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Linux cloud hosting is said to be one of the most suited for businesses which get a lot of internet traffic or enterprises who have a wide range of online customers.

In fact, Windows is the most popular operating system worldwide considering PCs or Laptops, but in hosting industry Linux is the hottest with majority of businesses rely on this hosting framework. Linux cloud hosting is also commonly referred to as Shared hosting, and is compatible with MySQL and PHP. It supports websites based on WordPress, Python, Perl,, Zen Cart, and phpBB scripting language.

The underlying fact of the Linux Cloud Server hosting is that it's most cost-efficient and open-source with same level of proficiency.

linux cloud server

Now, approach blogging or website ownership in a more professional way. So if you are looking for cheap linux cloud hosting, check our packages precisely designed keeping in mind all your additional requirements.

People Also Ask

How can I run Linux Cloud server on Windows OS?

Linux cloud server simply means the server you have bought from your provider has been installed with Linux OS. Some providers may also provide with online web panel from where you can directly manage your cloud server, regardless of the operating system you are accessing it from.

However, you cannot have two OS installed in one cloud account unless you have a virtual machine configured into it. So, you can easily access Linux Cloud server from a computer running Windows OS and vice versa. The functionality of your cloud is associated with its own OS and not the operating system of the host accessing it.

What are the various Linux operating systems available for cloud server?

Linux itself has more than 500 distros or versions of it running at present. Though there are several others that have gained massive popularity, the administrators have preferred more or less the same operating systems over the years.

Some of the most prominent distros include

Ubuntu – based on debian, Ubuntu is without doubt the least unheard Linux Distro available in the market. It is free and has a big community at its disposal. Ubuntu is perhaps the only Linux OS that has so heavily focused on improving GUI to Windows' standards.

(Bigger the community easier it is to get support)

RHEL – RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux evolved from RedHat. It is the most highly adopted commercial Linux. It has a big community too but because the distro is paid it comes with Redhat own support.

CentOS - it is based on Red Hat's source code and so shares a lot of similarities with RHEL.

CentOS was developed to provide a free alternative to RHEL.

Fedora – Fedora has the reputation of evolving early and working with upstream Linux communities. It is also the upstream source of RHEL.

Apart from the distros mentioned here, there are other equally popular distributions such as ClearOS, Debian, Arch Linux, OpenSUSE, etc.

What is the difference between a cloud and a server?

Put in layman terms, a server is the physical storage disk with computational capability of its own. The server is then connected to the internet and relays the files in it to computers on the network.

Cloud on the other hand is a newly developed concept called Virtualization. The aim underlying Cloud is to divide existing resource into multiple segments. Each segment then continues to serve as a separate server. The resource for virtualization comes from a pool of servers combined and collected to act like a single giant server.

Is Linux Cloud server safe?

Yes. Cloud servers are extremely safe. Cloud providers are made to follow strict compliances and thus make sure the server security is dealt with utmost seriousness.

Besides, there are a number of other tools – such as Firewall – that monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and reduce the risk of attack. Further, all cloud servers grant request based access to the database. Means, every time somebody tries to access his files, the request is met with scrutiny. It is only after the genuineness of such requests is established that the files are allowed to be downloaded.

The data centre where Cloud is generally provisioned is no less than a fortress itself. The walls are almost ten feet high, covered with barb wire on the top.

Can I use the same cloud for hosting as well as storage?

Yes. There is no restriction on how you can use hosting service. You can use your cloud servers the way you want – to backup files, to launch websites or to host email services. You can also use your cloud hosting service for storage or running online backup of your database.

Every cloud hosting plan will also come with an inbuilt control panel and a database management system. You can easily move files using the existing database management system. While you can continue using your server for website hosting, a part of it may contain backup files from your local computer.

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