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We, at Go4hosting, make sure you’re always up through our state-of-the-art facilities built adhering to the international standards. You can choose from our wide range of Server Rack space at an affordable price. Your server will be backed by N+1 redundancy, premium bandwidth, and solid-technical support for keeping your business to the next level. All of our Colocation plans are tailor-made so as to meet the varied needs of businesses.

What exactly is Server Colocation?

Server Colocation is a service of data center service provider wherein it houses business-owned servers and other networking equipment within its managed service environment. This arrangement facilitates businesses to deploy their servers within an existing IT facility, thus freeing-up their precious office space and IT resources for other business crucial activities.


The data center service provider, usually called host, has the onus to provide redundant power supply; network resources; server monitoring, and maintenance that gives businesses a complete-peace-of-mind while keeping control of server services, operating system and applications.

Mostly suitable for small businesses who want the benefits of a sophisticated IT infrastructure, but cannot afford or reluctant to create their own data centers, Server Colocation is a great hosting option for them. Businesses once get their machine set up, they can place them physically to the location of the server colocation service provider, and install them in their Server Rack space. Alternatively, you can rent a server machine from the host. The host, thereafter, provides their clients IPs, bandwidth, and power supply for continued running of their servers. Once the servers are up and running, their respective clients access them much similar to they would access a website on a host, the only difference being that they own their servers and other hardware equipment.

Colocation Plans

Starts at
1 U
100 GB
1 Server
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Starts at
5 U
200 GB
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Starts at
10 U
300 GB
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How Can Server Rack space Colocation Benefit Your Business

Have you outgrown your shared hosting resources and planning to host your own server? Server Rack space Colocation is a perfect solution for you. Your servers shall be housed in a state-of-the-art environment for optimal hosting experience, while freeing-up your valuable office space and IT team to be involved in other critical business activities. These compelling benefits of server rack space colocation have made it a profitable and reliable hosting option.

Here are the salient features of server rack space colocation


Cost of bandwidth

Cost of bandwidth is one of the biggest benefits of colocation. Even a low cost limited bandwidth enterprise-grade DSL line can be more expensive than housing a server in a facility that offer higher bandwidth and enhanced redundancy for the network connections.


Better outage protection

A colocation facility has better outage protection. Usually facility centers have better systems placed to protect against any outage.


Upgrade machine when you need

Since you’re the sole owner of your server, you can have right to upgrade it when you feel it is slow. You won’t be dependent on the mercy of the host.


Upgrade software when you wish to:

You won’t be waiting for the provider to install a software/tool that you wish to use. You can do it on your own.


Extra-level of security

With colocation service provider, your server is under stringent security. It is placed and maintained in a secured environment.


Managed services

There are several hosts that provide management and maintenance of servers for you by paying an extra charge

Is Colocation the Only Way to Go?

It entirely depends upon the individual’s needs. If you’re running a small website for blogs or for personal use, you may not be required that much of services provided by a server rack space colocation service provider. For such requirement, it’s better off with web hosting. But for running a sophisticated business, you may need a server rack space colocation services. It is a best solution for small businesses that wish to have large internet presence without spending too much time in managing intricate IT infrastructure.

Benefits That You’ll Get from Us

Our deep rooted experience in server rack space colocation helps us understand varied needs of businesses across the domain. We believe that the IT infrastructure is the lifeline of businesses today. We always strive to ensure you get a better hosting experience with our world-class data center.

The benefits you’ll get from us are

  • Go4hosting

    99.982% SLA-based guaranteed uptime

  • Go4hosting

    Multiple data centers dispersed across the different locations

  • Go4hosting

    Carrier-neutral data center for 100% network uptime

  • Go4hosting

    24*7*365 Expert technical support

  • Go4hosting

    Secure backup measures

  • Go4hosting

    Multi-layer physical security

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