifying expenses and simplifying workflow.

The Challenge

Systweak approached Go4hosting seeking a scalable enterprise-level VPN, irate with its existing solution which was both expensive and cluttered.

Systweak was seeking a cost effective and secure solution to deploy easy access provision within their existing system, which enables both internal and external remote users of the company to access their ERP and web applications through secured connectivity.

  • Systweak did have an existing solution but given the high volume of data, the VPN often got too clumsy and the beneficiary incurred a heavy cost, which was rationally too high for the benefits.
  • The company also faced connectivity challenges leading to network latency. In addition, data security remained one of the top concerns.
  • Scalability in the current VPN was lacking. At times of surge, the employees had to rely on whatever resources were remaining. This impacted operations and Systweak consequently took a blow at customer-experience and in turn retention.

Business Solution

Cyber Futuristics performed a detailed analysis of Systweak processes and tools. The Group lacked a scalable VPN solution, debarring employees from accessing any application, server, and resources available on the network virtually. Based on our analysis and client’s demand to optimize its current system, Cyber Futuristics proposed:

Fully automated and IPsec Configured Remote Access VPN solution:

Equipped with an efficient central remote access management system, an IPsec configured VPN gateway, a centrally managed powerful firewalls and the capability to manage VPN clients for various mobile end devices at a central location. Our secured remote access solution simultaneously supported unmatched security and superior end user experience.

IPsec-based remote access offered enhanced scalability and flexibility to the client to modify the VPN client software at their end anytime. It allowed them to regulate the functionality of the VPN client, in case of unmanaged events, while allowing integration with other applications, etc.

Quick VPN Server Deployment

A high performance VPN server in our world-class tier III data center located at Noida, which consequently optimized the overall performance metrics and included:

  • Enterprise class server management with on-demand server backups, software patching, notifications, up-gradation, firewall integration, consistent network & server monitoring.
  • Unmatched network availability for business-critical data applications
  • 24X7 technical support

Business Results

Cyber Futuristics helped Systweak set up an optimized, flexible, manageable and integrated remote network, aligned to its business imperatives, resulting into high usability, low administrative overhead and low operating costs. Also, our solution brought a wide array of benefits for the client, including re-routing of call volumes to the DR facility.

• Performance anywhere, anytime access to corporate applications through secured mechanism
Within extremely tight timelines, our VPN solution helped Systweak create a robust network of remote users to access their corporate data, networked applications, and emails from anywhere anytime, without compromising network security. The end users were able to respond rapidly to the company’s ever-evolving business priorities, thereby meeting organizational goals and accelerating the business results.

High Cost Efficiencies
The combination of our cutting edge technology and expertise helped them reap lowest operational and IT costs, leading to rich functionality and a reduction in operational, structural complexity.

Unmatched Data security and Superior user experience
The productivity and efficiency of the remote employees increased considerably with a highly functional and secured remote work environment.

Ability to add new users quickly:
Our VPN solution also offered the client a scope to add new users anytime. The client experienced high bandwidth and great response time from the visitors.

The Conclusion

Cyber Futuristics helped Systweak with successful execution of a fully automated and highly secure VPN solution, for its remote employees to access applications, server, as well as resources available on the network virtually from anywhere, anytime. As a leading provider of data center solutions and cloud solutions to all size businesses, we are committed to helping the clients reap the benefits of running at their servers at peak performance and reduce overall costs.

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