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  • Joe A.


    I came to Go4hosting after dabbling with a number of other providers. Their service is certainly the best. I wish I had come earlier. I am extremely thankful to the support team, who was always ready to listen no matter what. Apart from that, I believe they also have a cool community from where I got instant solution to all the problems I encountered.

  • Becky J.


    To best honest I was not very sure whether I should go with Go4hosting. I had tried a number of hosts and did not get satisfactory service from any. It was then that I approached Go4hosting. The representative heard every word very patiently and after discussions lasting days, customized Django Hosting to my requirements. I did not consider switching since.

  • Leo


    At the start, I had some issues with my Django Hosting plan. It was not functioning the way I had anticipated. Two months later in the service I raised ticket for the same and heard back from Go4hosting. The representative clearly explained why my current server configuration is being a bottleneck in the operations. Having discussed the same with the representative I scaled the server and never faced troubles ever since.

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Django Hosting – Overview

Django Hosting is a comprehensive package for all your needs. It is a python based web framework that facilitates fast, clean and easy design. It follows the MVT architectural pattern. You can begin web development starting from scratch. The MVT combines three essential components – model, view, and template. Each layer is responsible for carrying out a definite function. When combined together, the three layers form a robust architecture required for web development.

Advantages of Django Web Hosting India

Django is a free and open source web Framework developed by Django software Foundation, a non-profit organization. The first and foremost advantage of using Django is, it comes free. Below, we have compiled some of the advantages that come packed with Django

Written in Python

Because Django makes use of the same syntax as python, it becomes easier for developers to create applications with clean and minimalist code, thereby leveraging the syntax rules used in Python.

Supports MVC Paradigm

Despite being based on MVT architecture, Django follows MVC pattern closely enough to be called a MVC web development station.


One advantage of using Django is it is extremely customizable. The web framework can not only be scaled, but also extended or even shrunk by making necessary adjustments in the underlying components.

Large Community Support

The larger the community for an application, the more simplified it becomes. Django’s enormous community releases regular updates, plugins and snippets, making Django the most comprehensive platform ever.

Why Django Hosting in India?

If you are developing a web application or are planning to develop one soon, you would need a robust framework like Django and an austere hosting service. With ordinary hosts, you would need to manually install Django to your server. This not only increases the overall cost, but also takes a lot of precious time out from the deadline. Django Hosting combines server hosting and Django into one, thus giving developers a ready platform to start with the development. Besides, Django hosting can also prove to be more cost-effective than individually buying a hosting service and installing MVC framework.

Hosting service manually installed with Django limits the support to hosting only. However, Django hosting will unleash support for both server and the web development framework.

Not all hosts will run Django as smoothly as you want for seamless development experience. Django hosting guarantees you custom-fit web hardware, especially tailored to compatibly run the framework.

Because Django is free, Django hosting shall not cost you a penny more than a normal hosting unless you opt for add ons. Given the competition that exists today, the host may also provide some added benefits to make its service look more lucrative. This leads to cost savings.

Some hosts like Go4hosting have a big community of their own. An entirely separate community helps you know how to leverage the services of the host better, and also keeps you updated about ongoing issues.

Django Hosting FAQs

There are a number of choices when it comes to hosting Django. You can choose Go4hosting. While hosting Django, you can also further specify the server with which you want to run your service. Our current offerings include – shared server, VPS and dedicated server. You can configure your framework with any of these (price and features vary accordingly).

Though there are providers providing free Django hosting, the most crucial features are often limited. Free services run their business model based on advertisements and the sum paid by users running for pro services. Free services do not provide the level of control a developer yearns. Also, the support is almost non-existent.

You can run Django with any of the three main servers – Shared, VPS, or dedicated. Depending upon your requirements, all three servers should work pretty well. Shared servers will work the best when in need of cheap, low-end Django hosting; dedicated servers is very well suited when control and performance is the key requirement and cost is not a constraint as such.

Yes, we provide DBMS (database management system) such as MySQL with each hosting service so you can install as many applications as you deem fit on your server. You can also choose a normal hosting service and install Django just the way you would install with any other plugin on a server. Django Hosting, on the other hand will provide you the same platform pre-configured at no extra cost.

People often confuse Django and Django hosting with a web server but it is clearly not so. When combined with a suitable hosting service, Django does work like a web server but it is only a framework and the rest of the task is carried out by the server.

It is neither. Django is neither frontend nor backend but a framework. Being a collection of Python libraries, Django is suitable for both frontend and backend operations.

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