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The cPanel server software was created to give web hosting servers a user-friendly interface. It is the most popular web-based control panel among most hosting businesses, and it offers shared, virtual private server, and dedicated hosting.

cPanel Dedicated Servers Hosting service that is fast, dependable, and unmetered

You want to set up a web hosting server, but you’re not sure where to start. For managing all of your websites, cPanel is a popular option. You may effortlessly configure your web hosting spaces and email servers using its straightforward graphical interface, which allows you to manage your projects in a few clicks. Independent developers, small to medium businesses, online agencies, and professional resellers are the target markets for cPanel dedicated servers.

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    Why should you go with a Go4hosting dedicated cPanel server?

    Administration that is overseen

    From a single interface, you can manage all of your projects and create online spaces. You may get a quick overview of your web hosting plans and save time on day-to-day administrative activities. You can access various files, storage spaces, databases, domain names, and metrics from your cPanel dashboard. There are several administration levels available, allowing your clients to safely administer their own web hosting spaces.

    With just a few clicks, you can create something unique.

    With a complete web hosting control panel, your cPanel dedicated server offers numerous choices. Create automated backups of your vital data, manage your domain names, subdomains, and aliases, and keep track of your website’s statistics. You don’t need to be a tech whiz to set things up; cPanel will take care of everything for you on demand.

    cPanel facilitates web hosting.

    Reselling web hosting plans to your clients is easy using the cPanel platform. You decide how much space each user gets, as well as whether they get secure access, FTP, disc space, and any other features you choose to provide. In real time, you can keep track of how much disc space, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth are being used. This will save you a lot of time whether you’re a web agency or a reseller, and you’ll be using a popular solution that’s been around for over 20 years.

    Tools for advanced users

    You may utilize tools like the creation of cron tasks to go even farther with your cPanel server (e.g. cPanel backup cron). You may also use the command line to control your server by opening a terminal from your interface. Manage your SSL certificates and take advantage of DNS monitoring, which allows you to collect information about domain names (IP address, DNS information).

    Licensing and price for cPanel

    Different licenses are available based on how many accounts you wish to create, and they work with CentOS, Cloud Linux, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. During the purchasing process for your dedicated server, simply select the appropriate license to meet your needs. The cost of your cPanel server is determined by the license and dedicated server that you choose.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Cheap Dedicated Server With CPanel

    A dedicated server is an Internet hosting service in which a client rents a complete server that is not shared with anybody else. This is more versatile than shared hosting since businesses have complete control over the server(s), including operating system, hardware, and other factors. Server administration can be done by the customer or supplied as an add-on service by the hosting business. The majority of dedicated servers are located in data centers with backup power and HVAC systems. The hosting provider owns the server hardware, and they will provide free server hardware replacement assistance to clients. High performance, security, application stability, and control are all advantages of using a dedicated server. 

    A blade server is a stripped-down server computer with a modular architecture that saves space and energy. A blade server, like a traditional server, comes with its own motherboard, CPUs, RAM, hard drives, and network adapters. You may access a blade server’s interface, monitor and configure its system BIOS, and install your choice server operating system on it.

    Unlike other low-cost dedicated servers, this one is unique.

    A Go4hosting blade server, unlike a low-cost basic standalone server from another supplier, does not have its own server housing. Other blade servers share the server housing and several power supply. Second, Go4hosting blade servers are powered by six power supplies, three of which are connected to the A power source and three of which are connected to the B power source. Finally, two parallel power feeds with two distinct PDUs, two separate UPSes, two separate power generators, and two separate electric utility feeds provide Go4hosting A+B power sources. As a consequence, our dedicated blade servers hosting are more reliable than the usual dedicated server provider at a lesser cost.

    Customers who acquire dedicated server hosting from Go4hosting may expect us to offer and manage the server hardware. We guarantee hardware replacement in one hour! Go4hosting will repair or replace faulty components or servers within one hour of a hardware failure – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    The amount of bandwidth you get is determined by the service package you choose. Your dedicated server hosting packages specify the amount of bandwidth available. We provide unmetered bandwidth, which means you won’t be surprised by a large bandwidth payment. Here’s how to convert port size in megabits per second to total monthly data transfer in gigabytes per second:

    1mbps stands for one megabit per second.

    1 minute = 60 seconds = 60 megabits per minute

    = 3600 megabits per hour (60 minutes = 1 hour)

    1 day = 24 hours = 86400 megabits per day

    1 month = 30 days = 2592000 megabits each month

    1 byte = 8 bits = 324000 megabytes each month

    = 324 gigabytes per month (1 gigabyte is around 1000 MB)

    (GB = Gigabyte) = 324 GB every month

    For example, a monthly data transfer of 6480 GBs may be obtained with a 20mbps connection; a typical text-based homepage is roughly 10,000 bytes. So one gigabyte equals 100,000 page views. 6480 GBs is around 648 million monthly page views. If your website is heavy on photos or videos, you will get less page views.

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