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Zimbra Email hosting has permitted millions of people to engage, message, cooperate, and share information across varied regions, with wide device compatibility. This corporate grade email hosting service also functions as a calendar solution and can be run from the cloud, including both private and public cloud ecosystems. Zimbra facilitates seamless interaction with smart mobile devices and provides a cutting-edge messaging experience, as well as assisting in bringing end users together to participate in activities and exchange data in personal clouds.

Highly Scalable Zimbra Hosting

Zimbra Cloud is an excellent choice for companies looking for a reliable, cost-effective collaboration solution that protects their data and privacy. Zimbra has been proven to fulfil the various demands of millions of end users throughout the world, and it is now accessible as a self-serve, business-first SaaS suite.” Zimbra Email hosting is a cost-effective and secure choice that eliminates the need for expensive services such as colocation servers and other software. The Zimbra hosting package is very simple to set up. Furthermore, Zimbra makes it simple to import any data, such as emails, from other systems such as IMPAP or Microsoft Exchange. The mail archiving features of Zimbra Email hosting make it simple to retrieve many sorts of data, such as calendars, emails, and even contacts.

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    Key benefits of Zimbra Email hosting

    • Assists you in avoiding spam emails

      Assists you in avoiding spam emails


      Sorting and eliminating spam emails is a time-consuming and tedious activity. To assist your staff in resolving this issue, Zimbra email server hosting provides clever spam filters that allow them to filter out undesired emails without requiring the user to read them. To guarantee that questionable emails do not overwhelm your inbox, all you have to do is set up the spam filter settings.

    • Assists you to Make your own calendar

      Assists you to Make your own calendar


      It is critical that all project teams are informed of delivery dates, appointments, and project deadlines. Zimbra email server hosting features a calendar tool that users may utilize to aid your management facilitate coordination. They can also share a calendar with other team members that includes crucial project dates.

    • Allows you to save important emails as a backup.

      Allows you to save important emails as a backup.


      If you don't have a backup strategy in place and lose essential email conversations as a result of a system failure, your organization might suffer significantly. Zimbra email server hosting features a backup tool that saves your crucial business emails to assist solve this issue. Before you choose a plan, make sure you talk to your provider about the functionality and the frequency and quantity of backup they'll give.

    •  Document Storage with No Hassle

      Document Storage with No Hassle


      Zimbra email server hosting allows you to save documents in your account, allowing you to better manage them. From anywhere in the globe, you may view these papers on the fly. You may also browse through these papers and categorize them according to your requirements.

    Why do you require Cloud Zimbra Email Hosting?

    Go4hosting Zimbra Web Hosting Solution boosts corporate efficiency and email communication channels. Our dedicated Zimbra Server Mail on Cloud, which is based on a SaaS solution, provides an incredible interface that most people have never seen before. Our Zimbra Linux Server Hosting provides you with great speed, the quickest email channel, and a safe environment, making us one of the finest Zimbra Server hosted providers in India.

    The fact that we supply an infrastructure where the application will be installed sets us apart from other Zimbra Cloud Hosting Providers. You simply need to spend a very modest amount for your business’s IT infrastructure. After then, it is entirely up to you how to allocate the bought storage among the users.


    Backup Zimbra Server Effortlessly


    It’s critical to have a backup of your key email for a variety of reasons. We recognise the value of data in your organisation. Because your Zimbra holds critical business data, we offer an Email Archival Solution on the same server to protect against data loss.

    It is advantageous for the organisation to have an offsite Zimbra Email Backup that you can access, recover, or administer from a different location. It ensures a high level of security and tranquillity. Even if your computer’s hard drive or phone is destroyed in a disaster, you can be certain that your Zimbra email is safe in the cloud.


    Access at any time, from any location, on any device


    The message server is very customizable and may be used in a variety of ways to meet the changing needs of enterprises. If you have an active internet connection, you may use any browser – Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome – to access Zimbra Webmail.

    Zimbra’s messaging and collaboration tools allow you to stay connected on any smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry), tablet, iPad, or any device running Windows, Linux, or macOS through IMAP / POP, CalDAV, or CarDAV.


    Make Sure Your Zimbra Mailbox Isn’t Filled With Spam


    Spam mail is tough to avoid, but with Go4hosting Spam Hunter software, you can easily reduce the quantity of spam in your Zimbra mailbox. With minimum user effort, it can successfully detect which messages are authentic and which are spam.

    If you pick Zimbra for Business, you can add spam filtering as a low-cost add-on to eliminate the threats of spam mail by ensuring it is filtered before reaching your email folders. Because spam emails frequently request personal, bank, and financial information, spam message prevention might be a good alternative.


    100% Uptime 


    If you’re hunting for moderate Zimbra email hosting packages with guaranteed uptime and outstanding performance, Go4hosting is the place to go. With our ultra-fast and secure servers, you will have 100% uptime and high speed. The Indian tier 4 data centers where we install our dependable servers have a constant power supply, an uninterrupted network connection, backup systems for cloud storage, and cooling systems that keep the server up and operating in a highly secure environment.







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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A: Zimbra Cloud is a low-cost alternative to expensive email! It’s a safe, ad-free cloud-based business email+++ with one-click access to built-in corporate productivity tools like document sharing, cloud storage, video conferencing, chat, and more. Simple connection with popular programmes such as Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, and others.

    A: The Zimbra Collaboration Suite debuted in 2005. On September 17, 2007, Yahoo! bought the firm, which was eventually sold to VMware on January 12, 2010. VMware sold it to Telligent Systems in July 2013, and the company changed its name to Zimbra, Inc. in September 2013.

    A: Configure your Zimbra account on an Android smartphone.

    Step 1: Log in to Gmail and create a new account. Locate and launch the Gmail app.

    Step 2: Choose an account type.

    Step 3: Enter your email address.

    Step 4: Type in your password.

    Step 5 – Enter the server address.

    Step 6: Choose which things to sync.

    Step 7: Give your account a name.

    A: Follow the procedures below to make use of it.

    Launch Outlook.

    Select the Zimbra profile.

    Enter the name of the server.

    Leave the Use Secure Checkbox selected unless otherwise told by your administrator.

    Fill up your Zimbra email address.

    Please enter your Password.

    A: Installation and Configuration

    Tap the Applications Button on your Android Home screen, then the Settings icon.

    Tap Add account under the Accounts section.

    Choose Corporate Account from the list of possibilities.

    To create an account, enter your email address and password

    Enter the server configuration.

    A: ZCO extends Zimbra’s powerful Calendar and Contacts functionality to your Outlook users. They may share calendars both internally and externally with project team members, partners, clients, and so on. Calendars may also be shared with the public by using a link. A uniform format may be used to distribute contacts.

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