Are you looking for ways to reduce your organization’s expenditure of communication? Are you looking for ways to improve your level of communication in your office? We would recommend that you shift to session initiation protocol(SIP). It allows users to communicate globally using a mobile device, computer and an Internet connection. It is an essential part of the Internet telephony system that utilizes voice over phone(VOIP) to deliver an enhanced communication experience. Go4hosting provides a dedicated server(DS) hosting solution for session initiation protocol(SIP) to improve the level of communication and significantly reduce the cost of communication.

Session Internet protocol can be used for both internal and external communication within an organization while connecting it with your Private Branch Exchange(PBX). SIP is a cost-effective solution for your communication needs. SIP is a reliable, efficient and user-friendly communication system. Go4hosting delivers all the necessary services required to ensure the flawless execution of your SIP operations along with Asterix and Voice over private internet(VOIP) services. Go4hosting also provides unlimited bandwidth and maximum uptime. We also offer a complete installation service of your SIP system absolutely free of charge.

    We also offer a complete installation service of your SIP system absolutely free of charge.

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    SIP trunks from Go4Hosting are a terrific complement to your business’ unified communications plan and are set up and tested to function with the 3CX IP PBX as well as other well-liked PBX systems.

    We distinguish ourselves by being able to offer guidance on how to deploy the solution from the ground up by focusing on offering partners and end-users adaptable and dependable VoIP services.

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    How can we help? What is SIP Trunking?

    Multimedia session start, maintenance, and termination are handled by the signaling system known as SIP, or session initiation protocol. Think of it as a digital phone line where calls are made through the internet rather than the conventional PSTN (public switched telephone network) lines.

    In order to assist you to enhance your communication system while significantly lowering your communication costs, Go4Hosting offers a dedicated server (DS) hosting option for SIP. It may be used for both internal and external communications inside your company if you base it on your Private Branch Exchange (PBX). As just digital infrastructure has to be maintained, SIP is inexpensive. It is trustworthy and simple to use. Everything you want for efficient SIP operations, including the installation of Asterisk and Voice Over Private Internet, is provided by our hosting service (VoIP). Unlimited bandwidth and 100% uptime are included with our first-rate hosting. In order to get your SIP system up and running right away, we also offer free installation help.

    Simple Route Change

    Since a SIP phone number isn’t associated with a specific location, it is easy to reroute calls to other regions. SIP channels are a particularly adaptable option for telecommunications since they can be rapidly and easily added or withdrawn.


    A certain approach to reduce your phone expense is to switch from traditional telephony to SIP, which offers competitive call rates and free talking between remote offices.


    Mobile failovers and hosting the SIP trunks across several servers are only two of the dependability measures that may be built up using SIP Trunking.

    No physical infrastructure

    Since SIP trunking eliminates the need for actual phone lines, expanding existing infrastructure doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming procedure.


    Utilizing all of the robust capabilities offered by unified communications suites is now possible thanks to SIP Trunking.

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